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Code: Marauder


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Well, I don't know if there are any Code: Lyoko fans here, but I decided to post this story just for the hell of it. I'm bored. Anyway...

Code: Marauder


The year is 2057. The entity known as Xana has been dead for three years. The Lyoko gang – Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, Yumi, Odd, Sissi, William and Talia – are entering their final year in Kadic academy. After this, they will be done with school. While the Xana’s lack of presence has left the gang without a threat, it did not leave them with a lack of activity. Truth was, with all the data gathered on Lyoko, the gang sought to restore Lyoko to it’s former glory – and to avoid a repeat of Xana, they cut him out of the loop entirely. But it was as this world was created that a rather unusual series of events occurred.

Firstly, an unknown figure calling himself “Marauder†sought them out, aided the gang by sending a code vital to the new world’s completion. With his aid, Lyoko went from being a world to a fully-fledged galaxy in and of itself. Literally bustling with whatever life-forms the gang and Marauder would seek to put inside. Given Marauder’s fascination with the Halo series, and his knowledge of the Dragonarians, the gang agreed to input the UNSC-Sangheili Alliance and the Dragonarian Empire as the first major powers. Next came Odd’s contribution; he convinced Jeremy to add the Klingon-Romulan-Reman Triple Alliance, with their space neighboring the UNSC-Sangheili Alliance. While Ulrich cared for neither Halo nor Star Trek, he and Yumi had were partial to the Clone-wars era of Star Wars, and decided to add the Galactic Republic, minus the evil Chancellor Palpatine – who was replaced by Chancellor Gaines – and requested nothing more than the addition of Imperial and Confederate weapons and other tech to the republic. Lastly, while William had been traumatized by his experiences in Lyoko, he knew that this Lyoko would be important for him to unwind from it all. His only request as far as major powers went was the addition of an “enemy†faction – something to fight. While the gang was hesitant to do this, they realized how important it was for William. After consulting with Marauder, he agreed to allow them to use the Kemorainian-Raptorian Imperial Alliance.

After everything was created, the gang chose appearances – Jeremy and Aelita, being computer whizzes, chose appearances as such. Both were armed with Klingon Disruptors and DL44 Blaster Pistols, and both had computer equipment for using and hacking computers. Ulrich and Yumi, with their fondness of Star Wars, both went as Jedi – Ulrich had dual green lightsabers, while Yumi had a purple lightsaber staff. Odd, despite his fascination with Star Trek, remained more or less the way he was – with the exception that he was armed with a Reman Disruptor Rifle and a El-Aurian Disruptor Pistol. While Aelita’s “twin†– Talia – had never been to a digital world, she was eager to pitch in, and privately consulted Marauder and agreed on an attire and weapon loadout: She wore a set of UNSC ODST-Issue Advanced Powered Battle-Armor, and was armed with an RX Mauser M21 Assault Rifle, a Sangheili Plasma Rifle, and a Romulan Disruptor Pistol. Sissi also got a set of ODST armor, but a different loadout: She armed herself with a BR55 Battle Rifle, an MA5C Assault Rifle, and an M6D Pistol. William’s loadout was... interesting, to say the least. Instead of going with the greatsword he used while possessed by Xana, he went with a Klingon Bat’leth, a Tetryon Pulse Disruptor, and an upgraded Sangheili Plasma Carbine. Marauder, who had yet to make a physical appearance, kept his loadout and appearance unknown to the gang, and told them, “Watch the sky – you never know when I’ll drop by.â€

After the gang’s appearances were chosen, they were fine-tuning their new virtual galaxy when two more events befell them – firstly, they discovered that weeks spent in the Lyoko Galaxy were merely hours in the real world. This meant they would be able to spend so much time in Lyoko and wouldn’t miss a thing in the real world. Secondly, through means no one understood, the United Nations stumbled across Lyoko. Instead of arresting the gang, they encouraged them to go public with Lyoko.

And go public they did. The Lyoko galaxy became a world-wide phenomenon, banishing things like war, murder, poverty, disease and so many other things into the past. While the Kemorainian-Raptorian Imperial Alliance remained a constant threat to the other major powers in Lyoko, they were kept managed. The Lyoko gang were made not only famous for this, but also incredibly rich.

