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Let's Play Video Quality


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Long story short I need your opinions on this test video. My voice is to quiet most of the time but I should be able to solve that. It was late at the time.

REMEMBER- I am just after opinions on the video and audio quality. If it is good enough to watch for long periods.

Short Story Long

I was talking to an internet friend today and the topic of Let's Plays came up. I decided to do a test video. I wanted to do a LP of EYE Devive Cybermancy, but my video capture of choice doesn't work with it and others go out of sync but I hope to do that in the future. Anyway, I booted up the old Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

I want to know if this video is acceptible quality as I can increase the video quality, but it will limit the amount of recording and uploading I can do.

Also, the video itself isn't that good. There are no jokes, little action and the game I haven't played for a year or more. I would also prefer a co-host to work off of. I made this purely to test the set up, and see if it acceptible. The actual thing will be more informative and entertaining, hopfully.

If there is any advice or requests let me know. As for what games I'll do, anything pretty much with rare exception. My current plan is to do might and magic, and then if enough people like it maybe oblivion. I also really want to do EYE as well.

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The video quality is fine yeah.

Concerning the audio part, 2 ways to go: Either you really want to play it live and yeah, you really could use a co-host to fill up empty moments, or you record your video without talking, and then you comment it (and edit/cut it if needed).

About game audio, it's a bit too up, even when you talk, it's hard to hear you.

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I already mentioned that is a problem, it was late, and was done just to test the quality.

I don't like let's plays where the audio is done after the fact or the action is staged. To me, it's like those obviously fake clips on You've been framed.

Since I've only had 2 responces, both saying it's fine. I'm going to go ahead and record this.

This thread has served it's purpose. Lock/delete please.

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