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A Topic about Dreams


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Oh, what is this? A topic about dreams? Wow... I know, I know... I saw other topics about dreams, but they were pretty old and I didn't feel like starting to necropost.

To give you a simple explanation, the point of this topic is to post whatever you dreamed... if it doesn't breaks the rules, lol.

By the way, the dream I had tonight is one of the reasons that caused the creation of this topic. The other reason is that, in every forum I go, I always make a topic like this one.

I can't actually remember what exactly I dreamed tonight, but the most important scenes will be impressed in my mind forever.

I was going to a creepy looking school after seeing a strange ad on the internet. From the outside, everything looked almost normal, but then, when I got inside... it was like... well... try to imagine a mix between a gothic church and a freaking catacomb and you'll get the idea.

It didn't take too much time for the truth to be revealed: It was a prison filled with demonic zombies. For the first time, instead of fighting, I chose to get the hell out of there as fast as I could. After discovering someone closed the gates, I just jumped the walls like if it was something normal.

What I hated about this part of the dream was that it didn't make too much sense.

First of all, it looked like a bad horror movie: the Internet ad, a creepy school-catacomb-prison-whatever, demonic zombies out of nowhere and me, Sergiroth, running away from stupid creatures created by my mind. Hell, in another dream I had long time ago, I was killing giant man-eating alien-plants with a flaming crossbow and a chainsaw-sword and my cat was spitting the freaking fires of hell from his mouth to help me... man, that was kickass ( shit, I have to draw this ).

Second, I just jumped a wall with a hop! That means I had the strength to fight those bastards.

By the way, after a lot of events that I can't quite remember right now, I finally found a normal school... where Fox, Falco and Alyssa ( the skunk on my avatar, a character created by me ) were my classmates. And we were talking. And the school was filled by humans and anthros.

When I woke up, I basically said "Cool story bro." to my brain.

Share your emotions, nonsense and lulz now.

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