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Fox vs. Wolf

Fang O'Donnell


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  1. 1. who would you rather have as your team leader?

    • Fox
    • Wolf

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As my leader? Fox, no real question. He has the standard protagonist questionable moments brought on by innocence, morality, and the whole goody thing, but overall he is very skilled, knows what he's doing, and is all-around a capable, friendly guy.

Wolf, for all his badassery, is a thuggish gang leader with a grudge against Fox. He also has a much larger following, as seen at Sargasso. Overall though, he just doesn't seem quite as talented as Fox, he can't really keep himself out of trouble, and his attitude just isn't someone I'd want as my team leader. If he were a location, I'd go for the old "badass to visit once in a while, but you would NOT want to live there" description.

Fox is, overall, a better leader, has earned the trust and friendship of his team, and just plain gets the job done. I'm not saying Wolf has none of that, it's just... Fox has it better. Or at least we see it more with Fox. Outside the Brawl Cameo Convo's and Command, we never see Star Wolf interacting among themselves.

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@Blaze: I'm very glad you did consider it very logically and you brought up great points in Fox's favor to explain yourself.

@ZM: nuff said, my friend

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woah I totally just noticed a similarity between are avatars maybe we should start a mercenary team lol, though I gotta say you've got the best one of all three of us Blaze, nice work on it.

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I'm not exactly sure. I think it would be cool to be on Wolf's team but then I don't think I'd like it a whole lot. Fox would probably be a better team leader for the reasons blaze stated: He knows what he's doing and he is overall friendly. Wolfs cool but is a hot head and tends to get out of control,though he knows when to change his attitude when it really matters as seen in assault.

Fox seems to have it better, too. He has plenty to live off of and has a life. Whereas with Wolf he ends up being an outlaw. I would rather be on Fox's team because he is more friendly and is a good leader. He fights for the good reasons too. Unlike Wolf who usually fights for the wrong reasons. I think in a way though Wolf's ships are better, so it would be nice to be on a team that has good ships, but meh.

I agree with blaze.

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