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The Lylat WARS


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This shall be a pretty free roaming wartime role play.

Here you pick a planet form the Lylat System, and create a country, government, and military. This follows no StarFox storyline. Make treaties, join another person's country, join wars, declare wars, whatever. It's your country, do whatever, have fun.

Planet Name:







Full Name:

Nickname (optional):

Age (Preferable 18 or over):





Weapon(s) of choice:

What rank are you:

And personal country ID code:

Describe vehicles and weaponry of interest. Along with any other information regarding your society.

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Planet: Macbeth

Civilization type: 2.2 H.

Society code: 7H3 “Macbethian”

Planet: third, a = 1.9 X 10^12cm,

r = 7.9 X 10^8cm, m = 7 X 10^27g

Extraplanetary colonies: 3

Stellar colonies: 87

Planet age: 1.75 X 10^20s

Biology: C, N, O, S, H20, PO2

Deoxyribonucleic acid,

Mobile heterotrophs, symbiotes,

Surface dwellers, O2 breathers,

Fe-chelated tetrapyrroles in

circulatory fluid,

sexual mammals/reptiles

Genomes: 5 X 10^11

Technology: exponentiating/

renewable fuels/hyperspace capable/

zero point manipulation/organized interstellar warfare/

climate control

Culture: ~ 3 nation states,

- 1 global power

Government: oligarchy

Religion/Philosophy: monotheistic

Probability of survival:

(per 5 X 10^7yr): 95 %

Country: New Economic Block of Macbeth (N.E.:wink:

Developement: Highly industrialized, Fully extorting the Planet's resources; Mining, developement, weapons engeneering, re-established Aerospace industry.

Population: 30 billion, N.E.B law requires every citizen who has come of age to join the Military forces for a designated time period (one year). Foreigners who wish to become a citizen also have to join (two years).

Army: rapidly reaching the very apex of power, fully utilizing Macbeth's many resources and materials, Assimilating many vehicle and weapon designs stolen from neighboring planets.

Enemies: Aquas.

What rank are you: Fleet Commander (Equivalent rank in Mobile Infantry is Lieutenant General)

Name: Ahhtorn ZeZicka / ID: G-1138-N-55863N.E.B.

Personal dossier:

Full name: Ahhtorn ZeZicka

Nickname: Zicka

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Species: Gecko/ blue bellied Lizard

Appearance: Tall and thin, light green, with an inverted blue crecent on his chest.

Wears his class-A consisting of a leather surcoat over a black uniform.

Personality: Dutiful and calculating, takes his orders very seriously.

Weapon of choice: Galvanic Laser autorifle, and a forearm mounted photonic energy scythe.

N.E.B.'s Fleet is comprised of alterated Zeram-class criusers, Harlock-class destroyers, and The monolithic Grazan carriers. And every class except Harlocks come with it's own fighter ships. The N.E.B. prides itself with it's powerful land forces, with heavily armed repulsor gunner ships, tanks, and troop-enforcement-walkers to aid the mobile infantry.

The N.E.B. cares little of the cost of their ambitions, only results matter. A remnant mindset still alive from the Venomain occupation several years ago. But they still will be cautious to enter an endeavor unless they are certain it will yield a practical gain. While Galactic conquest is not in their interests, superiority against all foes is quite appealing. They take this very seriously, and their technology may help realize their goals. Although the N.E.B. is currently undergoing an odd campain change, brought on by the almost entirely replaced Central Command officials.

Capital ships:

Harlock-class Destroyer: Known to pack more of a punch than most ships larger than its size. The Harlock-class destroyer is used as the primary guns in most confrontations. Quick to produce and mostly A.I. run; it has only a skeleton crew. Defenses consist of deflector-class tractor beams, an interceptor missile grid, and six-to-ten meters of titanium/vanadium alloy re-enforced polycrystalline armor. Armaments consist of two heavy Ion cannons, eight photonic particle arrays, twelve fusion beam cannons, four copperhead fusion missile silos, and three VLC class laser cannons.

Zeram-class Battle Cruiser: A modified design from an older vessel. The Zeram-class battle cruiser is the main force in the N.E.B. fleet. Powered by 4 fusion reactors, and able to enter hyperspace without help of a gate. Its defenses consist of a class B semi-permeable energy deflector, and three-and-a-half to five meters of titanium/vanadium alloy re-enforced polycrystalline armor. Armaments include eight disruptor-class Ion cannons, twelve photonic particle arrays, six copperhead fusion missile silos, and two heavy plasma pulse cannons. It also comes with its own fighters, but they have a more defensive role.

