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Buy or do not buy #3: Ninja Gaiden

Guest Mr. N

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Guest Mr. Nintendo

Well, not much I can say about Ninja Gaiden other than it looks more like a hack-N'-Slash like DmC and also it's made by the studio that created DOA (Tecmo and Team Ninja). As much as I would like to get Ninja Gaiden, I would like to know whether I really should buy it or not since I can't make a decision and the gameplay footages do not do much for me.


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Dude, you should TOTALLY but Ninja Gaiden! k_e_nod.gif

It is such an awesome game!

Sabre's right, it IS really hard, but that just makes it better, cuz then when you beat that part you're stuck at you feel even more accomplished.

Great graphics, awesome gameplay, rad story, but mainly FUN.

I love it! k_e_smile.gif

Also: Ryu Hayabusa = Awesome Ninja Badass

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No NES collection is complete without Ninja Gaiden. I was contemplating its purchase earlier this year, and was glad that I did make the plunge and get it; although it's ridiculously hard, there are unlimited continues and it's hella' fun! :D


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