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Skyrim Trailer Out


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Oh..... My..... Word...... that was beautiful! I can't wait for this game to come out! that was 2X better than I thought it would be!!

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Heeeh, I saw that trailer some hours ago.

First of all:


Second: As I said at least two times, even on my profile on SF-O ( and now three )...

"I swear to God... If Skyrim will be not epic as the trailer and not better than Oblivion, I will RAGEQUIT the planet Earth at the speed of the f**king light."

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I've yet to play an Elder Scrolls game, I might just have to get this when I have the funds.

Each one has it's fanboys and haters, usually at the point they came into the series. Morrowind is a horrible mess gameplay wise. You can easy get through it using exploits of cleverness. My trick was to make int boosting potions, and use that buff to make stronger int potions, and use that boost to make stronger int potions, and use that buff to- you get the idea. By the time I had ran out of ingredients I was making potions so valuable I could buy my way through the game.

Trying to play without doing that though is a nightmare. Either way, I don't recomend that one.

Oblivion is really good, but it has issues too, most notably the side stuff is much more interesting then the main quest which is dull and repetitive. When you first go through an oblivion gate into a world that can accurately be described as hell it's cool, but you do the same 3 hellscape levels about a dozen times and it's just dull. Also, either you build your character right, or you become screwed at certain points. eg. At one point a huge fight breaks out when you are stripped of your gear. Mages and bare fist fighters rule, but if you are an sword or stealth guy you are buggered.

Oblivion is really good though.

If you play one (or fallout 3/new vegas) one tip. Because this is a open world where anything can be picked up, you have to train yourself out of the usual RPG behavior of collecting everything that isn't nailed down.

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Now, now now now... let me tell you something about my experience from both games...

I actually enjoyed Morrowind a lot. The main quest is cool and there're a lot of things you can do. You have 27 different skills.

You can customize your "full armor" ( Body, Legs, Feets, Head, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder, Left Hand/Arm, Right Hand/Arm ) and you can wear your clothes under it.

In all the quests where you have to find a particular place, you must remember what the NPC said about the position of that location. There's not Fast Travel like in Oblivion, but you can find a Silt Strider basically in every city.

Oh... and you can romance a Khajiit woman named Ahnassi ( read: anthropomorphic female cat ) even if you're not of the same race.

All you get is a free house where you can rest... and free food that respawns.

Oblivion was too easy for me and all the locations were pretty repetitive. You have only 21 skills and with a bit of training you can get a Battlemage out of a Warrior that can't even cast a "Flare" ( That actually sounds like a good thing... ).

Your full armor is "Body, Legs, Feets, Head, Arms" and you can't wear clothes under it, so you're not going to have a lot of "look-I'm-so-original-wearing-this" moments.

And come on, the map says in what direction you're supposed to go... like if I can't see it by myself from the map just by looking around!

I can understand if the quest tells me to find an NPC, and that's okay, but not a place.

The first time I entered an Oblivion Gate I was like "Holy crap! That's cool!", but after the second time, I just wanted to avoid them and I hated every quest that told me to go inside those freaking gates.

The Fast Travel kills a good part of the immersion because you just want to use it. Why? Because walking around Cyrodiil gets easily boring. A good thing is that Oblivion is a lot dynamic compared to Morrowind, in both combats and events, something that you can't get even with mods.

To be honest, I enjoyed Oblivion too, it's not bad, but I prefer Morrowind a lot.

In the end:

If you want something not too complicated, dynamic and eyecandy with a lot of things you can actually see in the real world ( well... not the trolls and the other creatures ), Oblivion is for you.

If you want something more complicated, "retro-eyecandy", with big mushrooms around you, a more "dark" atmosphere, strange monsters and a good main quest, Morrowind is for you.

Really, it just depends from your taste.

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If you want something not too complicated,

I don't get that argument. Oblivion streamlines alot of the faff you had to go through, but I don't see how it makes the game "not to complecated". The argument that walking around oblivion is boring is also strange, because Morrowind is natorious for the bloody cliff racers and a mostly empty overworld.

Even so, my main issue with Morrowind, (and as I said, people tend to get fanboyish about this stuff) is that the basic mechanics of the game. Fighting, Magic, Talking, ect. Are broken. You either have to rely on trial and error, luck, or exploits to get through it. As such the combat in Oblivion is skill based as opposed to dice based. Imo, that is what kills Morrowind. Morrowind had some cool stuff like the ability to become a werewolf, but there was no point as the gameplay itself was horrible. I guess it depends on your tollerance for that stuff.

On a related note. You mention the decreasing number of skills and armour pieces. Apparently adding that stuff is easy, but it just becomes a bunch of numbers which is why they have been reducing the number of skills, it makes each one feel important and distinct. In morrowind and oblivion, all the melee classes felt the same, so you were basicly picking a weapon for looks. When it comes to armour, I like how fallout did it where you just have a suit and a hat. That way you don't have to mix and match. You find that super rare armour, you have the full set. It also stops that weird problem of dying because you were hit on your unarmoured shoes.

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Morrowind is user-unfriendly, which depending on who you ask is good or awful. I personally love it for all the bullshit you can do in it. yeah, you can exploit and cheat like Sabre said, but going through the game normally is a huge adventure. Art-wise, Morrowind is also also one of the most stylistically unique RPGs around.

Oblivion is more user-friendly and accessible, but it lacks the sheer depth and detail Morrowind has. If you want a good, solid western action RPG thats easy to pick up and get into, there you go.

Both games have great modding communities that greatly extend the lifespans of both games. I still play both because of mods.

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I guess it depends on your tollerance for that stuff.

Yeah, I think that's right. The first TES game I played was Morrowind and I liked it, that's why I had that impression with Oblivion.

By the way, I wrote all that stuff at 3:00 AM and my brain wasn't really active.

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If you play one (or fallout 3/new vegas) one tip. Because this is a open world where anything can be picked up, you have to train yourself out of the usual RPG behavior of collecting everything that isn't nailed down.

Already a habit of mine, I can thank Leisure Suit Larry and the King's Quest games for that.

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