Grazan-class Bulk Carrier: Interstellar planetsiege transport. Modified from an older design, the blocky dual-hulled carrier is used to transport all land forces of the N.E.B. to any neighboring planet. Colossal in size and sinister in appearance, the Grazan Carrier often gives off the impression of a giant double-barreled shotgun. Despite its appearance, the carrier has only moderate firepower; Sporting thirty ion cannons and twelve photonic particle arrays. It makes up for this in its defenses, with twelve-to-eighteen meters of titanium/vanadium alloy re-enforced polycrystalline armor, a class C semi-permeable energy deflector, a gravimetric anti-kinetic grid, forty deflector-class tractor beams, and anti-ordinance interceptor silos.

Vorchain-class Advanced Destroyer: A byproduct of the N.E.B.’s last conflict with the Kokkan Nation. It became clear that the Harlock-class Destroyers were inefficient when it came to planetary takeover, thus the Vorchain was born. Armed with the very latest in technology; it is powered by three gravitic enhanced fusion reactors, and is using advanced Ion drives with gravimetric principles for improved acceleration and maneuverability. It also has the ability to enter hyperspace without the use of a gate. Armaments include twelve antimatter burst pods, twelve heavy Ion cannons, twenty gravitic fusion beam cannons, three photonic particle arrays, eight gravitic heavy plasma cannons, and roughly thirty Subjection-class fusion missile silos. Defenses consist of ten-to-fifteen meters of titanium/vanadium alloy re-enforced hull with plasteel / polycrystalline mesh, a class B semi-permeable energy deflector, and thirteen deflector-class tractor beams.

MB-867 Heavy Command Star Cruiser: Commissioned as one-of-a-kinds, The Absolution is one of four heavy class N.E.B. battleships; now currently under the command of Zicka. Widely regarded as the most expensive and most formidable craft in the N.E.B. fleet. Easley dwarfing most ships in the lylat system, known for its distinct and ominous shape of a two headed battle axe. It has recently gone under some heavy refitting and modifications. The ship is armored with two layers of energy-based shielding: a Class-A+ semi-permeable energy deflector, and an anti kinetic Gravimetric Defense Grid (Improved anti concussive shield projectors. Used to completely stop missiles and other kinetic ordinance. But still easy to overload and limited to the number of objects it can focus against at once). It also comes with a standard one-and-a-half to six meters of titanium/vanadium alloy armor with a polycrystalline-based microfiber bonding. Armaments include forty open and partially concealed heavy plasma pulse guns, eight gravitic fusion beam cannons, fifteen antimatter burst cannons, four-hundred “humility” class missile pods, and two-hundred copperhead fusion missile silos. The VLC class laser cannons have been replaced by two Synchrotron-class magnetic accelerator cannons.

The Absolution now runs off a new form of propulsion, a gravimetric engine powered by an quantum singularity reactor system. This was a byproduct of the Gravis program and is now being fitted to as many ships as economically possible. It will one day replace both chemical and ion propulsion for the N.E.B pending further development.

MB-186 Heavy Command Star Cruiser: A younger sibling to the Absolution, the Exoneration is one of the four Heavy class N.E.B. battleships. Currently under command of Allied Commander Finnigan. It too, has the appearance of an archaic bladed weapon, guising under the shape of a glaive. Being one of only two heavy-class Battleships that actually have independent hyperspace jump capability; it’s powered by a gravitic-enhanced amalgamated fusion reactor system, and has now been upgraded to a gravimetric drive. Taking advantage of this, many weapon systems on the ship now have gravimetric principles, phenomenally outclassing their previous capabilities. Armaments consist of eighteen antimatter burst pods, forty gravitic-enhanced heavy plasma pulse guns, fourteen gravitic neutron beam cannons, twenty-six gravitic enhanced volt drivers, six quantum discharge cannons, eighty “humility” class copperhead fusion missile silos, and one-hundred-twenty “subjection” class fusion missile silos. Its defenses include a Class-A+ semi-permeable energy deflector, an anti-kinetic gravimetric defense grid, forty deflector class gravitic tractor beams, and three-to-seventeen meters of titanium/vanadium alloy re-enforced hull with plasteel-polycrystalline mesh.

