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Synfig help


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Is anybody familiar with this program? It's a free animating program that's very good and not cheep. I'd know cuz I've used it.

Anyway, I have a problem though. My problem is I'm trying to make a shining effect but I'm confused on a certain part. Here, I'll give you a link to a tutorial I'm reading.


Scroll down to step six. You see the wight faded out strip? I'm trying to get that and it tells you how but I'm confused at how to do it.

It's kinda hard to explain...I was able to do everything up until that point at the gradient thing. I can't seem to get the arrows right so that I just have a wight strip like he does.

Can anybody help me with this? I'd really appreciate it. :P I sure hope there's somebody here who knows something about this program.

Edit: OHH! Now I get it! Never mind! I figured it out! ^_^

Well, now that makes this topic useless. Can anybody lock please? Thank you.

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