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Check this out! (Bleeding Blade Stuff)


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Here's some of my new stuff. Tis one big post.



Age: 8 months

Sex: none

Race: Mushroom ("animated" by the blade fragment)

Birthplace: Magical Forest

Stage: Magical Forest

BGM Stage: Kingdom Algae

After the Grant Blade was dissipated, some of its fragments scattered around the World. One landed in the Magical Forest, towards a blooming mushroom. After a big reaction, a manifestation of a living creature of a mushroom appeared. While it had no intelligence matching that of a human, it had its duty - to protect its home.

However, it was only a week before the third Bleeding Blade match being hosted in the Lumina Continent, the place where the forest was located. Tourists, passersby and even warriors are abound, messing the shroom's peace. The idea of scaring the people would be a great idea, though sadly, it didn't thought that some of those people were actually strong fighters.

- Fungie is a parody of a sort in Mario's Poison Mushroom and Red Mushroom. The cap resembles Purin.

- Fungie's real eyes are on the cap.

- Fungie is sentient, and is never evil.

- If compared to a human, Fungie's attention span is that of a baby's.

- Oddly enough, Fungie is a foe to the fairies in the forest, mainly because this creature is "stealing" the mushrooms by making them leave and grow back on its body.

- Fungie doesn't walk. Its cap allows it to levitate in the air, though it cannot bring itself high enough to fly.

"Spore (Stun)" qcf + ws

Using its cap, Fungie headbutts forward, making him release spores that can actually disable the foe for a very short moment.

"Spore (Poison)" qcf + ss

The same action is done in this attack, except the ones released are actually poisonous spores that can poison the enemy if hit.

"Growth" hcb + any button

Because of its anatomy, Fungie wilts and sprouts to a different area of the field - take this like a teleportation move. The button pressed (wk, sk, ws, ss) will tell the location of the appearance.

"Budding" hcf + any button

Fungie summons a mini-mushroom. The location of where the mushroom will grow varies on the button (wk, sk, ws, ss) pressed.

"Spore (Scatter)" f, df, d + ws during Growth or Budding

During the execution of both moves, a mushroom can be seen emerging. To make this mushroom explode, perform this move. The explosion will result in a spore scattering that has different effects (no effect, stun or poison).

"Meteor" hcb + bk (midair only)

Fungie will dive in an angled direction using its cap as a strong force.

"Pollenation" qcf, qcf + ws (25% Aura)

Using its own cap, Fungie will release poisonous spores to his back and front.

"Growth+" hcb, f + wk (50% Aura)

This move is similar to Growth, except Fungie would emerge beneath the foe, launching the opponent high while performing an aerial combo (if the emergence is successful). The move is finished with the enemy landing to the ground and being toppled with three large shrooms.

"Capper" f, hcf + sk (25% Aura)

This is Fungie's powerful anti-air - it will increase the size of its cap while jumping straight upward.

"Truffle Tricks" dr

When this Drive Field is activated, mushrooms will appear out randomly on the field with the effect of Spore (Scatter). This can be very useful for forcing your opponent to be careful on the ground.

"Omega Punish" qcf + dr

A cooking pot (with a mushroom motif) will appear in front of Fungie. When it is successful, it would cook the enemy, cancelling the activated Field of the foe.

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He's another character, similar to Fungie! XD

WK - Weak Kick

SK - Strong Kick

WS - Weak Strike

SS - Strong Strike

S - Any Strike

K - Any Kick

BK - Both Kicks

BS - Both Strikes

DR - Drive


Age: 26

Sex: M

Race: Foxling

Birthplace: Colombus

Stage: Command Wing

BGM Stage: Dusty Skies

Two years before the third Bleeding Blade tournament, the events of the shattering of Crystal Blade allowed some of its fragments to scatter. One pilot, member of FOX (Flyers Override Execute - a mercenary band operating in the sky using motorized planes), Fox Curando, a.k.a. Flying Fox, was hit by a fragment during his night rounds. He crashed, nearly dying. He survived because the blade fragment merged within him, though he won't be able to live the next time he crashes.