It wasn’t until the Lyoko gang made a press speech to the world, acknowledging their achievements that something strange happened. When asked how they created the Lyoko galaxy, Jeremy said that they could not claim all credit for it’s creation, stating that the entity called “Marauder†was crucial in that matter. After the event ended, they received an unexpected call from Marauder. How he got their number – and how he managed to hook everyone to a mili-way call with him simultaneously – remained a mystery. In essence, he announced his intentions to attend Kadic Academy for his final year of school with the gang.

Though the gang was excited to finally be able to meet the Marauder face-to-face, his tone implied something... else. Something bad. With their senior year three weeks away, the gang readied themselves for what was to come...

… though none of them knew the roles they would play in the events to come...

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Glad ya like it... now, for the first Chapter...

Chapter One

Morning at Kadic Academy. On any typical morning since the fall of Xana, the gang met in the courtyard, talking about what the future had in store for them, reminiscing on good times, and just generally chatting. But this morning was far from typical. This was the morning that they would finally meet the Marauder.

“I’m telling you, there is no way that guy is American!†William said. “He has to be Korean, at least.â€

“Korean?†Jeremy repeated. “Get real, Will. Why would he be Korean? I still think he’s Russian.â€

“Why?†Yumi asked, “Because he constantly spews Russian? Man, anyone who knows how to use Google Translate these days can do that.â€

“Yeah, and Russians don’t often make a habit of being brainiacs,†Ulrich added. “Maybe he’s a native to France.â€

“Please,†Sissi commented. “I’d have known about him. Maybe he’s German.â€

“Girl, get serious,†Odd stated. “He doesn’t speak German, nor does he have a German accent. I vote some sort of random anomaly in Lyoko created him.â€

There was a moment of silence after Odd’s statement, before everyone else said simultaneously, “Get a life, Odd.â€

It was then that Talia spoke up. “I think he is American, but he’s... different than the average.†She turned to face the group. “You’ve seen his works – this is the kind of guy who is smart, likes to stay in the shadows, and is cryptic as hell. Moreover, he boasts the intellect of a much older person, and – if what I’ve seen of his weapons is true – he never misses, both on and off the battlefield. He is a predator; in befriending him, we gained a powerful ally.â€

A long pause followed this.

“How do you know this?†Aelita asked.

“I’m not sure,†Talia answered. “But if what I suspect is true, he is not at all happy we spoke of him in that press conference or whatever that was.â€

“What gives you that idea?†William inquired.

“Think about it,†Talia countered, “Look at the way he lived, at how we knew him; we’ve never seen his face, we don’t know his name – apart from the screen name Marauder – we don’t even know where he is. He kept his identity a secret... or tried to. He stayed on the fringe, never went out unless absolutely necessary. Say what you will, but something tells me that he wanted to stay hidden.â€

“Though I hate to admit it,†Jeremy admitted, “She’s right. He wanted to stay hidden, and we blew his cover wide open.â€

“So why come to a public school?†Ulrich queried. “It doesn’t make sense. If he wanted to stay hidden, why come to school at all?â€

“Would it be possible that someone is after him?†Odd asked. “Some... shadowy organization or something?â€

“That’s what I’m saying,†Talia affirmed. “When we blew his cover wide open, his enemies – whoever or whatever they are – became our enemies.â€

“Cripes,†William mumbled, “What have we gotten into?â€

“It’s like something off of Deus Ex,†Odd commented.

“Well, nothing so drastic,†Jeremy corrected.

“No,†Talia interrupted, “It is something as drastic as that, perhaps worse. Friends, we’re looking at an immediate future of combating whatever threat we provoked.â€

“Make sense, Talia,†Aelita said. “You’re starting to scare—â€

Before Aelita could finish her sentence, everyone received a simultaneous text on their phones that read, “Look to the sky!â€

“Look to the sky?†they all asked. They looked up, seeing little more than the early morning sun, blue skies, and...

… Out of nowhere, a swirling portal of fire appeared, and an odd flying vehicle flew out of it. It had a chitinous, oval-shaped fuselage that looked somewhat like a shoe in the middle with two curved, blade-shaped nacelles protruding from the top and curving down parallel (with the exception of the nacelle supports) behind the the fuselage, with wings expanding out like axe blades to the sides supported by super-dense structures that connected them to the fuselage, and winglets on the edges of the wings, shaped much in the same way.

