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Dras' RP Characters


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Wanted a new topic for all my characters, and updated some of them anyway (mods can lock/delete the old one or whatever). Here we go.

Name: Russet "Rhus" Lancaster

Species: Red River Hog

Sex: Female

Age: 24

Height: Average

Weight: Chubby

Eyes: Blue

Mane: Blond

Vehicle: A dilapitated motorcycle called the Razorback

Weapon of Choice: Sawed-off shotgun

Strengths: Causing trouble, hard to faze, headstrong, street smart, friendly enough

Weaknesses: Getting out of trouble, doesn't know when to shut up, nearly illiterate, impatient, prone to knee-jerk reactions

Occupation: Freelance Freelancer (transl. "does whatever she feels like doing")

Likes: Cute things, "nice" clothes, nice guns, trashy romance, beer, cruisin'

Dislikes: swindlers (when swindling her, that is), law-enforcers and aristocrats

Fashion Sense: Terrible

Musical Accompaniment

Born in a prison, orphaned soonafter, that sets the tone for where she's from and where she's going. Rhus doesn't really live by anyone's rules, and doesn't even obey her own most of the time, though she manages to at leas stick to a loose set of morals that boil down to 1: Don't hurt innocent people and 2: Have fun. Anything else is fair game, and the game is usually played for money (though for survival's sake; she has no home and prefers it that way), be it bounty hunting, thievery, or just taking a straight-up five-fingered discount. She tends to blunder into situations that are way over her head, yet manages to get out of them by blowing stuff up until the situation resolves in some way or another.

She is bold, brash, and crass, though she's friendly in her own funny way. She'd love to be your friend but would just as soon tell you that your shoes are stupid. Not that she's one to talk, as the pig prefers a style that can only be described was "Wal-Mart Chic", and generally consists of ugly flip-flops, rediculous bling, ripped-up denim, unflattering colours, tight shiny things and terrible bedazzled shirts with "cute" sayings that are way too small for her, though she would never admit to it. Her pair of aviator sunglasses aren't half bad though. She attempts to be flirty though the reactions are mixed, to put it kindly.

Her name is pronounced "russ-ett", though nobody calls her that, as she prefers the nickname Rhus, which she pronounces "roose". She only recently became aware of what her last name even was.

Rhus' quest in life changes on a daily basis, but it seems to be that what she wants more than anything is to want something. She's not an especially angsty person, but for as much of a knucklehead she can be, that doesn't stop her from pondering life now and then. She does always seem to run into a certain fidgety, crazy crow fellow named Francis, with whom she engages most of her shenanigans...often to his chagrin.


(Myu did a really awesome commission of her too :3)

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Name: ???

What You Will Call Her: The Warden

Species: Dragon

Sex: Female

Age: 28

Height: 6 foot

Weight: Don't ask her that.

Eyes: Violet

Hair: Blue

Vehicle: Modified Sheriff flagship called Tiamat

Weapon of Choice: Assault Rifle

Strengths: Ruling with an iron fist and master of the Death Glare

Weaknesses: She's been nicknamed "Blue-Lipped Bitch", for frame of reference

Occupation: Prison Warden

Likes: Control, guns, classical music, martinis, sun-tanning, and challenges

Dislikes: Being questioned and being bested.

If Human, Would Be: Tommy Lee Jones with boobs

Musical Accompaniment - LANGUAGE

The Warden is in command, and you will not question that command. She enforces the law her own way, and perhaps she enforces her own laws to some extent as well. However, this isn't really questioned, because one look from those cold reptile eyes suggest your fate well enough. She is cold, but incredibly cunning and has a decent sense of honour and wit.

Surprisingly, she does not hate criminals or inmates. In fact she rather pities them, or holds a strange fascination at least. Her favourite are the ones who try to get away, because to her, those are the people who make the world interesting. Of course, that doesn't mean she'll let them get away.


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Name: Oz Derringer

Species: Platypus

Sex: Male

Age: 30

Height: 4'4

Weight: 120

Eyes: Red

Fur: Platypus-coloured

Homeworld: Titania

Vehicle: the mothership called The Guppy

Weapon of Choice: Blaster w/ bayonet attachment

Strengths: Brave, clever, sneaky

Weaknesses: Terrible womanizer, overconfident, kind of a jerk

Occupation: Treasure Hunter

Likes: Shiny things, money, exploration

Dislikes: Being rejected, having his shiny things stolen

Darkest Secret: Writes cheesy poetry in his spare time.

Leader of the Crimson Cowboys, a group of rag-tag treasure hunters, Oz has always followed his childhood dream of becoming Lylat's greatest treasure hunter. As a child on Titania, he'd always dig things up in the sand, though they often turned out to be broken bottles and other trinkets courtesy of his researcher family. Regardless, he's grown up to be moderately successful in that role.

Oz is the type of fellow who wound up as a leader, not due to a natural intuitive flow but because he's the kind of guy who kicks and screams until he gets the position. His captain's duties, however, generally consist of him using the holy Swivel Chair of his team's mothership, and getting credit for everything. The crew is generally the voice of reason in all of his crazy schemes, though they keep him around as they've grown used to him. He has that strange endearing quality no one can quite place...something like a puppy.

