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Mindy's RP


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So I've decided to..... post.

Here I goes....

Mindy McCloud.


Gender: Female.

Species: Red Fox.

Hair: Dark Brown. Long at first, then she cuts it short.

Eye color: Green, deep and beautiful.

Build: She is skinny, but not to skinny. She has normal sized chest.

Uniform: She usually wears a Cammi and sweat pants, other times, she wears a blue jumpsuit with a short sleeved flight vest on. And a special yellow hanki.


*When she was about 5, six week before her birthday, one year and 2 months younger than Fox, her mother died.

-Fox was about to leave for school, as Mindy was running late getting ready. There mother was debating that morning to drive Fox and Mindy to school because Mindy was running late. She was off work that day, and James was off on a mission somewhere. Mindy got ready, finally. Fox teased her a little about being late. Their mother walked them out the door and to the car. Vixy got inside the car, then remembered that she left her phone and her purse in the house. Both Fox and Mindy volunteered to find her things while she told them that she was going to start the car. The kids got in the house safely before Vixy started the car. By this time, Mindy and Fox were both scattered in their parents bed room, which was located right above the driveway. A large explosion and a scream sounded and the windows shattered, sticking Fox in the arm with glass. He remained on the ground and started to cry while Mindy got up to look out the window. Her poor little eyes couldn't make out what she saw, pieces of the yellow car scattered across the road and the lawn, including other people's yards. Mindy was confused. She left her crying brother and jogged down the stairs to the driveway, where the remants of the car burned in flames. She screamed for her 'Mommy' several times, but she didn't hear a response. She had gone as far as to search for her, but found nothing. Little Mindy got scared, so she ran off to the backyard of her house before anyone got to the sight to see what happened. She knew that Fox was upstairs, waiting for her, but instead she jumped over the fence of her backyard and lost herself in the forest behind her forest. She knew what happened, so she ran away from it because she was in denial.

*When she was 6, a kind man found her behind a dumpster. He took her in and raised her till high school ( maybe 15 years old ).*

* She ran away yet again because she hated her life. She got herself a licence for driving, and ran off to attend CFA, same time as Fox did. He bumped into her once, without reconing her. She knew him. She let it slide.*

* She dropped out the same time Fox did, because of hearing that her father was gone. She cried, she was lonely, and no one heard her. But she had her Pilot's licence, so she rides for days to live on Cerina.*

* She never made it because her navigational control went down, so she dropped by at Katina instead.*

* She now lives at Katina. Weird things have been happening to her since she arrived, like nightmares, eye color has been changing drastically, and feeling surged most of the time.*

( I will draw a nice picture later showing her appearance. )

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A picture, not a good one, showing what Mindy is going through.

(Fox haz bangz xD)


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