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Hellhound: The Marauder Incident


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RP Mods, BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING, Read the very last message: http://starfox-online.net/topic/9155-insurrection-alpha/

Assuming you read it, let us continue with this Presentation.

This is a fresh RP that hit me a couple days ago - a Mechwarrior-style RP. I know for a fact that one or two among us (not including me) has played in the Mechwarrior Series before. Anyway...


The year is 4625. A crisis has emerged in FedCom and Clan Space - an unknown figurehead calling himself "Hellhound" has struck several different Targets across the galaxy. In Eaton, he destroyed an entire convoy and it's mech escorts and vanished into the desert sands. On Styk, he assassinated the FedCom representatives negotiating peace talks with the Styk Commonality, who were also presumed dead. On Halloran V, he managed to blast both the on-shore facilities and off-shore installations before any Mech Lances could move to intercept. Most Importantly, he has attempted the assassination of Lyran Alliance Archon Peter Steiner-Davion. Though he is alive, he is in critical condition. While the Press has indicated this as the terror strikes of a madman, Intelligence Reports suggest that whoever this Hellhound character is, he is on a mission - though we know not what. At this point, we are offering contracts to ALL Mercenary groups to help us hunt down and kill this renegade.

First objective; you will need to ascertain a motive. We want to know what he is up to, and why. Find out who he is working for, who pays him, and most of all, where we can find him. Second objective; we must find out what Mech he is using. Residual damage indicates he is operating in a Heavy or Assault Mech - check with the local investigators of each world he has struck - Though we know not if they live, try to find a witness to his strikes. Until Peter Davion is revived, they will be the only ones to point us in the right direction. Once you have a motive and his mech, find him - hunt him wherever he travels, and put him DOWN.

////Character Sheets\\\\

Just post sheets as follows:

Name: (Name goes here. If using an RP Char you already created, post a link.)

Call-Sign: (Nickname goes here)

Operating Mech: (Mech Name & Class goes here. Afterwards, fill out Mech sheet below.)

////Mech Sheet\\\\

(Mech Image, if you can provide one, goes here)

Mech Name: (Name of the Mech. See my profile for example)

Mech Class: (Class of Mech: Light, Medium, Heavy, or Assault)

Mech Weight: (The weight of your mech goes here. Keep in mind how Weight determines class.)

Mech Armaments: (Obviously, your Mech's weapons go here)

Mech Speed: (How fast your mech goes in KPH.)

* * *

My Profile:

////Kell Dragon\\\\

Name: Kyle Indari (http://starfox-online.net/topic/9158-marauder-alpha/)

Call-Sign: Kell Dragon (Or just "Kell" for short)

Operating Mech: Marauder Mk II Assault Mech

////Mech Sheet\\\\


Mech Name: Marauder Mk II "Praetorian"

Mech Class: Assault

Mech Weight: 100 Tons

Mech Armaments: x1 Heavy Gauss Rifle, x1 Ultra AC20 Autocannon (Dorsal Gun, total), x2 ER Pulse Lasers, x2 small X-Pulse Lasers (Right/Left Torso guns, each), x2 Medium Heavy Lasers, x2 ER Medium Lasers, x2 Small Heavy Lasers, x2 ER Small Lasers (Left/Right arms, Each), x1 ER Large Laser (Chin Gun, total)

Mech Speed: 70 KPH


1.) Unless I say otherwise, I will be controlling Hellhound.

2.) Your job is to HUNT HELLHOUND, not each other - so No flaming, and unless the RP situation dictates it, NO ARGUING.

3.) With the exception of the equipment Hellhound uses for the sake of creating a challenging RP, NO GODMODDING!

4.) Try and have fun - I created this RP for that purpose.

Good luck.

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This RP is cancelled due to lack of responses and interest. RP mods, please lock this topic - and forgive me if I seem to do this frequently.

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