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Mind yourselves while I'm away. ;)


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I'll be out of town the next six days. My access to the internet will likely be spotty if any.

Steve is still here, so don't go crazy on me. ;)

I highly doubt I'll be on Steam during this trip, so if any site or gameserver issues arise, PM me or e-mail contact@starfox-online.net.

Note that it is highly unlikely that I will have internet access before Friday, so I can't log into anything until then, but even then, my attention will be focused elsewhere.

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Good luck and have a good trip!

*checks to see if all is quiet*


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Take care DZ, I am sure the Mods and Steve will do their best to contain my insanity keep the site in tip-top shape while you are away :D

Have fun on your trip and don't do anything crazy :P

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