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Star Fox: Dark Steps

The Destroyer

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NOTE: This fan fiction contains swearing, fantasy action, death and other illegal material not recommended for the minds of viewers under the age of 13. You have been warned.

A Star Fox Fan fiction Production created by the Destroyer.

Star Fox:

Dark Steps

Chapter 0

" Take me to him. I wish to see this "leathal criminal" you've found in Corneria. "

" Hes right this way General Pepper. Follow me. " said A tall white Cornerian Dog Officer.

The double doors ahead of them opened and General Pepper walked through with the Cornerian

Dog Officer right behind his right side, holding his rifle firmly, with a serious grin.

No noise but their own footsteps were heard when they walked through the dark hallway with

prison cells on the left and right sides of the hollow hallway. The Cornerian Officer reached

for a panel on the right side of the wall. He pushed a button and multiple lights shined from

the ceiling, brightning the room. Multiple moans and groans were heard when the lights were

turned on. "Shut up you deliquents! " The Cornerian Officer shouted.

The General chuckled and looked around the area, seeing multiple prisoners inside

their cells. Almost every prison room was occupied. "I'm rather surprised about this. " He said.

"Surprised about what sir? " The Cornerian Officer said as he walked to him.

"We've mannaged to take in multiple prisoners and keep them inside this Prison for almost a year and a half. A wonderful achivement. "

" With all due respect sir. How is that good? I mean its expected ain't it? " The Cornerian Officer asked.

"Yes indeed my comrade.. However, no prison breaks have occured over the last year, not one prisoner has escaped this area or even tried too for that matter. Especially with all the mass terriorists and chaos that has been going on in my Corneria. I'm honestly surprised how well we are running this falacity is what I'm saying my friend. Normally a prison break would've occured in one month or maybe two. But keeping this falacity in check, is just outstanding. The guards must be showing fear to these criminals.. "

" Really? I haven't seen a criminal get scared of a guard like myself yet, or any guard for that matter sir. "

"In due time you will see it my friend.. Come, take me to this new prisoner that was somewhat a "challenge" to take him in. "

" Yes sir. Right this way. " The officer said.

They both walked down the hallway full of prisoners to their left and right. The quiet noise in the hallway disappeared when

the prisoners were socializing and complaining with one of their cell mates and other prisoners who are in other prisons next

to them. A Prisoner looked at the Cornerian Dog Officer dead in the eye and smiled. The officer looked back and grinned at him.

"What? I don't get out for good behavior Officer?! " The prisoner shouted at the officer who was walking down the hallway, ignoring him.

"For all the shit that guy has done. He doesn't deserve to even see the light outside this prison.. " The officer whispered to himself.

The General and the Officer walked through another set of double doors and was in a new area of the prison falacity. Nothing was different from the room they were just in then the room they are in now. They were all the same, crowded little prison cells, with a bunk bed and a t.v, nothing more or less. After a few more seconds of walking they stopped, and saw part of the hallway with lights flickering on and off. THe officer looked at General Pepper.

"I'm sorry sir. The lights in this area are just messed up. We're getting an electrician to come here and help out. Hes beyond that area, come on. "

As they entered the flickering hallway they heard multiple wheezing and gasps for air. They assumed it was someone who was over exaggerating, until they saw drops of blood on the steel floor, next to a prison cell. The officer pulled out a flash light and shined it at the blood and slowly moved up to where the blood came from. He saw a Black colored panther in the cell, with his throat slit by something sharp. The panther is currently still alive for now.


THe officer pulled out his keys and was ready to unlock the door and help the panther. Until General Pepper grabbed the keys out of his hand and stopped him.

"No my friend. It is already too late.. Hes going to die. And you can't risk trying to save some dead animal and risk the chance of that killer to get out and cause havoc to others. Look at the victim. " General Pepper said.

He grabbed the officer's flash light and saw the wounded Panther close his eyes and stopped breathing. "I'm sorry sir. " The officer said.

"It is fine for you my friend. However. " General Pepper shined the flash light in the cell and saw a red colored musculuar vixen with a large vertical scar on the left side of his eye and blood on his hands and a small sharp metal fragment that seemed to have come from the wall.

" It is not going to be fine for you Cornerian Terriroist. " He said, looking at the red vixen who was not even paying attention to him or the fact that he was shining a flash light at him.

The vixen spoke without looking at the General. "Call me what you want. I know what I did was right. For me and for this dumbass feline. "

"You have something against Panthers? " The general asked, still shining the light at him.

