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Name: Keitaro Menaruka

Age: ?

Race: Kamaitachi No Itaku (Muchi)

Origin: Ancient City, hell of burning flames

Home: the sky realm

Sex: male

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 197

Build: toned husky

Eyes: pitch black

Hair: afro moustache

Family: none as he is a wind demon

Personality: quiet but decisive usualy rash

Background: a demon whiped up when the hell of burning flames was abandoned long ago

Abilities: fighting useing his wind whip and other such devices of wind

Name: marakana neidutsuaka

Nick Names: tsuaka-chan

Age: 3009

Race: Tanuki

Origin: the area around Nara, Japan

Home: the underground capital of tanarajaka

Sex: male though sterile

Height: 3'

weight: 102 lbs (46.26 kilo)

Build: small

Eyes: two different colors black and green

Hair: brown with white rings on the tails

Family: none that still live

Alignment: true neutral

Personality: a thief and a murderer but loyal as long as cash is flowing

Background: a Tanuki from the area around Nara, Japan

Abilities: transformation and use of a sword or dagger

note: illiterate.

Name: unknown

Nick Name: shoujo X

Age: 32

Race: jiang Shi

Origin: Manchuria, China

Home: a coffin in the dirt in a graveyard

Sex: female but undead

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 100 lbs (45.35 kilo)

Build: skin and bones and qi

Eyes: rotted out

Hair: chinese buns

Family: absorbed

Alignment: neutral evil unless qi is offered then she is friend

Personality: quiet and thoughtless seemingly controlled by someone

Background: she is from Manchuria, China or a grave either way

Abilities: collecting qi

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Your going to need a lot more then that if your going to call it a character.

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Alright now it's more basic. But I still feel that you should add more so that people can have a better understanding of your character. You can still put his background down, not everyone who reads this is going to role play with you and it will be easier to decide if your character would be suitable for there role play.

This is the link to a character template that could help you out.

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