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Since this place seems to have a big valve comunity, in particular Gmod and TF2, both of which started out as mods, thought it might be time for a new thread about them.

First let's get the starfox themed ones out of the way.

Paths of Fate- Dead (suprising given how far and how quickly it progressed)

Project Kursed- Dead. I'm sure some will doubt that, but don't let cognitive dissonance get in the way. This mod has been trapped in Development Hell, with the only progress being that of pointing fingers and making excuses. Until something new pops up, this is dead. Don't be fooled by the twitching corpse. If you insist on keeping hope for this, read on.

Shadows of Lylat- Not sure. Waiting for GP. While it's been silent for years, the forums still have activity and occationally someone claims to have caught a glimpce of someone doing something. So who knows? To early to call it dead, not enough activity to call it alive.

Right, on to the good stuff.

Jailbreak Source is still dead. This is the issue with most mods and even retail games. They focus on multiplayer, but after a week no one plays them any more as they go back to call of duty.

and the reason for the thread, Brainbread was a classic co-op mod for HL1, but the the source sequal died the death. Out of the blue, it's back, much to everyones suprise. I'm on the fence, as are many, but if this can manage to be released, then there is still some hope for the dead mods out there.

Out of Earth mod is coming along nicely as is Cry of Fear. Recently I played Call In, which isn't a game about skipping work by pretending to be sick. It's barely a mod to be honest, more of a map pack.

Finally, a bunch of people are QQing over the lack of Co-op in Crysis 2 failing to realise that it could modded in assuming the DRM doesn't get in the way.

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I sure hope shadows of lylat pulls through, that one looked cool.

There's a lot of things people complain about for Crysis 2, but I'm pretty sure the majority of the issues are gonna be modded outa the way. The ones I'm more concerned about is the lack of power struggle, and I'm pretty sure everyone who plays crysis feels the same. There's no doubt someones gonna mod it in there, as well as the 6v6 limit of players, and the small maps.

Side note: Crysis 2 is a perfect example of why games created for all systems suck(or at least are disappointing), at least when they try and make the "experience" the same for all of em.

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It can work. Modern Warfare 2 is half decent whereever you play it. PC version is superior though. I think half arsed ports are the problem.

Oh, and modding multiplayer might be an issue because of the DRM and gamespy.

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For the unapreshiated Sins of a Solar Empire come the Seven deadly sins mod. Not only does this mod give dozens of new planet attributes, planet types, ad updated AWESOME Graphics, but it also adds, aside from the starting three factions,

The Korh Ah from?

The Empire From Star wars

The Arilou from ?

A pirate Faction

the Atlantians, which are unique to the mod

The Starship Troopers Gvnmnt and ship names

The unity

the Dark fleet.

its a bloody AWESOME mod, which unfortunatly requires a low version of Sins to play, so you cant update and play the mod.

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One of my favorite mods I've seen is NeoTokyo for the Source engine.

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