The Red vixen sighed and then in a split second, without looking at the General, he threw the small sharp metal fragment at the General's flashlight, and punctured the light bulb, disabling the light from shining at his face. Multiple glass fragments from the flashlight fell onto the floor next to the prison cell. The vixen finally responded.

" Yes.. Yes I do.. They're disgusting creatures who are ignorant and think they are the most dominate and romantic spiecies. " He said.

"Is that so?? Tell me is that the reason why you are in my prison? For being racist against felines and killing them? " Pepper asked.

"No. I'm here because... "

The officer interupted him by tapping the General on his shoulder. "Sir, Politician Koream Macdal wishes to speak to you back at HQ. "

The general chuckled. "Really? So soon? I wanted to play with our new prisoner a bit.. Oh well. Officer remain here and keep these prisoners

under control will you? "

The officer saluted and shouted. "Sir YES SIR! "

The general calmly spoke. "At ease and good luck my friend. " And gave the officer his keys and walked off and left.

The officer looked at the flickering lights, and then at the prison cell, where the red vixen layd in. The officer heard movement from within

the cell and he backed away and aimed his rifle at the vixen, hidden in the shadows for a second but revealed in the light for half a second.

" I should kill you for aiming a gun at me.. But its whatever.... Just lower your gun now and you will live later.. " He said.

The officer grinned at him. "You cant even touch me from where your standing..... Good luck. I'm going to kill you now for what you did to your cellmate.. The general can't save you now.. Oh boy I'm glad the General is gone now! " He aimed his rifle at and put his finger around the trigger.

The flickering lights flickered off, and remained off. The officer eye's widened as he saw that. He went closer to the cell and stuck his gun

through the bar lines. And in an instant, his gun was pooled with a great amount of force, that pulled the officer himself to the prison bars

that restricted him from being pulled in any further. However the officer did not let go of his gun. He used all his stregenth to keep it out of the Vixen's grasp. The vixen freed himself of one hand and came even closer to the cell bars and stared at the officer in the face with his dark red eyes. The vixen then punched the officer in the the throat, and a small hole was punctured in his throat and blood dripped down. The officer dropped his gun and gasped for air just like the panther who was in the cell, and was sliced in the throat. The officer backed away a few feet but was pulled back to the prison bars by his shirt. The Vixen looked at him with his demonic look again and spoke.

"I'm glad hes gone too. " He then pulled out the sharp object in the officer's throat and then slashed his neck horrizontaly, a large pool of blood formed around the officer's neck and the officer fell to the ground, slowly dieing from loss of blood. The Vixen grabbed the officer's keys and opened the prison door that imprisoned him. He slammed the bars to the side and dropped the sharp glass he picked up from the flash light that he shattered and he picked up the rifle the dead officer had. Multiple gasps and screams and cheers were heard from other prison mates who were in other room, witnessing what the Vixen did to the officer. The vixen emerged from the dark hallway and into the light. He smiled and loaded the rifle.

"Time for me to break this achivement of this prison.. " He said.

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Very nice. I like it. :yes:

Thanks. I'ma probably finish the next chapter tommorow, or by the end of this upcoming weekend. Thanks for the feedback. Btw I have a few grammer errors here in there but I'ma fix them lol, should've previewed a bit more carefully.

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Chapter 1: Prison Break

The red vixen walked down the hallways and looked at the prisoners who were cheering at him.

One prisoner he walked past by shouted. " HEY MAN GET ME OUT OF HERE! COME ON YOU GOT THE KEYS MAN! "

The Vixen continued to walk down the hallway and ignored that prisoner's request. He looked around

as if he was looking for someone important. Then all of a sudden a name was shouted.

"YO MANNY! OVER HERE BRO! " A Voice shouted from within a prison behind the Vixen.

He turned around and saw a prisoner waving his hand back and forth outside the cell he was in. "Manny"

walked over to his location and saw a red vixen just like himself but the prisoner had white stripes while

"Manny" holding the keys did not. Manny smiled and stuck the keys in the lock and unlocked the door, and slid

the bars to the side and provided an exit to the prisoner. He walked out, smiling and then extended his hand

to greet him.

"Long time no see Manny.. That was some intense shit you did to that guard. I couldn't have expected less from you. " He said.

Manny smirked and shook the prisoner's hand. "Long time no see Jerome. " after saying that statement the prisoners inside their cells

rose their voice even louder. One prisoner out of the others shouted. "NO WAY! WHY YOU LETTING THAT PUNK OUT AND NOT US?!! "

Manny groaned and then opened the other prisoner's door who shouted at him with the keys. The prisoner smiled and said "Thanks. "

Just as the Prisoner was about to walk off, Manny grabbed his shoulder and spun him around, facing him.

