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Chronicles of the Stars


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Alright so for quite a while, i was frustrated with the some people's fanfictions.. In being that their focus was often split, or they were good but short lived... So whats the solution i came to? What was the mighty answer to the overlooming dilema i was expirencing? ...Well for a while there it was nothing because highschool got harder.

Now however, the answer is to write my own, viewing aspects of characters we dont really see... or dont see enough of. Now what your probably all thinking is: "Wow this guy is sarcastic and uses ... alot... well shut up because thats unrelated. Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, your resident idiot is in town.

Now im not going to come out and say my work is good... it really isnt, TRUST ME the amount of edits i go through is INSANE, i swear i need a editor who comes from an elite species of human beings that study grammar and spelling alone throughout their lives. Not to mention the fact that the words "Alex" and "Good at relationships" should NEVER be used in the same sentence unless theres a not somewhere in the sentence, so my expirences with them and therefor what i portray about them in my story arent the best but you know, baby steps! :trollface:

Anyway, i think ive finished beating around the bush now, back to seriousness B)

So, i went ahead and posted these on FF.net (fanfiction.net for those of you out of touch with the fanfiction world (like me!)), and i attempted posting the first chapter on Deviantart but jesus christ DA confuses me to no end so.. i think i put it up for download there... not entirely sure though. If the links are bad or something, look me up as either Scourge59productions (FF.net) or Shadow59productions (DA) on their respective sites.

Any and all feedback would be really nice, i appreciate when people tell me when i go in the right direction or if i mess up on something because ya know what, sometimes i feel like i need a leash... uhh dont take that the wrong way :shock: Any and all feedback i gaurentee i will take note of and if i can, ill respond to it considering well... my inbox is kinda looking empty atm, and i feel lonely sometimes...

Anyway, i guess everyone is about tired of reading one of my rants (im supposedly famous for them), so below will be the links to everywhere these works are posted, Enjoy peeps, happy reading! :friends:

Chapter 1, FF.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6503591/1/Starfox_Chronicles_of_the_stars

Chapter 2, FF.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6503591/2/Starfox_Chronicles_of_the_stars

Chapter 1, Deviantart.com: http://shadow59productions.deviantart.com/#/d39t5e1

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I skimmed for now, and I plan on actually reading through it later. You aren't a bad writer, really. You definitely do have issues, but there's no reason you can't get better with practice. If you'd like you can PM me your chapters before you post them and I'll proofread for you. I'm not a huge SF fan, so I wouldn't be able to help too much with character development or anything, but I can definitely pick out grammatical errors and help you with some of the overall flow of your story.

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I appreciate the offer :D ill have to try to write that down someti-- ...where's my paper? O_o

But yeah if I remember and I actually start on the next chapter sometime soon, I'll be sure to give ya a hollar :)

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