Fighter Craft:

Borzoi fighter: Single seat, atmospheric and non-atmospheric attack fighter. Powered by fusion battery cells, the Borzoi fighter uses advanced G-diffuser and Ion drive technology for superior speed and maneuverability. Able to fly at surpassingly high speeds and tightly turn and dart at odd angles most craft are incapable of. Armed with two unidirectional fusion pulse discharge cannons, and one light missile pod (twelve missiles). It’s armored with 3.25 centimeters of titanium/vanadium alloy.

Tripod bomber: Triple seat, atmospheric heavy bomber. Powered by six fusion battery cells, the tripod bomber has the longest duration of any fighter craft. Armed with regenerative gravimetric energy bombs, thirty concussive plasma bombs, one galvanic composite laser, and one missile pod (eight missiles). It’s armored with 7.8 centimeters of titanium/vanadium alloy re-enforced crystalline armor, one tractor beam, and advanced N.E.B. stealth technology.

Warhawk heavy assault fighter: Personally designed and comissioned by one of N.E.B.'s greatest Mobile Infantry Generals. The single seat, atmospheric and non-atmospheric advanced fighter has become almost standard for extreme situations. Powered by three fusion battery cells, The Warhawk fighter uses G-diffuser and gravimetric drive technology. Armed with six linked, unidirectional gravitic plasma pulse cannons, two gravitic fusion beam cannons, and two missile pods (twenty-four missiles). It is armored with 5.6-to-8.8 centimeters of titanium/vanadium alloy re-enforced crystalline armor and three tractor beams.

MI Troop Deployment Carrier: Heavily armored planetsiege troop transport. Used to send troops to planet surface from orbiting motherships. Able to carry 100 troops, a dozen Skiffs, and three artillery cannons. The carrier is armed with anti-aircraft missiles and standard lasers.

Ground units:

Mobile Infantry Trooper: Known for its efficiency and cold precision. Each trooper is armored with a class V all-atmospheric battlesuit, able to withstand industrial-grade lasers and minor explosives. Microfactory technology is used to recycle air when suit is fully sealed, allowing for 300-to-1440 minutes of atmosphere in space and other hostile areas. Secondary layer consists of an amorphous polycrystalline combat skin integrated with nanotechnology. Retina sensitive targeting systems in their HUD boost accuracy.

Standard Armaments include a Galvanic laser autorifle, an 18-shot laser sidearm, energy grenades, and an arm mounted retractable vibroblade bayonet.

Secondary armaments can also be found within privileged ranks: Phased Plasma autorifles, Arm-mounted galvanic accelerator cannons, Variable pulse rifles, Side-mounted Quantum Assault cannons, Plasma grenades, and forearm mounted photonic energy scythes

MI Transport Skiff: Armored repulsorlift troop transport. Used for extended range operations or anywhere a troop deployment carrier can't reach. Very fast, can exceed speeds of 300mph. Transports up to 20 troops

MI Gunship: Heavily armed enforcement gunship. Infantry support craft is used to assist in any and all defensive and offensive confrontations. Armed with Galvanic composite lasers, energy pulsar cannon, vulcan plasma cannons and missile pods.

MI Artillery Cannon: High powered long range pulse laser. Transported by repulsorlift, it is used to assist the Mobile Infantry at very long ranges. This high-intensity laser is powered by a combination of Deuterium Fluoride and Photonic crystal structures. Liquid Oxygen is constantly pumped into tanks along the barrel to prevent overheating.

MI Vulcan Plasma Cannon: 16 barrel high-speed plasma cannon mount. Very common and effective high-powered cannon in the N.E.B. military. Can be mobilized or fixed. Primarily used to mow down troops or shoot down aircraft. Retina sensitive targeting systems help in this regard.

MI Troop Tactical Enforcer: Single pilot, mechanized troop enforcement walker. Armed with variable energy pulse cannons, retina sensitive targeting systems, and Top secret microfactory technology to make its own supply of concussive plasma missiles. Defenses include an anti-kinetic electromagnetic grid.

MI Heavy Assault Tank: Heavily armed six-pilot repulsorlift tank. Main armaments include a Gravitic fusion bolt cannon and two heavy plasma cannons, secondary guns consist of four variable composite lasers. The main bolt cannon, powered directly by the vessel’s micro fusion reactor, is an extreme concussive weapon. Anything it contacts within a 10 meter diameter is gravimetrically imploded to half its size and propelled to great distances. Optimum firing charge takes four seconds.