"Your not leaving yet.. You need to unlock the doors of the rest of these prisoners in this area. " He said.

The prisoner retailiated. "WHY ME?! Why can't you or your friend do that shit? "

Manny sighed. "Well first off, you don't have a gun that can protect you from any more guards from coming in this area and blasting your

ass. Second off, your not much of a skilled combat warrior like me or Jerome, so it'd be best if you just did an easy task like this. "

The prisoner shouted. "And if i say no?!! "

Manny chuckled. "Your going to die the same way the guard did. Except a bullet will go through your neck not glass. "

The prisoner sighed. "Fine. Give me them keys brah. "

Manny tossed him the keys and the Prisoner went to do the job Manny gave him.

Jerome looked back at the Prisoner walking down the halls and chuckled. "Damn he wants to get away from you if hes going down that fall to unlock the doors of other prisoners.. Anyway.. I hope you do realize those keys that guy has, does not work for the other prison area doors. From out that door ahead of us, where the other prisoners are at, you need a card to slide through the control panel to open all the prisoner doors in that area and beyond. "

Manny looked at Jerome. "Why do we use keys in this area and not little control panels that control all the doors? " He asked.

"Well.. This area was built first and is incredibly old. I don't think they had the technology to do that, so they just did it old school style. "

"Oh well, lets just go into the other area.. The guards are unaware of this little incident.. So they're guard should be lowered.. Its more eaiser for us to take them out and get what we want.. "

" Alright. But let me tell you something about this prison falicity. You see, there is an armory not far from here, that contains multiple weapons.

So the prisoners and the guards can fight back against any threat that could probably kill everybody.. But its only used for emergencies from unknown outside attackers from across the system, like the Aparoids and Anglars. I say, we should go there and get some weapons for our prisoners buddies. That way we can have a high chance of both of us getting out of here alive. " Jerome said.

"Sounds like a plan.. " Manny agreed. He handed the rifle he stole from the guard to Jerome.

Jerome hesistated to take his weapon. "Won't you need this to deal with those guards in the next area? "

"Not for now... They don't know what happened here yet. So I think if i can surpise them, I can kill them with my bare hands or some glass i got from a flashlight. "

Jerome took the gun and smiled. "Alright, becareful out their bro. I have a feeling they know what happened. After all the screaming and shit here and the video cameras recording everything, they know whats happened here and are probably sending guards here right now.. "


"Need your gun back? " Jerome asked.

"No, its fine.. I'll still kick their asses with my fists and take their weapons, don't worry.. Just shoot any guards you see coming down this hallway. And give the weapons from those guards to the prisoners that are just getting out of their cells. " Manny said.

"Alright, I'll do that. Good luck. " Jerome said.

Manny ran down the hallway quietly and approached a door to another area. He did not get close to the doors enough for them to automatically opened.

He waited to hear if someone was coming. He then heard other footsteps in that area coming to the door manny was near. He waited for the doors to automatically open and the guards would come out and he would make his move.

The doors opened and the first guard manny saw that came out, he made his move. Manny punched the guard in his face with all his power, and knocked the guard to the ground, and making him drop his weapon right in front of him. " JAMES! SHIT! Take him down! " A guard shouted.

Manny pulled the trigger and fired off shots at the guards that were out in front of him. He shot 2 in the chest, which knocked them down to the ground. One guard fired three times, but Manny quickly did a precautionary move, and ducked a split second before the guard fired. He came closer to the guard, and then hit him with his gun. The guard was pushed back a bit, but he kept his balanced. Manny then aimed his gun and shot a bullet at the guard's chest. And after that shot, the guard fell down, dead. Manny looked down the hallway and saw the looks on the prisoner's faces in their prison cells. They all cheered and shouted after what Manny had done to the guards. Manny looked down the hallway and saw Jerome sprinting to him.

He stopped as he saw the dead guards on the body, and Manny still standing.

"Oh you don't need my help... Hehe my bad. " Jerome said, feeling useless for not helping him sooner.

"its fine. Just stay here. Oh and take these men's weapons and give them to the prisoners. Every prisoner in this

area should know how to shoot. If not, just keep them back away from the battle field that may happen real soon. " Manny said.

Jerome nodded his head and started carrying the guns back to the Prisoners who were getting released from their prison cells.

