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"Bunch a guns over here!"


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I'm working on a game ect. Point is, I'm after reference for guns. Given this forum has a bunch of army nuts and armericans (steriotypes? What's that? :P ) I figured you guys could help me out as well as talking about your favourite boomsticks.

As for what I'm looking for, I'm looking for very modern LOOKING guns such as the HK MP7, the HK P30 (knew a guy who was a HK fan) or the TDI Vector.

Anything that looks as if it would survive biting run over with a steamroller also welcome.


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I find this website to be an excellent resource in 20th century weapons.

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For modern styling, you can't get much more space-age than the XM8 line! :D


Made by HK for the trials to find a suitable replacement for the M16 line for use by the U.S. Army, but as I understand the project was canceled in 2005 because of bias against anything that wasn't the M16 platform.

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The XM8s are nice, I would also recommend Taurus guns for crazy firepower.


This is the "Raging Judge" and yeah, it fires 28 gauge shotgun ammo. It's also classified as a handgun here in the US. I believe in the UK it's classified as a "short barreled shotgun."

The Steyer line is also pretty futuristic. It's hard to find an image for this one though because it has a million variants.

The FN FAL is also quite sick looking.

The LWRC M6A2 is a beautiful weapon, but this one was built for variation, so a photo of the base is pretty unimpressive.

The SCAR H and SCAR L weapons are also a very futuristic set of guns. The L fires a 5.56 NATO and the H fires a 7.62.

The X4 series by Beretta is a very cool, very futuristic series. CX4 PX4 RX4 RX4 PICTURE

And to top off this incredible pile of weapons is the XM25 Airburst Grenade Launcher. HELL YEAH.


I'll add more guns once I can think of them.

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Come on guys! I look at this topic and I see no mention of the TAR 21, I mean come on, how is this -not- an awesome gun?


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Seems you have a nice selection of futuristic stuff, so I'll cater to the second part of the request.

For the rugged, AK-47 type of firearm, I'd heartly recommend the H&K G3. The AG-3 variety which had been the main assault rifle of the Norwegian army for decades is one of my favorite weapons, and for a good. reason. Packs an earthshattering punch with its 7,62x51 mm ammo, decent accuracy and unbelivable ruggedness. On the downside, as light and "wieldable" as a bag o'bricks.

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