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Mario Party Interactive! (Sign-Ups/GreatFox)


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Hello there! Welcome to the first official MPI thread here on Star Fox Online! This is the first MPI topic ever on this site, so please, bare with me. Mario Party Interactive (often shorten to MPI) is a Mario Party forum game created by moi. It basically uses the Mario Party style created by Nintendo, but with some changes I made, of course. We can play on new boards (created be me), we use new items, new spaces, etc. Keep reading the topic for a better explanation, some of the things are in spoilers, so just click on it to read. I hope all of you will join me on this MPI adventure here on Star Fox Online.

;) You have to be active to join! First off, let me explain some things. More stuff (more about the board, etc.) will be explained later on once people sign-up. In honor of StarFox 64 3D coming out soon here in the US, I thought I'd dedicate a Mario Party board to the series. ;) One last note, this forum doesn't allow too many images on one post (and the spoiler codes and such, sorry if it looks messy, haha), so you'll have to manually press the images of the items if you want see them.


GreatFox. After the events of SF64, the Lylat system was at peace (for now). Fox was thinking about throwing a party in the GreatFox, since hey, even advanced pilots like himself need downtime! A selected few were chosen to participate in the party. Party planner, Daisy, was hired to organize the party and get everything ready. With days of hard work, Daisy had finished turning the GreatFox into a party place ready to bring the house down. This type of partying is new to the Star Fox crew, but with a few tips from Daisy, that should be enough for them to understand and work with. An unwantful bunch, Star Wolf, boards the Great Fox and without any permission, decides to "join" in on the fun. Star Wolf started crowding his crew all up on the board. Fox doesn't know how Wolf was able to board the ship, I mean, you'd think ROB 64 would detect them and get rid of them. But what's done is done, right now, the party is starting and the people are coming in. Fox quickly goes out there to welcome his guests and explains the party, hopefully with the power of the Stars; StarWolf will be dealt with, and we can make this the best party ever! StarFox is counting on you!

How to get the Star: Classic Style guys, the Star always moves once it's bought. Buy it for 20 coins.

Star Stamps


When you sign up for MPI, you receive a Stamp Card. The Star Stamps you have to collect may vary. Just like in Mario Party 3, you want to fill this card up; You receive these Star Stamps by winning on MPI. Try joining as much MPIs as you can and try your best to win! You can even collect Star Stamps by our gambling system. Did you want to join, but weren't able to get a spot? You can bet on a winner, and if that person wins, you will also receive a Star Stamp. You can't change your bet.

Treasure Chests


Here, all your MPI information will be stored. Give me your username (CAN ONLY BE 5 CHARACTERS LONG) and bam! Your own chest just for you!



A quick thing I threw together. Spaces are things you land on and pass through out the board, all of these spaces count towards your dice roll. Each space has a different effect from the other one.

Blue Space: You gain 3 coins.

Red Space: You lose 3 coins.

Happening Space: An effect from the board will take place.

Bowser Space: Bowser will take your coins or do another malicious act.

DK Space: Donkey Kong will give you coins, he may do some other good stuff as well.

Mini Event Space: A story will play, depending on your actions, you decide what will happen to you.

Bomb Space: Landing on this will blow up that whole sector (GreatFox Only)

Love Space: Land on this space, and Peach will ask you a question, whatever you answer will decide what you get.

Beauty Space: Land on this space, and Daisy gives you a chance to earn some items.

Sunflora Space: Landing on this will take you to the Sunflora Route, a place where you gain coins and a free star.

Miracle Space: Land on this and you'll be taken to a Miracle event, where you have the chance to turn this game around.

AmyRose Space: Landing on this does nothing, however if you have a Piko Piko Hammer, you can use this space as a shortcut. If another AmyRose Space is on the upper side, you can take it as a shortcut.


Items/Peach Items/Passing Events/Bonus Stars

Go to this page and go down, this forum doesn't allow a lot of images on one forum. So you'll have to view it like that, sorry, I can't fix this.

I hope to see all of you join, let's start a legacy! Even if you don't sign in to the board, you can still get a Stamp Card if you want.





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