Manny went through the doors that the guards came through and saw a new set of prison cells. He ran down the hall and looked at the prison cells to his left and right and saw that the majority of them were not occupied. "Good, less guns to give to. " he said to himself.

Multiple guards formed up at the end of the hallway and aimed their rifles at Manny.

Shots were being sprayed at Manny, brushing past his fur. He went through another door to his left and took cover.

"AFTER HIM! " He heard a guard said and then multiple footsteps coming to him. Manny quickly walked out the room

he was just in, and aimed at the guards who were running to him. He quickly fired and killed them all before they were

able to react and stop moving and shoot at him. "Another 5 weapons Jerome can give to the prisoners. " He said to himself.

Manny started running around the prison falcility. "Jerome said there was an Armory not so far from here.. "

He ran out and in multiple rooms looking for the armory. He went back out into the hallway and saw multiple lasers flying back and

forth from 2 directions. "Sweet. He got some prisoners with some weapons. Nice job Jerome. " Manny ran down to where he saw the cross fire

and went to assist the prisoners and Jerome. He soon stopped and kept his body against the wall. He poked his head out and saw multiple

guards shooting. He quickly went back into cover and loaded his weapon. He poked his head out and started firing shots, that were hitting the guards in the head. Manny went back into cover, and saw multiple shots fly by and aimed at the hostiles he was just shooting at. The gun fire stopped

and he saw multiple prisoners with rifles running down the hallway beside him. He then saw Jerome turn the corner and saw Manny close to the wall

with his gun in his hand.

"I got them some weapons boy! " Jerome shouted.

"I see that. Nice job Jerome. " Manny said.

"You find an armory yet bro? We have more prisoners who are unarmed and desperately want to fight! "

"No I haven't.. But you did tell the Prisoners to look for an armoy right? " Manny asked.

"I did, but they seem more focused on getting out and killing guards.. But i think some of them will find the armory.

"FREE WEAPONS HERE BABE! " He heard a prisoner shout.

Manny and Jerome quickly ran to the source of where they heard the prisoner shout that, and saw multiple prisoners huddling up in that large

room, gathering weapons and ammunition. Manny and Jerome went inside the armory. Jerome picked up the biggest weapon he saw, a Rocket Launcher and then he picked up a shotgun. Manny picked up more ammunition for the gun he stole from the guard, and had two pistols in his pockets. He took 3 grenades and strapped them over his right shoulder. He looked at Jerome, holding the rocket launcher with his two hands, but holding it as if he were about to drop it because of how heavy it was on him.

"A Rocket Launcher Jerome?? Really? A big weapon doesn't make a big man you know. Nor is it suited with a small man such as yourself. " He said.

"Shut up.. I can handle this shit.. " He replied.

They both stormed out of the armory, that barely had any weapons or ammunition inside. They rushed ahead of the guards who were running

down the hallway with their weapons in their hands. A large amount of resistence was inside the falacity during the break out, making it hard

for Manny, Jerome and the other prisoners to escape the falcility. Multiple prisoners were killed along with multiple guards. They fought their way outside the falacity, and saw the bright blue colored skies. "Ahh, fresh air.. " A prisoner said.

"Yep.. Fresh air.. Now whats our next step Manny? " Jerome looked to his left and did not see Manny beside him.

"Manny!!? WHERE ARE YOU?! " Jerome shouted.

Jerome and the Prisoners saw multiple guards and armored Cornerian Vans and Vehicles approaching the falacity from the outside.

Multiple Cornerian Police Officers and Special Ops Soldiers disembarked from their vehicles. "OH SHIT.. " A Prisoner shouted.

"We are so screwed... Theres too many of them.. " Another prisoner stated.

" Manny?! " Jerome said, looking around the outside area for him.

Jerome went inside the falacity and ran in and out through rooms, looking for him.


Jerome waited for a response, but heard nothing. He shouted again.

"MANNY!! "

He finally heard a response.

"Jerome! Over here! " He shouted back.

Jerome followed Manny's voice and entered a large room. He looked around the room and saw multiple vehicles.

Manny was standing next to something in a medium sized brown colored sheet.

"Woah.. Manny which one are we taking to get out of here bro? "

Manny looked away from the vehicle and at jerome and smiled. "We're not taking one. We're taking these. " he said.

Manny pulled off the sheet from the large vehicle, and revealed multiple Motorcycles lined up with one another.

" Motorcycles Manny? THat shit won't give us any cover. We can get shot by the sides.. It'd be best if we went with

a large vehicle that supplied us with some cover from the fire those bastards are gonna give us. " Jerome said.