Light Enforcement Tank: Lighter in firepower than the Heavy Assault Tank, the repulsorlift enforcement tank aids the Mobile infantry in mild confrontations. Clad in 3/4ths-to one meter of titanium/vanadium alloy re-enforced microfiber bonded armor. Powered by fusion battery cells, it’s equipped with a heavy plasma bolt cannon and five composite lasers.

Autonomous mobile sword: Proven to be more economic than mines, the Sword is a self-sufficient, reusable defensive weapon, usually spread within 8 miles of bases, can also assist outposts. Plasteel blade with sonic resonator technology, allowing it to cut easily through solid alloy. The Swords lie in wait underground, and have sensitive infrared and seismic sensors. Although meant to have a long lifespan for continuous service, they are programmed to explode if their hull is breached.

Miscellaneous technology

Vibroblade: Various plasteel alloys re-enforced with microfiber bonding shaped into a ten inch blade. Equipped with an ultrasonic generator to allow the blade to cut through materials much denser than usually possible. Normally made retractable and is now standard on all MI armor.

Ion cannon: Particle beam weapon. Fires strobed beams of ionized plasma. Average output on Starship caliber ion cannon is 2,000 terawatts.

N.E.B. Bombardment Ion cannon: Atmosphere-to-surface planetsiege ion cannon. Used to disrupt and weaken defenses of an enemy before attack. Average output is 3,500 terawatts.

Plasma cannon: Particle pulse weapon. Utilizes electromagnetic accelerators to fire bolts of hyper-energized matter. Average output on Starship caliber plasma cannon is 35,000 Terajoules.

Volt driver: High energy electric emitter that simulates the look of lightning. Prolonged exposure will cause a galvanic reaction that can quickly erode metals. Man-portable versions known as galvanic accelerators are used in the Mobile Infantry. Average output on Starship caliber volt driver is 4,000 terawatts.

Fusion Beam cannon: Particle beam weapon. Fires sustained beams of protons. Various forms can be found from Starship mounted to a few incarnations of the VLC. Average output on Starship caliber Fusion beam cannon is 4,500 terawatts

Graviton beam: Gravitic energy wave emitter. Any matter on a targeted ship's hull is compressed into singularities, and then released a second later as 50/50 matter, antimatter. Resulting in a highly explosive reaction.

Synchrotron-class Artillery Cannon: Defensive surface-to-atmosphere magnetic accelerator cannon. Acquired technology from a neighboring planet integrated with the N.E.B.’s advancements in gravimetrically enhanced weaponry and amalgamated fusion reactors. The accelerators fire a super-dense, 500,000 metric ton projectile at 130,000 kilometers a second. Few have been made, and they will never be used without precise AI-assisted targeting, to ensure the rounds don’t hit a neighboring planet. Its potential for disaster nearly outweighs its benefits.

Macbethian planetary defenses: A rather embarrassing note for the N.E.B. is the fact that they were never able to implement a total planet wide defense system. Although they were able to cover most of the upper hemisphere, they were unable to continue into rival territory. This is a serious problem for the N.E.B. because they see the other nations as inferior, and it would be easier for an enemy to enter Macbethian space on the far side and slip under the orbital defenses. They tried to compensate for this by fortifying the boarders on land as well as keeping many ordinances on the surface.

The N.E.B.’s Planetary Defense Grid consists of two layers. Heavy quantum discharge cannons make up the high orbit level, and a mixture of galvanic volt drivers and ion cannons cover the low orbit level. The second layer is on the surface, with gravitic plasma pulsar cannons, strobe fusion beam cannons, heavy gravitic bolt cannons, antimatter copperhead missile silos, and synchrotron-class Artillery cannons.

High Density Kinetic Orb: Codenamed "Gravis." The very latest in weapons development, also the most expensive. A concussive weapon made of gravimetrically compressed alloys. It has a radius of .4 miles and has an estimated weight of 280 billion metric tons. The alloy ingot used was 1.8 miles in diameter before compression (The equivalent of a steel bowling ball being compressed to the size of a golf ball). It has an unknown melting point, and can withstand concussive trauma up to 6 billion p.s.i. By conventional means, it is indestructible. No machine has been able to accurately study the Orb, for it must be constantly controlled by gravitational fields. If left alone on any planet, it would eventually sink itself into the core. The Orb is only used for it's kinetic mass. Four gravity-generating G-diffusers control it. When above a target, the G-diffusers polarize the gravity feed, making it rise to very high altitudes, then they reverse the polarization, making it streak down at 13 kilometers a second. What isn't smashed directly beneath it has to suffer the massive crater it makes.

