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Our Tax Dollars at Work!


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This is possibly the most ridiculous and stupidest waste of time, effort, and tax dollars that I've ever seen;

I can't believe that anyone is stupid enough to believe that components in a toy firearm are capable of being fully converted into the real thing.

We've come a long way with toy firearms too!;

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lol. wow....

I understand why they would seize they toy weapons only becasue without the orange tip, it could be considered real from far away, or an unexperienced eye-this could result in you being shot on the assumtion that you are indeed using a toy weapon, but the other person may not know that. They are just trying to mske sure peopel dont senslessly kill each other due to a weapon appearing real, only to be fake.

But...yeah a PLASTIC weapon with real components would either melt due to the heat, or like the man sai in the video, "It would simply blow up in your face."

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This happens in Britain alot. A gun expert that worked with the police occationally had his collection seised and they made a big news report about it in order to get the quota up and gain public approval.

Also, you mention toy guns and don't show the Johny 7 gun? tsk.

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These can be converted to military grade weapons

My dad designed and built a working machine gun all by himself... When he was 8. Basically guns aren't that complicated, its literally a long stick that goes very fast in a strait direction. Your pen could be used as a gun with the right ammo.

(Heck I through a rock at a box of ammo once and it fired bullets everywhere)

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