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"Warriors, Soldiers, and Civilians of the galaxy! Did you ever turn in your sleep as your freedom was seized from you? Did you hear them when they said it was done in your name? Or did you simply wake from your dream, never realizing the extent of your enslavement?

"The light of freedom in this galaxy has been extinguished by shadows. The totalitarian government of our galaxy has plunged us into darkness. We let this happen. We *all* let this happen. The new Kemorainian Empire, whose light of power has dimmed from the brightness it once held, has fallen into weakness. The Dragonarian Empire, whose military might has destroyed the once-mighty 'old' Kemorainian Empire, has turned it's attention to 'redeeming' the Kemorainians of their so-called 'sins.' The Terran Alliance, whose bickering, murderous leaders has brought such misery on our once-great world, have fallen into disarray!

"Now is our chance! It is not too late to take the reins of our once-great empire and lead it back to true glory! It is not too late to take up arms against our oppressors! We are free in our hearts and minds, and it is there that true rebellion must begin! Look to those that would free us only to enslave us! Look to those who would make us rich, but rob us of our souls! Look to those that would preach peace and serenity while wallowing in weakness and hypocrisy! Question everything; believe nothing! Take action in the places they cannot see, and they will never conquer the true Kemorainian empire - take arms against the heretics that would reject the teachings of Vulon Kuudaako, the father of the Kemorainian Empire, and they will regret the killing of Sul Kuudaako."


This RP is a scenario where the players attempt to stop the Kemorainian Rebel Insurrection (KRI) from gaining power and restoring the old Kemorainian empire. It will not be an easy task - the KRI have many hidden strongholds, and no one knows the core of their operations, not after the destruction of Kemoran IV during the third Kemoran war. You will have to aid team Star Dragon (Info will come later) in rooting out this threat. Your fights will be in space as well as on the surface of planets.

To participate, you will need to post a character sheet as follows:


Team Members: (Put the name of your team members here)

Team Leader: (Put the name of your team's leader here)

Team Flagship: (Put the class and name of your team's flagship here and fill out flagships info as shown below)


(Insert an image here, if possible. If not, describe it as best you can)

Ship class: (ex: Dragon-class battleship)

Ship Name: (Self-explanatory. The name of your ship.)

Ship Armaments: (the weapons on your ship.)

Ship defensive systems: (type of shields, cloaking device, anything that does not relate to offense)

Ship crew compliment: (Ship's crew, be they mechs or actual people.)

Ship Power: (You can have all the weapons and defenses in the galaxy, but if you don't have a power source, you're screwed.)

Ship Fighter Compliment: (Also self-explanatory. If you have none, just put N/A.)

My Profile:

////Team Star Dragon\\\\

Team Members: Kylet'oran Jek'ari (CO), San Jek'ari (XO), Keesha Jek'ari (Science/Ops), Voro 'Zamamee (Tactical), Ado 'Zamamee (Engineer), Dar-Ma (Helm), M'raaj-Dar (Co-Helm), Jason Denton (Security)

Team Leader: Kylet'oran Jek'ari

Team Flagship: Sangheili Gunship Retribution's Thunder


Ship class: Sangheili Gunship (Refit of the Covenant Assault Carrier, 1.3x larger. See Below.)

Ship Name: Retribution's Thunder

Ship Armaments: x6 Kadgeron Plasma Turrets Port/Starboard (each), x8 Kadgeron Pulse Disruptors Port/Starboard (each), X2 Plasma Projectors, x4 MAC guns imbedded in the fore, x2 automated pop-up archer missile pods dorsal/ventral (each), x12 50mm Kadgeron autocannons at varous locations on the ship.

Ship defensive systems: UNSC-retrofitted Sangheili Capital ship shields, Dragonarian cloaking device, Retrofitted Sangheili Propulsion Engines, Dragonarian Anti-cloak scanners.

Ship crew compliment: x600 UNSC/Sangheili Naval Personnel, x300 UNSC ODSTs, x150 Sangheili Marauders

Ship Power: Dual Tritium Plasma Reactors

Ship Fighter Compliment: x25 Refitted UNSC Longsword Squadrons, x25 Sangheili Seraph Squadrons, x30 Sangheili Boarding craft, x30 UNSC Pelican Dropships.


1.) We are all on the same side trying to end the KRI threat. Don't start shooting each other.

2.) For the sake of this RP, I will be the only one playing two factions at once for reasons that I know the Kemorainians best. No one else will be controlling them unless I say otherwise.

3.) Though your ships may be powerful, they are not invincible. Keep this in mind.

4.) In surface conflicts, keep in mind that you, yourself, are not invincible. No godmodding armor, and no unrealistic weapons (i.e: weapons that fire an insane amount of bullets in a few seconds, weapons with infinite or near-infinite ammo or power, and no weapons that can drop shields [personal AND starship] or pierce armor in one shot.)


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I have decided to cancel this RP - Unless someone wants to join or the RP Mods say I can't cancel my own RP. Otherwise, I would respectfully ask the RP mods to close this. I have other RP plans.

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