Quantum reactor: Artificial quantum singularity created by graviton generators. All matter introduced is instantly destroyed, resulting in 100% energy release. Phenomenally more efficient and stable than fusion and antimatter reactors, this stunning breakthrough harbors almost limitless energy potential for the New Economic Block

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Great, sounds really good to me. I wanna show off my new style of Government! :D


Planet: Fortuna

Country: Official Government Status ( O.G.S)

Development: Government, Military Personel, Mostly, Mining (Away from Military activity) Weapons and Technology Engineering Source, Materials, like Rocks and gun Powder, and lasers.

Population: 24 Billion, Mostly part of the Military (23 Billion) and 1 billion Normal Population.

Army: Defenders of the Planet, mining, technology, and Fighters, of Ari, Ground and crafts. And Swordsmenship.

Enemies: Katina

Rank: Captain Of Swordsmen (Highest in that Part of Military)

Name: Holly Ginger / ID: Z-2374-Y-84682


Full Name: Holly Kit Ginger

Nick Name: Kit, or Hitokiri (Assasin) or Hitokiri of Kitsunes

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Species: Ginger furred She-Cat

Appearnce: 5,7" with a sexy build, Hazel eyes, brown hair in a ponytail that is the length to the middle of her back.

Wears: The Military Captain's Military Uniform, a dark Gray shirt, long sleeves, that the ending of shirt goes to the middle of her thighs, white gloves, four gold buttons on jacket. Dark Gray panths and black combat boots. And a black T-shirt underneath,for when she takes of her top and fights.

Personality: Cocky, Confident, and Sly. Makes sre her orders are preformed, but doesn't follow them so closly, and goes over the cockiness line, but when wrong she proves her point before you can even draw your sword.

Weapon of Choice/ Military Swordsmen Weapon: A Japanese Sword Known as the Katana that she hangs from her blet, like all officers do in her Court of Military.

O.G.S carries more foot soldiers then anyone and rarely uses ari equitment mostl filled with Ex-Mercenaries and assasins, their type of Military is used for the Operations of: Seek secretly and Crush.

O.G.S prides itself with the Swirdmen and foot soldiers it carries, though they do not fufill the mission as one large land foot soldiers, they can Crush their enemy the same as any great Foot Soldier Platoon.

The O.G.S, was enforced to bring diciplin to the world, taking after great Japanese swrordsmen and from assasins and Mercenaris, they take their work seriously, they do wish to ahve World Domination to their enemies, though respect you untill you show otherwise, their Pride is what acrries them through, though they are a Secreat Military Group, that doesn't mean they don't fight with full Military potential.

Main Attack Forces

1st Class Shooters: Mostly the weapons they carry are the basic gun types, they are used for Recon and backup only and on occaian where fights are too big, they go in and help, they are not the main force that does main attacks. Sharp Shooters are mostly in this Platton of area, they are used to assasinate any enemy. Ranks included are, from lowest to highest:

Private, Seargeant, Luietanant, Captain, Comander, General, and Camadant.

Privates and Seargeants are grunts that go in first and are Recon. Luietanant and Captain are the main workers of this group going in and killing. Commanders go in and fight and Command.

Generals and Camadants command the Commanders to Comand the grunts and other below them.

2nd Class shooters:Use mostly the 2nd hand of weapons, not the graetest but not the ebst, they are the main attack force for the Shooters class, they go in after the 1st class is done, their ranks includ, from lowest to highest the same ranks as the 1st class shooter, though they aer the main attack force in this class, that does not mean they are the greatest.

3rd Class Shooters: Do the clean up of the 1st and 2nd Shooters, they ahve the ebst weapons this Court of Military can get, they use the same Sharpshooters, since there are few, they also mine and are the bombers of the Shooters, they clean up and destroy anythign left behind, they are used as backup if plans do not go right with the 2nd Shooters.

The Tankers

1st Class Tankers:

(More to come)

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What?! Only one person on this entire board hardcore enough to enter a real RPG?

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