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3DS "deals"


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You may know that us Brits got shafted by the 3DS price being well above that of other places. Well, the price wars have started and it is possable to now pick up a 3DS for the much more reasonable £175 which is £55 off, or is it?

Well, it seems that this price is only available if you buy an over priced game with the system. £30-£40 Tesco, Currys and Game are doing this kind of trick.

The price war means that at time of writing you can get a 3DS for £200, so these 'deals' basicly mean you are getting a game for about £10. So it's not a bad deal if the game happens to be something you want, but as far as these deals go keep an eye out for the terms r the dreaded *. (That generally good advice anyway)

Personally, I'm going to keep waiting. There is litterally nothing I fancy at the moment except for pilot wings at a stretch.

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