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Stop Or Go?



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  1. 1. Should A Show/Series End?

    • Yes, better to quit while ahead
    • No, I want more!

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So, I wrapped up the final issue of wolfman. Was it good? Yes, it was great. Do I want more? Yes. However, the series came to a satisfying, well done, climactic end with no loose threads I can think of. It's a satisfying whole. When a company or whatever decide to keep something going it can kill it. For example, I can't think of any TV that was still good after 8 series. How many films had sequals over 3 that were still good?

What do you prefer? Something that stops while it is still good, or something that keeps going until you decide that it's done?

To clarify, when something stops, I am talking a wrapped up plot, not canceled mid series stuff like police squad or firefly.

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This is a RIDICULOUSLY tough question you're posting Sabre (:D), it's hard enough to declare when something needs to be axed, especially if you loved it dearly/want more from it. I'm going to have to go with stopping while you're ahead; but first to make sure to have a good amount of episodes/books/etc in the series before coming to a well-executed finale.

I can't help but to refer to the trope Too Good To Last. It's always good to stop before things become lacking in quality when compared to earlier.

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I can't stand something that has a story line where each event is connected... but it just never ends...

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