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El Zorro de la Estrella

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So, I just got this idea in a lit class where we watched some slam poetry or whatev.

Basically, I though it'd be cool to post poetry, either in YouTube or text form.

...Or not, and this will crash and burn :lol:

I'll start with this poem about... well, you'll see k_e_smile.gif


:Some language:

I wanna see what you, my fellow SF-Oer's can find out there (or write if so inclined :wink:)

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There's a guy I took classes from once who was a really awesome slam poet but I can't find any of his slam poetry stuff on Youtube ):

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Although it may be a comedy show, this clip actually has a few good poems in it. If you can sit through the jokes that is (although I found myself laughing at them)


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I write alot of poetry. Most mine is inspired by Shakespear and his work. I got recently inspired by the book/play "Romeo and Juliet" and after that I immediately went to read all of his other work.

Alot of my poetry is deep worded and pretty much encoded in my mind. I use words and expressions that really only me or someone who is going through the same stuff would understand...

I'd share it but you get the point. :3

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