"Okay.. So you want to take a slow vehicle.. That has a crew limit of 5. And only us two will be in the vehicle.. Rather then taking

your own seperate vehicle that goes pretty damn fast and is very manueverable compared to a large car?? " Manny asked.

"Okay you have a point.. " Jerome admitted. "Give me the keys and lets start this shit up. "

" Alright cool. " Manny said as he tossed the keys to Jerome.

Jerome started his motorcycle up and saw Manny in front of the room. Manny pushed a button on a wall and the large metal door in

front of them opened and revealed the bright outside light. Jerome smiled and revved his motorcycle. Manny walked over to his and started it up.

Jerome looked at Manny. "Hey Manny. What about the Prisoners? Shouldn't we go back and inform them about the vehicles here?" He asked.

Manny chuckled. "Please.. They're dead weight now.. And if they're alive, they can provide a good enough distraction for us to escape. "

" Are you serious Manny? God you are one cruel person. " Jerome said.

" Oh please.. You saw those guys in this prison. They've done more cruel shit to Lylat then me. They deserve to be here or die. "

" Damn.. You are one cruel ass bitch.. Oh well. Ready when you are. "

" If you win this race, then you can be feel free to call me anything you want. "IF" you win this race. " Manny said.

" A Race? You want to make this escape into a sport? Really are you serious? " Jerome asked.

Manny revved his motorcycle multiple times and started to countdown numbers. "3...."

" Oh.. I guess you are being serious.. Haha. Your so going to lose this race. Loser

buys the winner a drink! " Jerome said.

Manny continued to countdown. "2...... "

Jerome looked at Manny, and then revved his engine and counted down to the last number with him.

"1!!" They both shouted.

They both hit the gas pedal at the same time and both motorcycles flew out the falacity at full speed, leaivng a large trail of dust behind their vehicles.

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Are majority of the people on this site like guests and not active users? Cause I know that if i got 40 something views, there should at least be more then 1 reply. And i'm not implying it to myself. I'm seeing other people making fan fictions, getting views but no criticism, no feedback, no assistance at all. Explains why a crapload of fan fictions are all the way at the back pages of this forum. People just gave up from no feedback. Normally the front 3 pages would be full with new posts on fan fictions.

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Yeah....Well, this looks petty good to me...It might be because people think it's bad and they don't want to hurt your feelings....Or it could be that they looked at it, didn't really care, and didn't look at it again....IDK...Maybe they don't really have any questions and they just want to read the story. *shrug*

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Chapter 2: Freedom

The both of them rev their motorcycles and dash out the Prison Vehicle Bay. Both of them going at the same 100 MPH speed,

driving right next to each other. Jerome turns to his left and sees the Cornerian guards sieging the prison they just

escaped out of, and harming the prisoners that were trying to escape with Manny and Jerome. He feels saddend by leaving them

behind, but turns his head and keeps his eyes focused on the road in front of him. Manny turns to him.

Whats up with you Jerome? You look kind of sick, leaving that area.. Don't tell me you got attached to it.. He said.

Jerome retailiated. "NO! HELL NO!. I just felt sorry for leaving those guys who helped us escape. "

Manny chuckled. "Don't worry, they'll be fine. The guards won't kill them unless the prisoners try to kill them. "

"Thats what i'm worried about though.. I fear they may lose control and get themselves killed. " Jerome responded.

"Meh, you care too much. Be glad we're both free.. Gosh I can't wait to live the good ol regular life.

"Oh please, those goons will find us at whatever refuge we will be at.. " Jerome said.

"In a big City like Cylat, the Heart City of Corneria? I seriously doubt it.. We can blend in so easily Jerome. "

"OH PLEASE Manny. With that big scar on your eye, people will spot you like that.. Me on the other hand. I'll blend in. "

"Right... Just follow me and we'll be at the city soon.. And then hopefully we'll be able to rest a bit and get a job or somehting. "

Yeah and after we get a job. We go to a bar and chill. We don't need a house, we can live on the streets and walk around. " Jerome said.

"TO HELL WITH THAT! I'm getting a little house or apartment to stay in and chill. I want to sleep on a bed, not the streets. " Manny shouted.

Alright, alright. Jeez chill out. We'll talk about this when we get to the city. Lets step on it. "

Both of their motorcycles accerelate and go faster then before and head to Cylat, the Heart City of Corneria. There motorcycles

run out of fuel, and with no money they are forced to walk the rest of the way there, until a vehicle drives by and Manny gathers

the drivers attention and makes him pull over. The driver lowers his windows and pokes his german shepard head out.