He loves the ladies, though they're usually not into a four-foot platypus man, and he wishes one day for the lady he'll finally be able to share his (terrible) poetry with. In the mean time, however, he'll stick to bluffing and challenging the various brigands and thieves he encounters on his treasure-hunting journeys. He's not a particularily good fighter, though he's been known to pull a good bluff; the spurs on his heels (he never wears shoes) are poisonous, as with all male platypi.


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Name: Adrian "Snout" Aberforth

Species: Aardvark

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Height: 6'4

Weight: 150lbs

Eyes: Black

Hair: Aardvark-coloured

Homeworld: Macbeth

Vehicle: The Guppy

Weapon of Choice: Plasma Cannon

Strengths: The only sane team member, intelligent, easygoing

Weaknesses: Somewhat self-concious and shy, doesn't speak up when he should

Occupation: Treasure hunter/digger

Likes: Digging, building models, peace and quiet

Dislikes: Shenanigans, having to constantly wrangle his crazy friends, being put on the spot

Favourite Music: 80's hair metal

Adrian "Snout" Aberforth worked diligently in the mines of Macbeth since he was a child. He was always fine with his job, and would dutifully fulfill every task he was given, sometimes staying overtime just for fun, though his often emotional blankness made it difficult to determine he was actually having fun. However, one day the company he worked for was bought out and downgraded, and his job was cut. With nowhere to turn, he answered a job posting asking for someone familiar with all things digging, blasting and burrowing...and wound up a Crimson Cowboy.

Since then he's done his duty as usual, though in a more unorthadox fashion, which often involves him running for his life, fighting angry temple guardians and saving Oz from certain doom. He finds this exasperating, but the pay is decent (most of the time) and he gets to dig to his heart's desire.

He's a bit shy, and self-conscious about his gigantic hands and feet, and is generally too meek to speak up, even though he usually figures out the dire issues of their situations long before anyone else does.


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Name: Whinny Mayne

Species: Zonkey

Sex: Female

Age: 25

Height: 5'5

Weight: 140lbs

Eyes: Amber

Hair: Brown and black

Homeworld: Eladard

Vehicle: Also the Guppy

Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle

Strengths: Exceptional handling of technology

Weaknesses: Paranoid, usually bitter or disoriented due to insomnia, easily annoyed

Occupation: Treasure hunter/mechanic/computer expert

Likes: Figuring out how things work, video games, board games, card games, etc., giant screens, thrillers, exorbitant amounts of coffee and ancient weapons

Dislikes: Nosy people, mishandling of equipment, people who can't keep up with her in conversation

Born into the busy business capital Eladard, Whinny was always the whiz kid when it came to building things and managing computers. She was always way ahead of her game, but in a way that separated her from other people, who often thought she was weird. Suffering from insomnia, she also speaks rediculously fast, though this isn't all the fault of the ungodly amounts of coffee she drinks. She hates being bothered while working, and nothing grinds her gears more than someone peering over her shoulder while she tinkers with a ship or works on the computer.

Though she is a little weird, she gets along with her team-mates well enough; she's interested in Snout's models, is a good conversation partner for Elliot and Oz...learned his lesson after trying to hit on her, so now it's a non-issue. She does play more of a supportive role on the team, but she will fight if you provoke her, and that doesn't take a heck of a lot, and just hope she hasn't already disassembled your weapons by the time it comes to use them.


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Name: Dr. Elliot Anguilla

Species: Snipe Eel (Anglar)

Sex: Male

Age: 55

Height: 6'6

Weight: 115lbs (what, he's an eel!)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Nonexistant

Homeworld: Venom

Vehicle: Guppy 4lyfe

Weapon of Choice: Pistol

Strengths: Very, very book smart, optomistic, mediates conflict well, tries to be the comic relief

Weaknesses: Flighty, spaces out easily, easily frightened

Occupation: Treasure hunter/historian

Likes: History, democracy, anthropology, lots of things ending in -y

Dislikes: Brutish people, getting his hands dirty

One of the mutant fish-people of Venom, Elliot is an odd case in that he seemed to skip the gene that demanded he mindlessly try to invade the rest of the solar system. He instead went the way of the scholar, learning much about Lylat, and finding joy in the system's rich history and cultures. However, the history of his species being what it was, few universities were willing to take him on as a professor, and thus Elliot resigned himself to be a member of the Crimson Cowboys.

However, his talent isn't wasted as his vast knowledge is vital to many of their archeological endeavours, and he's actually the one that most often points them in the right direction. He doesn't hate the position, and in fact it offers him a sense of daring adventure that he kind of likes, though he's too much a wimp to get involved in active combat. An eel can fantasize, can't he?


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She is bold, brash, and crass, though she's friendly in her own funny way. She'd love to be your friend but would just as soon tell you that your shoes are stupid. Not that she's one to talk, as the pig prefers a style that can only be described was "Wal-Mart Chic", and generally consists of ugly flip-flops, rediculous bling, ripped-up denim, unflattering colours, tight shiny things and terrible bedazzled shirts with "cute" sayings that are way too small for her, though she would never admit to it.

lol. "Wal-Mart Chic." Welcome to Lylatians of Wal-Mart. :-P

I like Rhus's description. It's really well constructed and had me chuckling.

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Thanks! :>

I'll probably go back and edit/add more to the other characters, including their pictures, when it isn't 3am.

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I like these characters! The descriptions and personalities are varied, the art is descriptive, and it oozes a lot of humour and potential for drama.


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i forgot to stick crowboy in Rhus' description I will fix this derpity derp derp :>

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