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The Revolution: Effect of Time


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Alright a book I am writing. here:

Prologue is from my main characters point of view and chaps are from no ones point of view K, lets begin!

Prologue: The Revolution

I'm A cop.

In the Revolution, a time where the government is a threat to the poeple, yet I work for them. The government has something planned, that's what my partner, Yuki says, I really don't believe him, and I just work I get the money and work, he is my partner the silent smoker of the the duo. i chew on a weed and do all the work, he just helps witht he fights, and never helps me out of sticky situations. He isn't the partner that help, but he isn't my only problem, this thing called the Revolution is. I am stuck in the middle, my partner, Yuki, the people and the Government put me in this spot, lucky me, I am the only thing in the way.

And I don't Like it.

'Cause I am a cop, and I didn't sign up for this.

* * *

Chapter One: The Underground

Cassandra's head jerked up, the sound of footsteps was coming, she was on guard duty, the worst one of them all, and this placement you had to stop riots too. She saw a civilian walking past the gates, Cassandra sighed and straightened her police cap and tightened her gloves. She hated when she did the talking.

"Sir, please, you have to keep off and you know that."

"Oh yes, I believe I do, but why?"

"Governments laws, not mine."

"How shall I tell them what I what and what ahve an idea for?"

"Easily, you give me your name and I tell them and I send you in."

"Phil Patience."

"Right.." Cassandra closed her eyes and turned around, she walked towards the gate and sighed, another oen to turn down. "Civilian, named Phil Patience, send in or out?"

"Transmitting speech." came a female robotic voice and Cassandra sighed,

"Thank you Vicky."

"Done, speech send back?"

"Yes Vicky."

"Send the civilian in," came a human voice, the age of thirty one, "We might as well hear what he has to say."

"Yes sir."

"Well?" Came Phil's voice.

Cassandra opened the gates and pointed with her hand to the brick walkway, "Go on in."

"Thanks you."

The old man hobbled in and Cassandra closed the gates, another job done.

Cassandra stuck a piece of grass in her mouth, she checked her watch two minuets until Yuki came, then switching posts, it was her break next then Yuki's but they made a switch for the heck of it, no onenoticed, yet. She heard footsteps coming within the gates.

"Your a minuete early." called Cassandra.

"I know, cause there is a patrol going, out, and me and you are in it."

"Wow, really what ahppeend now?"

"Antoher riot,"


"But, it was in the Under."

"Your Kidding."

"No, they got ahold of that place now it is their headquarters."

"Holy piece of grass. Lets go, I don't wanna miss this!"

Cassandra opened the gates and watched as anoher, a younger guard came out and started to guard, poor guy, going to miss the show. Cassandra ran on the right side of Yuki, it was always foggy around here but people got used to it. Cassnadra looked around, the Main Building's doors weren't that afr up ahead. Cassandra grabbed one and pulled it open,. then the sound of a crowd came rushing towards her, she knew what the commotion was, the civilians got ahold of the Under, that was major news around here.

Cassandra saw Alison upahead, the best pilot here, she was a great one, she acted like she was a dork and was ahppy most of the time, but she had good looks and could kcik anyone's butt in a dogfight. She wasn't very good in combat hand-in-hand, but could conme up with a plan to save the dumbest persons life. Without them doing any work, she wrorked mircales.


She looked at Cassandra and smriked, "Yo, you up for this mission, I am cumin'"

"Who else would?"

"No one."

"You got it,"

"Yuki cumin?" Alison asked as she looekd at Yuki.

"Yes, that I am, why not?"

"Just askin."

"Of course. Lets get geared up."

Cassandra didn't need an invitation written in gold for the rest, she zipped along the places and headed for the weaponary. Cassandra didn't know what she needed, she always kept a Katana with her, but she needed a rapid fire also, a machine gun would work.

She wtahced Yuki load up with what she had too, they were the only ones on the mission? She got her answer soin enough.

"Captain Monroe, Lt. Sano, and Pilot Cloud, you are up for the Under Mission." a General's voice came over the intercoms.

"I guess since the General said that we are the only ones I guess so."

"Yeah, your right.."

Alison appeared in the dor way, she had a brown jumpsuit on, a pilot's jumpsuit, "Lets go." she said as she started off.

Cassandra and Yuki weren't that far behind.

"Alison, which are ya takin'?"

"The Torpedo, what else?"

"I don't know, the REDEye?"

"God no."

"Okay," Yuki replied as he ran faster, they slipepd past a corner and itno the ship hanger.

"There she is!" sqealed Alison as she hopped itnoa black ship with blue markings on it, it had four wings and it was made for under the water and in the air.

Cassandra flipped herself onto the top right wing while Yuki pulled himself onto the left lowest wing, when the launched they would head staright for the Under and then do the mission. They would not hesitate.

Alison pushed hard, the ship jerked forward and it started off, that is how you started ships, you jerked them to, they always came on then.

"Alison, head for the Under, remeber that." Cassandra said through ehr ear mic as the wind plastered her cloths against her, "We are on a mission."

"Right, I wonder why they woudl start their riot here, why woudl you think Cassandra? Yuki?"

"To attract attention." Came Yuki's voice, annoyed.

"Same." Cassandra said.

"Well then, here we go!" Alison boosted up and they were on their way.

It was ten miles away so they got there in no time,

"Wait, how would people knwo that there was a riot here?"

"Yeah, coem to think of it, we don't post guards here."

"There must be something going on thoguh," Came Alison's voice as she poked her head out of the landed aircraft.

"Do you think it was a trap?" Yuki asked.

"It coudl be, only one way to find out."

Cassandra, Yuki and Alison took off running down the alley way, the only thing left was the sound of their feet as the ran down the alley way.

* * *

That's it for now...

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