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The Visitor from the Future ("Le Visiteur du Futur")


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Hi everyone!

Today, I'd like to share one of these little jewels that happen to pop up right in front of you.

It's a webseries, a series that is only released on the internet.

Made by young pros with a few means, some of them are more than just worth the view!

This one, the Visitor from the Future ("Le Visiteur du Futur" in french) started in mid-2008, is about a random guy of 2009, Raph', that lives in Paris. He's got a random life, until a mysterious guy begins to disrupt it by teleporting next to him and demanding him not to do regular things (eating a slice of pizza, throwing an empty can in a trash...). Each time, that simple thing, according to the Visitor would lead to a dramatic course of events that shall destroy the world itself!

The series takes inspiration from many classics of the genre, from Terminator and Back to the Future to Red Dwarf and Doctor Who and merrily mix them to come up with an incredibly addictive series! \o/

Episodes are 4~10 minutes long. The first season includes 22 episodes. The three first ones set up the gimmicks of the series, then the main plot begins at episode S01E04. Season 2 is not finished right now. The finale is yet to come in september 2011.

Luckily for you english-speakers, the episodes have been subbed in english, so you can enjoy the series as well! ;)

Here is the Youtube link for S01E01, the first episode:

I just love that series! Feel free to tell what you think about it in this thread... ;)

Well then, see you,


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