"What do you want? I don't got money my friend. " The driver said.

"We don't need money, just a Ride. Are you heading to Cylat? " Jerome asked.

The Driver nodded. "Yes I am. I take it you guys want a lift? "

Jerome nodded and Manny remained quiet and motionless with his arms already crossed, giving a deep stare to the driver.

The driver sighs. "Get in the back. " He said.

Manny and Jerome enters the back area of the vehicle and relax and sit down on the comfortable leather seats in the vehicles.

Jerome starts to conversate with the Driver while Manny stares into space. The last word he heard from Jerome before he drifted

off into his world was "Pain. "

Manny was in his own world, however he wasn't himself as he is now. His eye had no scar and his personality was a lot different, he carried

a scared expression on his face rather then a straight frightning face of a killer. Manny's hands and feet were tied and he was stuck, sitting

down on a chair. He was sitting next to a black and white stripped wolf who's hand and legs were too tied and was seated on the chair. Manny

tilted his head to the left and looked at the Wolf, his head hung down low. The wolf had the same face expression as Manny did at the moment.

"Danny... " he said to the wolf.

"Yeah Manny??? " He said quietly.

"I'm sorry... Sorry for everything.. This wasn't how it was supposed to turn out to be.. " Manny said, tears dropping out of his eyes.

"Its okay Manny.. We couldn't have outrunned them for long.. And i should be aplogizing to you.. Its my fault that we are in here too. "

"NO Its not! Its my fault! I killed him! I Had the gun! I aimed it and pulled the trigger! " Manny shouted.

" You did it in self defense.. But i supplied you with the gun though... "

" I can't believe it though.. Why did we have to be bounty hunters? Why did we have to be involved with this? "

"I... I don't know Manny.. I don't know.. Answer or no Answer, we are in this situation now and we can't go back.. "

Multiple footsteps were heard, coming closer to them in the room they were in.. 5 Guys were seen, covered in various street thug like clothing.

They were all different speicies. One was a Falcon, One was a Fox, another a Dog, another a Bunny and another a Frog. The fox walked

up to Manny and Jerome and stared at them in the eye. He smirked.

"Finally.. We've caught you.. Here you are in the house of my dead brother you killed.. How does that make you feel? " The fox said.

Manny and Danny both remained quiet. The fox's voice grew louder as he spoke.

"Nothing you inconsiderate bastards can say about what you did? Figures, betrayers are what you -"

"WE DIDN'T DO SHIT FIRST! Your brother purposely tried to kill us because things didn't go his way! He almost killed an Innocnent

wife and child when trying to kill our bounty, if we hadn't stopped him! "

After finshing his statement a heavy punched collided with his left cheek and a small amount of blood flew out of his mouth. The fox Spoke.

"You bastards are all soft.. You betrayed my brother because of what? You didn't want to see 2 extra civilians die? Because your soft and

senistive sides interfeered with the job? DAMN it I'M TIRED OF THESE EXCUSES AND BULLSHIT! "

The fox pulls out a knife from his jacket and walks behind Danny and puts it by his throat.

"NO!! DON'T DO IT Gerald! PLEASE! " Manny shouted.

"Manny.. Don't worry about me.. Theres nothing this bastard can do to me that can affect where my soul will go.. " Danny replied.

"NO! YOU CAN'T DIE! " Manny shouted.

"You've always been like a brother to me Manny, know that... " Danny said.

"And your going to die, like my Brother you traitor!! " Gerald shouted.

Gerald pressed the knife on Danny's neck and then slid it to the right and slit his throat. He pulled the chair back and onto the ground making it stand on no legs. And looked down at Danny with his mouth opened, gasping for air and seeing the blood rush out of his throat.

"NO!!!! DANNY! YOU BASTARD! MY BROTHER!! GOD DAMN YOU! I'LL KILL YOU!! Manny shouted, with more tears descending from his eyes.

"You won't even get the chance to think of how you'll kill me.. I have a special death for you Manny.. " Gerald said.

Gerald wiped the blood from slitting Danny's throat and walked in front of Manny, facing him with the knife in his hands.

"Enjoy this my friend.. You deserve it for killing Brenard.. "

Gerald jabbed the knife a inside his skin and above Manny's right eye. Manny let out a loud scream. Gerald did not stop as he heard Manny screaming. He slid the knife down while it past his skin. He slid it down more and more slowly and as the knife approached his eye ball and socket, Gerald rapidly slashed through it, leaving a huge scar in Manny's right eye and the outside layer of the skin. Manny screamed so loud, feeling as if his whole life was fading away. Gerald removes the knife with great force from Manny's eye. Manny groans in pain.