The portal closed behind the alien craft, and it executed a barrel-roll, circled the school, and descended for a landing. The gang, too awestruck to move, remained still as the alien craft reared up for a landing, turned counter-clockwise as three landing struts appeared, and settled to the ground. The hatch in the back of the craft – which was facing the gang at the time – hissed and popped open, and a tall, armored figure stepped out. He was armed with an AR635A2 Multi-Purpose Assault Rifle, with a pair of rune-marked swords sheathed at his sides, a heavily-modified Trade Federation Droid Blaster in a holster, and he wore a set of crimson armor with a strange, green, pulsating crystal in the center of the chest plate. Upon a second look, smaller versions of the same crystal were in the wrists of his gauntlets.

This armored apparition looked down from his craft at the gang, then at the other students present, gawking at his ship. He pointed to the students, saying while indicating his ship, “Touch this ship and die.â€

“I’m sorry,†Jeremy said, “But who--â€

“Marauder?†Talia interrupted.

The apparition laughed. “Well, who were you expecting, numb-skull?†He pressed a button on his left gauntlet, and his armor de-materialized. Under the armor was the face of a boy, about eighteen or nineteen years of age – right at Talia’s age – with brown eyes, short, brown hair, a somewhat gaunt face, and a muscular body build. He took a step from his craft, tapped a few buttons on the underside of the hatch, and then dropped to the ground from his craft.

“What is that thing?†Aelita asked.

“JX70 Advanced Assault Fighter – one of my own designs,†Marauder responded. “Name’s Jason, by the way.â€

“I’m guessing you already know who we are,†Talia surmised.

“Getting there,†Jason admitted, “you’re all certainly quicker on the uptake than some of the other people I know – Like the Dean of this school, whoever he--â€

“Excuse me,†exclaimed Principal Delmas, “Firstly, this is not a landing zone, and secondly, we do not allow--â€

“Hold on there, cowboy,†Jason interjected as he retrieved an envelope from his back pocket, “Before you go too deep into your lecture, read this.â€

Delmas accepted the envelope, opened it, and read the contents. He blushed, embarrassed, and began to stammer, “I-I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t know it was you. I meant no offense.â€

“Don’t worry, Mr. Delmas – I’ve been offended by professionals before,†Jason stated. “Anyway, when does class start?â€

Delmas replied, “You’re...†he paused to check his watch. “... An hour and a half early. Class doesn’t start until 8:30.â€

Jason frowned, then opened up a part of his gauntlet. He tapped a few buttons, then closed it. “Okay,†he said, “Time is now synchronized with this region.â€

Delmas nodded, then headed off.

“Hey, man†Ulrich said, “Is that the... your AR635A2?â€

Jason smiled. “Indeed, it is,†he affirmed, “with a working Kadgeron Disruptor, materializer magazines with 7.62x39mm uranium-tungsten rounds, and a powerful 40mm grenade launcher capable of knocking off the treads of a heavy tank.†He tossed the fully-loaded assault rifle to Ulrich. He caught it, held it for a moment, then tossed it back to Jason.

“Heavier than I thought,†Ulrich said, “How’d you get hardware like that out into this world?â€

“Psh, I wish I knew,†Jason admitted. “But suffice to say, that once I figured out the materialization coding, and by extension, how to get it all out into this world, it was easy.â€

“Is that a Trade Federation Droid Blaster?†Yumi asked.

Jason looked down, then unholstered the aforementioned weapon. “It is,†he affirmed. “I modified it to fire a Kadgeron Disruptor pulse. Dragonarian tech.â€

“Neat,†Yumi commented.

“I’ll say,†Ulrich added. “Where’d you get it?â€

“Pried it from the fingers of a dismembered B1 Battle Droid... took me forever to do it, too,†Jason responded.

“Look, we understand your desire to stay armed and prepared for worst-case scenarios,†Aelita said, “but could you at least put up the big gun? We don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about you.â€

“Oh!†Jason answered. “Okay. Hang on, I’ll be right back.†He left for his JX70, headed inside, and returned later without his swords or his AR635A2. He did, however, keep his Battle Droid Disruptor. “Okay,†he said, “Shall we?â€

With this out of the way, the gang and Jason headed to class...

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