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About profile access...


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Hi Admin/Mod Team,

I've noticed that connections identified as "Guest" in the online activity list could be logged viewing profile pages from users...

I'd like to know whether in such occasions, our personal information were displayed or not (especially contact info). And if yes, all of them?

Is that possible to have some kind of control about that?


And if not, bug or feature? XD

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It appears that Guests can see everything normal users can as far as profile information goes.

As for whether it's a feature or a bug, I'm willing to say it's an oversight. :P

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Maybe... 'Cause while I think it's normal that you, DZ, or like... anyone else registered on that forum can access these data (I mean, it's a community! \o/), I think it's not alright to let "strangers" and even bots access these as well! :/

Actually, the same could be said for the Official Contact thread... It should be placed in a forum section visible only for the members (don't know whether that exists or not already).

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Looks like that setting got changed in the 3.2.0 upgrade. I have changed it back. Guests can no longer view profiles.

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