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The Revolution: Effect of Time


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The government has never been trusted, ever since the Revolution started, it seemed mor elike an effect of time, a Civil war, the people against the government. Ever since the Government signed a peace treaty with the other countries around it, to make sure nothing inturpted them, they started to rule where they set up their government, though they did not know, their own workers would disobey them.

The revolution is a shpere, a metal shpere that rotates with many places waving into each other. This device can wipe out man kind, but yet a team is the only thing that stands in their way.

And that's you.

* * *

Who you are, and what:

You either may be a Police Officer, whish detail is lower, or a Marine, or both.

* * *

Police Officer~

Uniforms: Either Gray or a dark blue.

Weapons: Blaster or a Japanese Katana

Ranks: Private, Corpral, Lt., Captain, Commander, Chief, General (Highest is General)

* * *

Marine or Militray~

Uniforms: EIther Gray, dark blue, dark green or dark red.

Weapons: Guns and other Machines

Ranks: Private, Corpral, Lt, Captain, Commander, General, Commadant (Highest is Camadant)

* * *


Japanese katana: A sword ment for killing, must be skilled to use it.

Blaster: A regular blaster.

Machine Gun: A rapid Fire Gun.

Homing Launcher: A missle Launcher, but follows enemy.

Missle Launcher: Homing Launcher with out detectign system.

Rifal: A rifal

Sniper Rifal: A rifal with a scopr an can shoot long distances.

Pistol: A hand gun

* * *

Locations and areas~

The Main Building: The Governments main building with many passage ways and air vents, many places to hid.

Sewers: The sewers is under the main Building, a great way to sneak in.

Training Room: The room where you train.

Generator Room: A room where the main power and everything is, eletrical wise.

Weaponary: Where the weapons are.

Battle Field: A place where the battle takes place.

* * *

Sign Up log~





Date Born:

Militray or Ofiicer:


Fur color:

Eye Color:


Location started:



~Character Log~

Name: Holly Ginger

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Cat

Date Born: October 13

Military or Officer: Officer with Dark Blue Uniform

Rank: Captain

Fur Color: Ginger

Eye Color: Hazel

Weapons: Japanese Katana

Location Started: Main Building

Personaility: Happy, Cocky and Confident

Bio: Quit school at age of 13 worked for military till 17, as a engineer, became mercenary till age 20, quit became Police officer, now age 21, she is a police officer and still has her military skills, Katana skills surpass god like speed, is an Ex-Marine.

--- 2:


Holly had been chewing on the same piece of grass for hours now, in her mouth, people smoked, she hated that, she chewed on grass, people hated that. Though she was respected here, She was needed in every single way possible, why? An Ex-Marine and a cop, Captain in both, no one could ask more.

"Holly, we need you in the sewers,"


"Just you."

"Not again," she had a gangster voice, because she was on when she was in school and her whole life.

"Yes again, sorry Holly others need to protect and stop riots."

"Yes know, I ain't stupid."

"We know, get down there."


Holly wallked past the officer and looked around, she jumped in the sewers and sighed, another patrol, in the sewers, she needee to talk to the General...


Go, and thanks!


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