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Star Fox 64 Soundboard Android

Georg Guckser

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Maybe some of you downloaded my Starfox 64 soundboard on the Android market, it was available there since november but recently my Android Developer Account was suspended by google because of use of copyright protected material and so i am no longer able to put anything on the market and all of my apps are banned. This is very unfortunate for me, but of course google has every right to do so.

you can view it here:


My Starfox 64 soundboard was free on the market and had already 8000 downloads or so and ratings were very good, it includes about 350 sound clips and soundeffects from the game and was recieved very well from the community. I just wanted to find another place where i could put the file so Starfox fans will still be able to download and install it for free so i figured starfox-online.net would be a great place to start.

The file is about 4,5 mb of size, does anyone of you give me a tipp how to ditribute it in a good way? Are you interested in this soundboard?


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This violates our spam rule. If you want to participate in our community, then it is OK for you to link to it in your signature, but please do not just drop what amounts to an ad an then leave.

Since it is somewhat relevant to our community, and would be allowed under different circumstances, will leave the link for now. But if all you do is drop links to your apps, you will wear out your welcome quickly.

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