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Welcome to the Brotherhood. Not all of the people I create are in the brotherhood, but it's kinda my thing. :D Just because they're in a brotherhood doesn't mean they travel around together. They keep in contact, but often by letter. Here is the first character. Also, I bear no resemblance whatsoever to these characters, although if you see one called Aaron Wolfe, I probably do! :D

Name: Robert Parsean

Age: 52

Race: Human, Caucasian

Origin: Bristol, England, Earth (not sure if that last part was needed)

Location: Always on the move, but has been staying at: Paris, France

Sex: Male

Height: 5'7"

Build: Fit, but not ripped.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black (greying); straight down; beard, which is about 1cm from the skin, but is not hanging (if you get what I mean)

Family: Mother, Samantha Parsean (deceased seventeen years ago); Father, Paul Parsean (deceased seventeen years ago); Brother, Andrew Parsean (deceased twelve years ago)

Alignment: Does not take kindly to wrong-doers, and will not follow the law if he has to. All in all, his intentions are good

Personality: He largely keeps to himself after the incident seventeen years ago, and trusts only his closest friends. However, he is not one to accidentally trip somebody up without apologising.

Background: Robert led a normal life working as a construction worker up until the 'Massacre of Earth' which killed his parents. He and his brother survived the initial attack, which was a launch by massive armies on all people in their way across the world, and found other survivors. He was 37 when this occurred, and although he wasn't as young as most, he joined the Rebellion's Europe Division. As the Massacre raged on, he and his friends, brother included, had survived to the very end. Only then, twelve years ago, five years after the start of the Massacre, was the squad he and his brother were a part in were chosen for Operation Overthrow, a crucial final raid on the Emerald Palace, situated in London. First of all, 5 of the 20 squads in the Rebellion were to dig their way underground and when given the signal, blow their way through the floor and destroy the palace from the inside. At the same time, the remaining 15 squads were to launch a massive diversion attack on the front gate. When the battle out the front was fully into it's paces, the 5 squads under the Throne Room were called into action. The floor was blasted away, and the squads poured out, Robert and Andrew at the front. But the Institution were not fooled by the diversion. They gunned down all of them, only Robert surviving. Robert managed to hide inside a crate at the side of the room in all of the frenzy, and those that did survive the shootout were shot point-blank in the head. In the end, Robert managed to assassinate 'King' Niccolo, the mysterious leader of the Institution's division of Europe. The Institution's armies fled in disarray, and the Resistance had reclaimed Europe, as they had done with Asia and the Americas a few weeks before. In the coming months, Oceania, Africa and Antartica were freed and the world was finally free once again. Since then, Robert has been looking closer at the economics and politics of the world, in case the Institution tries to come back the same way they first came to power, slowly gaining control of all the major constitutions in the world. They had even managed to get 56 people into the White House! He has noticed over the last two months that the Institution has slowly been eroding the original influence and replacing it with their own. He has tried to warn people, but nobody believes him and they tell him that he's being paranoid. So, he started the 'Brotherhood for Free Will', a brotherhood dedicated to the freedom of mankind. Robert is the leader of this brotherhood, and although most of the members are scattered across the globe, they can be brought together in a time of need. The brotherhood's ultimate goal at this point in time is the exposure of the Institution, and that they are slowly making their return.

Abilities: During the Massacre, Robert gained many new skills. Although he is 52, he can use a gun with pinpoint precision. His experience has given him extraordinary wisdom, and he can also wield a sword excellently. He can climb almost any building and is an extremely good tactician. The only downside is that he is not as fast as he was in his younger years.


I've asked Doodle Dojo to make a logo for the Brotherhood and Institution, and he's working on it. Should be good :-)

More posts coming soon, but I'm tired now. :-)

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Okay here's another. I know, I know I said I wouldn't update it yet but oh well.

-= Brotherhood Member =-

Name: Adele Sozzi

Age: 37

Race: Human, Caucasian

Origin: Florence, Italy

Location: Always on the move, but has been staying at: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Sex: Female

Height: 5'6"

Build: Average, she is fit but not entirely slim

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown; Curly; Shoulder-length

Family: Mother, Cristina Sozzi (deceased seventeen years ago); Father, Micheletto Sozzi; Brother, Giovanni Sozzi (deceased twelve years ago); Sister, Lucrezia Sozzi (deceased twelve years ago)

Alignment: After the 'Massacre of Earth', she has always been dedicated to the light

Personality: She has a short temper and with it she has no patience. She does however, have a sense of humour and tries to see the bright side of things. However, she has no time for time-wasters.

Background: Adele's life was a normal one, at the age of 20 she moved from her home town of Florence, to Bristol, England with her brother and sister. Her parents stayed at Italy. While there, she met a man called Robert Parsean at the market and they became good friends. Then of course, there was the Massacre. During the initial attack, although she did not know at the time, her mother was killed. Her father joined with the Rebellion's Europe Division as did herself and her siblings. Her father was mainly operating in Italy however, and herself mainly operating in England. She, her brother and sister were involved in Operation Overthrow, however it was here that her siblings were killed. They were a part in the main diversion, and although Adele managed to keep out of trouble, her siblings were killed. The only family she has now is her father. After the Institution was destroyed, good riddance to them, she wanted to make sure that they never came back, and kept an eye out for key signs to see if they would try to worm their way back into power the same way they did to begin. Two months ago, she was contacted by her old friend Robert, saying that he had thought that the Institution was beginning to make it's rise to power again. Therefore, she joined the Brotherhood of Free Will.

Abilities: During the Massacre she had learned some crucial skills. For example, she now knew how to drive, how to shoot, how to fight, how to climb, how to pick locks, how to make a weapon out of everyday objects and how to make a parachute out of a duvet. All in all, she is now a worthy adversary.


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-= Brotherhood Member=-

Name: Jordan Marin

Age: 34

Race: Human, Caucasian

Origin: Belfast, Scotland

Location: Always on the move, but has been staying at: Moscow, Russia

Sex: Male

Height: 5'7"

Build: Slim

Eyes: Bluey-Green

Hair: Black; Swept-over; Short

Family: Mother, Stephanie Marin; Father, Jason Marin (deceased twelve years ago)

Alignment: After the Massacre, he has dedicated his life to keeping justice.

Personality: Jordan is quite funny, and a joker. He can be a bit stupid at times but he usually has no negative impact on things. But, when it comes to business, he's all seriousness.

Background: Jordan is an only child, and was living in London at the time of the Massacre. Himself and his father signed up to the Rebellion's Europe Division. In the Rebellion, he met Robert Parsean, Andrew Parsean, Giovanni Sozzi, Adele Sozzi and Lucrezia Sozzi. They all became fast-friends, and survived until Operation Overthrow. In the operation, Jordan and his father were part of the diversion, and during it, his father was killed. After the destruction of the Institution, he swore that if they ever came back, he would send them back to where they belong. Two months ago, he was contacted by his old friend Robert, saying that he had thought that the Institution was beginning to make it's rise to power again. Therefore, he joined the Brotherhood of Free Will.

Abilities: Thanks to the Massacre, Jordan has gained a lot of crucial abilities, and his main one is the ability to drive cars fast. He has extra quick reflexes and reactions, and can drive a car around a race course faster than most. In the only operation carried out by the Brotherhood so far, containing just Jordan, Megan and Adele, he was the driver. He can also use a gun, and prefers to use stealth as when he does he is more focused.

Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl6z2xZJOgs

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