Gerald, whipes the blood off the knife. And smiles. He walks over to a cabinet, and opens it. He reaches inside and pulls out a match and lights it up by rubbing it against the box quickly and roughly creating a fire on the match.

" Just like how you left my brother's corspace dead... I'm going to do the same, but make sure your corspace becomes ashes.. "

Gerald drops the match onto the wooden floor, and the small fire from the match sets the wooden floor on fire, and the fire spreads throughout the room. Gerald looks out at Manny and sees his right eye all damaged from the knife he jabbed in his right eye. Manny returns his look.

"Why the hell won't you just kill me? " Manny said.

"Because I want to make you suffer, the way your making me suffer and my little brother. "

Gerald looks at his allies. "Lets go.. This bastard won't go anywhere.." Gerald said.

The whole crew except for Manny and Danny's bloody body walks out the house that is being set on fire.

Manny looks down at Danny's dead body. "I'm sorry bro... I truly am.. I shouldn't have let this happen.. "

The flames spread more and more and smoke clouds the room. Manny starts to cough as he slowly inahles the smoke around him.

His vision becomes blurry and he starts to lose his focus. Still tied to his chair he can do nothing but sit and wait for the flames

to consume his body and turn him to ashes. His eyes begin to close, and slowly starts to lose his consciousness. He sees a tall dark figure standing

in front of him from afar. The figure comes closer to him and as soon as it is within arm's grasp. He passes out and then a few seconds later he hears a voice calling his name. "MANNY! "

Manny awakens from his day dreaming and looks at Jerome, who was calling him.

"Yeah?? " He responded.

"We're here... "

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Chapter 3: Recovery

Manny and Jerome finally made it into the City, Cylat. The car parks in a parking lot, filled with others cars. His car still turned on and parked, he looks at Manny and Jerome. From Manny's prespective it looked like he was going to tell them to get out. The driver spoke.

"This is where I have to drop you guys off, I got some buisness near here that'll take the whole night.. So you'll have to find another ride to get where your going or just walk. I'm sorry. "

Jerome nodded and both him and Manny exited the vehicle. It was still nighttime. Manny couldn't help but look at the stars shining brightly with the darkness trying to consume them. Manny withdrew his attention from the dark skies and looked at Jerome. They both looked at the driver driving his car away from them and leaving the parking lot. Jerome turned and looked at Manny.

"Guess we're on our own now.. But hey. At least we're in the city. " Jerome said with a smile.

Manny nodded. "Yep, I didn't think we'd get this far so soon Jerome.. Thank god that guy drove past us and helped us. "

"So what now Manny? We got no money.. No house, I'm hungry.. I crave a freaking a beer.. " Jerome complained.

Manny chuckled. What do you mean we got no money? Jerome, we have money. " He said as he pulled out a large wad of credits that equaled to an amount of 5,000. Jerome's eyes flew up and stared at the money Manny has in his hands and then stare at Manny. "HOW'D YOU GET ALL THAT? DID YOU STEAL THE MONEY FROM THE DRIVER? " he asked.

Manny chuckled. "Nah.. I got the money from looting the Prison guards dead body. Unfortunatly I Couldn't carry much.. But this is all we got. Sorry for not getting more, I didn't have enough time to get some without shots going by my head. But hey its better then nothing. "

Jerome nodded in agreement. "Hell yeah its better then nothing! We getting a hotel? " he asked.

Manny nodded in disagreement. "Nah, we're gonna save that till we get jobs. For now we use this 5,000 Credits for food and drinks. We will just sleep like under a tree or something, during the night and hunt for jobs during the day. Anyway I'm splitting the money we got for you, 50-50 that way we can go our own ways with a little money and buy our own stuff that we need... "

Manny handed 2,500 credits to Jerome and patted his back as soon as he lets go of the credits. "Listen Jerome, don't spend ALL THAT on Booze okay? Save it for stuff you need to surrivive at this point. Until we get a job thats when you can start going overboard with thst money. Understand? "

Jerome nodded. "Got'cha. But can we go to a bar though first? I desperately need some drinks.. I'm just going to like spend $10.00 at the most for the night.

