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SFO Link-Exchange program

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Have a site that you want SFO to link to?

Here are the guidelines for a link exchange:

1. There must be a website containing significant content. We're not a link-pot for your forums.

2. The subject of the site must be relevant to the interests of Star Fox fans. It doesn't have to be a Star Fox site, but it should have some connection to the interest of Star Fox fans and community members, IE other gaming sites, etc.

3. You must also link to us in an easy-to-find manner. Our link to you will go on the "Our Friends" block on our main site.

4. There must be no adult material visible on the landing page. That includes excess violence and drug use, not just nudity/sex.

If you know of a site you'd like to have link to us, contact that site's staff and ask them if they are willing. SFO does not actively seek link exchanges at this time, so they need to come to us.

I want to be an affiliate!

Sorry, but only sites that are subsites of SFO may be affiliates, as affiliation implies partnership or common ownership.

To Apply: E-mail or PM Me, DZComposer, with a description of your site and a link to it so I can review it. Make sure the subject mentions the link exchange. Note that a forum PM is probably more reliable. Due to the number of domains I own, I get a lot of link exchange spam.

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