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Jedi Marauder


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Jedi Marauder


I am the beginning. I am the end. I am the one who is many. I am everyone, and I am no one. I am the light before dawn. I am the shadow in the dark. The whisper in the night. The unseen predator.

I am the Jedi Marauder.

I see things in a perspective that neither Jedi nor Sith are capable of. I use the Force in a manner that strikes fear into both. I have dabbled in powerful Jedi techniques, and I have studied ancient Sith arts. I am a master of perceiving the future, and have altered it numerous times to save not only myself, but the galaxy at large. I have mastered Sith alchemy, with which I can summon beasts to my side and to become a feared Star Dragon.

I have power few are capable of comprehending, but I am not without morals. I am not without honor. I live a life of code. Of decency. Of righteousness.

I was a Jedi, once. I had studied their teachings. Mastered them in such a short time that left the Jedi baffled and confused. They did not think I was ready to face the Jedi trails. They thought I would go over to the dark side.

They were wrong.

I completed the Jedi trails. I faced down the masters and beat them at their own game. Do do such a thing in such a short time, they said, had never been done before. It was beyond their capabilities to describe. They could not explain my success. They did not know how. But after my trail, I felt... different. Incomplete. Hollow. I couldn’t explain why at the time. I was a Jedi knight, as I had dreamed of becoming, but it was almost a moot victory. I had read about the great Revan, and her role in both the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. I read about the Jedi Exile who followed Revan to war, then stopped a Sith resurgence ten years after the Mandalorian wars. I wondered, would I do something similar? Something great? Something that would redefine history? It seemed the logical explanation to my hollow feelings.

But the galaxy was too much at peace. No wars had happened for more than two hundred years. The Sith have all but disappeared... or so we all thought. Late one night, an attempt on my life by a Sith Assassin caused me to realize the truth; My path did not lay with the Jedi, nor did it lay with the Sith. The Jedi would have me sit by and wait for another attack. I realized that If I was to be great, I would have to take matters into my own hands. I would have to forge my own destiny. It was then that I found my true power. I discovered my unique powers. But they were untamed.

Contrary to what my instincts told me to do, I sought the counsel of the Jedi masters. Their response was surprising, but not unexpected. They feared me. Sensed the raw power within me. But they dared not tell me that. I could sense it. Could they sense I knew? Perhaps. But they played Jedi and indulged in half-truths and generally concealed the truth from me... or tried to. So I left. Left the order, left the Jedi. Dropped off the grid. But in the shadows, I developed my powers. My abilities. Built my own starship from the ground up. Adapted multiple weapons the galaxy had never seen. Acquired a vast arsenal of weapons from regions of space that neither the Republic nor the Jedi had thought to look. Pulled dozens of special operations that had little-to-no chances of survival. Became what I am today.

I became the Jedi Marauder. I lived a life few Jedi dared to dream of. Had wealth beyond imagining. Weapons not even the Jedi could counter. Powers that could make even the wise Jedi Masters stare in awe. Scars to show the hell I’d fought through. But still, I remained hidden. Few knew of me, and fewer still knew how to contact me. And that’s the way I kept it. I traveled under cover of night. Dealt with those who would otherwise blow my cover wide open. Operated in the places few dared look.

Then it came. The war. The Sith, returning with a vengeance for the first time in more than two hundred years after their defeat so long ago, launched a surprise attack. The Republic fleet stationed at Coruscant was forced to retreat and gather reinforcements. The Sith landed their forces on the surface of Coruscant, headed for the Senate Dome while the Senators were still in session...

… And I was waiting, lightsabers ready and weapons loaded. So began the Legacy of the Jedi Marauder...

* * *

This is a relatively new Star Wars story for me. I may use it as a precursor to one story or another - though I am not sure which. Stick around - Chapter One will come soon...

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