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Dinosaur Planet Disscusion


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So.......some recent events have perked my interests again. No, I'm not looking for a beta rom....I'm just more interested in the history.

Now I know Mr Krystal talked about a TXTbin file in Adventures. I read on Giant Bomb what they were able to gather from the plot of this file. But I was still wondering if there was more to it. According to Giant Bomb the plot goes as followed....

Dinosaur Planet's plot involved the war between a dragon-like race called "Kamerians", and the Krazoa. The Kamerians had existed on Dinosaur Planet for centuries, and were originally worshiped as Gods by the lesser species. The Kamerians created the powerful and dangerous Spellstones. According to the Krazoa, the Kamerians intended to use the Spellstones to destroy Dinosaur Planet, and a war began between the two species over their creation. Though, to the player, the Krazoa are introduced as "Peace Spirits" that bring life to the planet, characters throughout the game hint that they have a more sinister purpose. A boss in Star Fox Adventures described simply as a "Mutant" was originally named "Drakor", a key character to Dinosaur Planet's storyline, and General Scales' father. Before fighting Drakor in Dinosaur Planet, he would relay a key piece of dialog to the player: "Do not believe everything the Krazoa have told you. We Kamerians did not start the Great War." He declares that defeating the Krazoa Spirits is the key to destroying Dinosaur Planet, and that there is no task more important to him.

In Dinosaur Planet, players controlled one of two characters: Sabre, a wolf boy who lived on Dinosaur Planet all his life, or Krystal, a feline girl who was orphaned on the planet after her home world was destroyed. Both Sabre and Krystal were raised by a wizard named Randorn, who used to know Sabre's father. When playing as Sabre, you would be tasked with collecting the Spellstones. When playing as Krystal, you would instead collect Krazoa Spirits. Switching between Sabre and Krystal could be done at any time by talking to the Swapstone (later renamed the Warpstone for Star Fox Adventures). Sabre would be accompanied by Prince Tricky, and Krystal would be accompanied by Tricky's brother, Rocky (though later on, Krystal would be instead paired up with Princess Kyte of the Cloudrunner Tribe).

It would eventually be revealed that by joining all Krazoa Spirits together at the Krazoa Shrine (originally called "Warlock Mountain" in Dinosaur Planet) they would form the ultimate weapon in the galaxy. Not enough of the Dinosaur Planet script remains to describe what happens after that.

Now...there seem to be a few "inconsistencies" with the plot here. One of the main ones I noticed, was the mention of Sabre living on the Dinosaur Planet for all of his life, while in one of the E3 gameplay videos Sabre says he's a prince from the planet "Animas".

Also some of the OST is remixed in Adventures, but there are certain tracks that seem like their not on the internet anymore. Like the original Cape Claw and Darkice mines theme. I've been looking for those two tracks lately, but can't find them.

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