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Seeking Advice from You


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There's something that's been upsetting me lately... I was wondering if you guys could maybe offer me advice or help with the matter. Haha. Let me ask you formally.

I seek council from the clan of Star Fox Online. What say you? Hehe.

So... I was checking out this online adoption agency, for animals, please note. They do global dealings, and have stations in various countries. Anyway... I saw this wonderful little cat. Her name is Sol, and she is paralyzed. She cannot move her back legs, and therefore needs help going to the toilet. Which I am fully willing to do - I worked in care homes and psychiatric wards - I've done worse in my time. Basically, because of her paralysis, she'll be unable to hold in her poop, and due to the nature of her injury, it comes out hard. So all I need to do is scoop it up and flush it. I'll also need to help her pee by holding her over the toilet and applying pressure to her bladder. It's no big deal, I have a strong stomach. Sorry about the graphic detail.

Sol obviously can't walk. She drags herself along with her front paws, but she's pretty quick at it. She had a sister, who had the same disability, but she died a few weeks ago. Anyway... I want to adopt Sol.

She's currently in Turkey. And of all the people who have seen her, I am the only one who is prepared to look after her. And yet I can't. The UK requires that all animals be quarantined for 6 months, and Sol's carer is unwilling to put her through that stress, which I fully understand and agree with. But... Surely there's a special rule for disabled animals? Or something? She needs special care, maybe care that the quarantine team cannot give.

I don't know why I'm so affected by this... I just feel so passionate about it. I want to be Sol's carer, give her a better quality of life, ensure her comfort. And the fact that I, the only one who wants her, can't get to her, breaks my heart. It really does.

... I'm too soft for my own good, haha.

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If you're willing to take care of her (which you said you were), I'd say to try and find a way around the quarantine thing, without doing something illegal of course! :P

If you care about that cat this much, that's what I recommend!

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I would get in touch with whatever government thing/association that is in charge of that policy and explain to them your case.

You're right that the kitty needs extra special care, and that may be a factor that could help you convince them to look the other way.

At the same time, the quarantine is there for a reason. Foreign animals can care alien germs that could be disasterous to the local ecology.

I'd think that, if you get in touch with the right people and explain your case thoroughly, that they'd be perhaps likely to at least shorten the quarantine time?

IDK, just my views. I dunno if this helps AT ALL, but... yeah.

PS. I like animals too, and can totally feel your pain; at least kind of. k_e_sob.gif

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I don't really know anything about the UK's laws, so I don't know any exact way to work around the quarantine rule. Maybe there's a way to appeal the quarantine if the cat has a disability? Certainly there must be clauses that can void the quarantine rule.

If there's no way to get around, I would say try and find out exactly what goes on during the Quarantine process, see if she might get hurt while she's there. If she wouldn't be in any danger, just go with the quarantine, if she could get hurt, then I really don't know what to say.

The only advice that I can give is that if you want this cat bad enough, you'll find a way to get her.

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