The effects of the blade fragment within him slowly developed. He can control his ship at will. He can fire off a hot gust from his arms as long as he gets injured. He can ignite on his whim. He can run fast provided that there is running space. However, he felt that these "powers" were merely nuisance, and he rarely used them. Little did he know that this would also be the reason for his abduction.

Waking up in front of Rain Labs, he didn't know he was cloned by Dr. Rain, creating a wild creature called Wild Fox. The only way to find out more was to join the second tournament. There, he met a female homunculus named Marion, who was only 4 months since creation, despite looking like a young adult. He demanded answers, but she didn't speak. He was about to go fierce when Wild Fox appeared from above (via a special "cage box" that has a computer that can talk). "Protect the lady" was the order, forcing Flying Fox to retreat to avoid a fierce battle.

A year had passed, and a new member of the gang going by the name Chris Tarma a.k.a. Sky Vixen showed up. While this didn't bother him, what speculated him was that she can rapid-fire her arms and legs. While they could wait for the third tournament, they might as well go around while things are still low.

- Obviously, he is a parody of Fox McCloud.

- His attacks are quite a reminisce of Star Fox terminology.

- It is also obvious that Sky Vixen is a Krystal parody.

- Wild Fox resembles Flying Fox, only with darker color, a feral look, and a scar to the left eye. This is a parody of Wolf O'Donnell.

- His quote after defeating Lupus is, "Ah wait. Were you the guy who told an old rabbit friend to trust his instincts?" His quote after defearing Typhoon is, "We share a common thing - it's our habit to take the opportunity."

- You can't blame him for being gruffy. Will you feel fine when you suddenly got a blade fragment in you? when you get captured to be cloned?

"Counter: Alpha" f, df, d + ws

Flying Fox poses in a standing guard, allowing him to quickly catch and counterattack attacks that hit high.

"Counter: Beta" f, df, d + ss

Flying Fox poses in a crouching guard, allowing him to quickly catch and counterattack attacks that hit low.

"Counter: Gamma" f, df, d + wk

Flying Fox poses in a rolled guard, allowing him to quickly catch and counterattack aerial moves.

"Counter: Reflector" f, df, d + sk

Flying Fox poses with his hands on his belt, allowing him to quickly reflect projectile attacks. Like the other counter moves, he needs to be actually hit by the projectile to take its effect.

"Barrel Rolling" d, db, b + s

Flying Fox spin-jumps horizontally before delivering a knockdown punch. He is like a "ghost" during the roll part, as he can pass through projectiles, attacks and the foe itself.

"Somersaulting Hit" d, db, b + k

By somersaulting, Flying Fox flips upward, allowing him to hit airborne enemies.

"Y Tornado" charge b, f + s

A small horizontal fiery tornado escapes from Fox's arm that has good reach.

"Vulpine Vulcan" qcb, hcf + ss (50% Aura)

By engulfing himself into flames, he dashes forward for some mighty dash attack.

"Mirage Assault" qcf, hcf + ws (50% Aura)

Fox dashes forward at an incredible pace but limited range. If it does connect, he performs a series of punches before dealing a Somersaulting Hit.

"Counter: Epsilon" hcb + wk (25% Aura)

Flying Fox does a guard pose. If he gets hit by a high or low attack, he performs a powerful counter attack.

"Z Tornado" b, db, d + sk during Counter: Epsilon pose(25% Aura)

If the enemy won't come to attack, Z Tornado will make Flying Fox unleash a spiraling flame. It deals less damage than Counter: Epsilon though.

"Auto Guard" dr

When his field is activated, Flying Fox will counter attack any high, low or jumping attacks - provided that he is crouching for low attacks, standing for high attacks, and jumping for aerial attacks.

"X Tornado" qcf + dr

Fox will remove his scarf and tries to strike the foe with it as if it was a towel whip. It cancels the enemy's field.

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