"Go ahead, its your money. As long as you don't ask me for money then your straight. OH AND ONE MORE THING JEROME.. Do not gamble this shit.. I repeat do not gamble it.. "

Jerome chuckles. "Relax, I'm not dumb enough to gamble this Manny.. Don't worry, I'll be fine. I say we rest in a dark alley or something. Or maybe that tree over there on that grassy hill near that playground or something. "

Manny turns around and spots both the locations Jerome reccomended to him. "Okay, i'm not going with the dark alley, cause hobos will be there. So we are going to rest under that giant tree near the playground.. Hopefully we don't creep any little kids out when they're playing at that spot late at night. "

Jerome chuckles. "I seriously doubt kids will be there at like midnight.. They got curfews y'know? Also we're not going to stay there during the day, we're going to walk around. "

"Thats true.. We'll you go to your bar, I'll go explore the rest of this city, and hopefully i won't get lost. " Manny said.

Jerome frowns. "Why can't we go to the bar Like bros Manny? Come on I don't want to pick up chicks alone.. I need a wingman.. "

"Uhmm Hell no.. I'm not going to be your wingman. I'm not a fan of going to bars to look at chicks.. And I hardly care about the freaking whores at the bars that are stripping and everything, showing off their stuff to men throwing money at them. " Manny retailiated.

Jerome sighs. "Your no fun.. Your really no fun..

"I could hardly care less Jerome.. The old fun in me I had before is long gone now.. "

Jerome sighs. "Sorry to hear that.. Alright, then I guess I'll see you around. he said.

Jerome walked off and his figure was slowly being consumed by the shadows as he walked closer to it. Manny soon lost sight of him. After no longer seeing Jerome, Manny went his own way and explored the city during the night. After his exploring, he went to the meeting place Jerome and himself decided to rest during the night. He saw Jerome resting under the tree, with an empty beer bottle in his left hand. Manny sat a few feet away from him under the tree and closed his eyes and rested.

[b[size'2']Saturday, 9:30 AM in the Morning, The 27th of January.

Manny opened his eyes and got up to his feet. He looked at Jerome who was still unconscious. Manny could tell that Jerome wouldn't wake up anytime soon due to the fact he went to a bar and drunk and went to sleep late at night. Manny looked at the bright blue skies. The shined at his face with a bright yellow light. Manny turned and looked away and saw multiple residents and civilians walking on the street, and cars dashing back and forth as if they were in a hurry to go somewhere. Manny left the Unconscious and drunken Jerome in his resting spot and went to explore the city again just like last night, except he was exploring it during the early morning day.

He walked the streets of the city and blended in quite well with everyone around him. However the scar on his right eye gathered attention by other civilian's eyes constanstly staring at it. Only a few people stared at his eye though and they didn't stare at it for long. Manny continued to walk through the city, bored and a bit confused about this city.

"There has to be something to do in this city.. Something fun and cool that can get me a good check... I would do Bounty hunting like before. However I made an oath to not do it anymore. I could work at a classic fast food resturant but I wouldn't get much and I'd get attitudes and complaints from customers.. Hmm.. What can I do... " Manny thought to himself. Manny looked up and saw a very nicely decorated and eye gawking bulletin board. He saw a Picture of a Cornerian Fighter flying by and saw bright red words, on the board.

Cornerian Air Force


Right then and there, Manny realized what he needed to do for Money, that was fun and intresting for him. Manny already had experinece as a pilot way back in the day when his father and his brother like best friend, Danny taught him how to fly when he was in his mid teen years. Manny and his teachers believed that he had skills and talent. Manny had a motivation back in the day, but it all went away after he lost his best friend and lost one of his good eyes. That motivation soon came back as he saw the board. He realized it was a job his best friend wanted to do with Manny instead of being bounty hunters. Manny knew the Air Force had a good salary, something he needs in order to live his life in the city, and to change him self. Live the life of a hero and fighting along other pilots, and not a deadly criminal.

He knew what he had to do. Manny saw the contact information on the board, got the information and the contact information. Before Manny was to contact the number, he needed a phone. He went to the nearest phone shop and purchased a Phone, 1 of a popular Company, W-Wide X. He alrady put in a small 15 credit plan every month. He wasn't worried about spending #15 a month. He knew it wasn't much. Compared to having 2,500 credits on him. 15 credits a month for a year was like 190 credits, so he knew it wasn't much. He was all set and ready to go. He left the phone shop and stood outside, leaning on a wall. Contacting the phone information on the bulletin board. A lady picked up his call, they both engaged in a conversation. The lady gave informaiton on where Manny had to go to and apply to join the air force. After exploring last night, Manny knew where the place the women told him about was at, and it wasn't that far from where he was at. It was a 35 minute walk away and Manny headed off to the area, ready to apply and change his future from an EX-Criminal to a war hero.

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