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Tangle's Precarious Warriors

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Name: Prof. Kala'hari "Leo" Cyrule

Age: 27

Race: Desert Serval

Origin: Titan

Home: Fortuna

Sex: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 178lb

Build: Thin, but toned. Not overly uncharacteristically toned with six packs however.

Eyes: The typical feline eyes, with a dark dull emerald green iris. Along the outer edge of the iris is a blue ring that appears to glow only because light tends to reflect off the pigments within the ring better, giving it the illuminated look.

Hair: Messy, and wire like. He is very uncaring to for his head hair, leaving it in the shaggy mess he typically wakes up with. His fur however is well kempt and silk like. He has some typical markings known to a Serval however he has black fur over both of his hands and his entire forearm.

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Silly, Child like, intelligent.

If he was a human, who would he be exactly?: Dr. Who

Abilities: Unrivaled knowledge in Physics, Acrobatics.

Likes: Fruit, especially Mangos. Technology. Books. Singularities.

Hates: Crying, Sob Stories, fire.

Strengths: Acrobatics, sprinting, Science, Maneuvers, Hacking, Machinery, Computers

Weaknesses: Close Quarters Combat, Cute things, Sweets, Sanity.

Ship: Neo-Debacle: A modified Cornerian fighter ship. It was modified to allow for vertical launch and landing, as well as remote controlled instructions from a linked computerized device. Kalihari lovingly named it Neo-debacle after predicting that he if he did die, it would be from accidentally shooting into the side of a planet at the speed of light.


Kalihari or known as “Leo†is a Cornerian Army scientist without to much of a care for the wars at hand. He was well known as a nut job by most of the Soldiers and higher ranking officers. However the Scientist who saw him as a brilliant man. His sanity is questionable by the way he behaves.

His behavior is partially professional and mostly child like. Rumors had it that his mind was processing knowledge to fast beyond his own comprehension and quickly gone mad. However if this is true or not remains unknown. He tends to act carelessly or senselessly but he also seems to always have a reason behind his own silly antics or behaviors.

In common, terms a Scientist Job is to solve problems and apply logic, but not in the mind of this oddball cat. He actually enjoys finding all means to destroy common logic and enhance it to his own whims as his leisure. His smirk remains a lingering haze in the minds of who were so lucky to witness his antics, or maybe just a love for fruit.

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The Shaper

This is a pretty good character you've got set up here. My only complaint is that there isn't much back story to this character. Where did he come from? Was there any hardships in his life? Why is he as childish as he is, that sort of thing.

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    • vonSteakhand
      By vonSteakhand
      I put characters here. If anything is interesting enough to comment on, then please do so.
      Name: Pigleon Claimston
      Age: 39
      Race: Rock Dove (A.K.A common pigeon)
      Origin: Corneria
      Home: A "lovely" two story house inside a "swell" suburban neighborhood in the outskirts of Corneria City.
      Sex: Male
      Height: 6'1"
      Weight: 153 pounds
      Build: Light, tall frame, a bit more fat than muscle.
      Appearance: Slightly wrinkled face, with squinty and tired eyes. Beak is dark grey, and a bit less sharp on the end than most bird's tend to be.
      A huge fan of pretentious sounding menswear brands.
      Eyes: Brown
      Hair/Fur: Slate blue feathers, well groomed and gently parted on the top of the head.
      Family: Married with 1 son, age 17, wife age 38
      Alignment: True Neutral
      Personality: Quiet and stoic at a glance. He refuses to show much real emotion towards anyone, believing angst and regret to be detrimental to his reputation as well as his productivity. Quick to criticize but slow to anger, he maintains a stance of passive-aggressive contempt towards people that bother him.
      Background: Pigleon Claimston was born as the younger of 2 children to a tax man and the heiress of a small fortune. He made good grades, and lived in a nice house, and never had to worry about much that wasn't what most people refer to as inconveniences. The closest thing to excitement he'd ever really had was at a frat party, where he met a beautiful young medical student he would one day wed. With his education going swimmingly, and most of his student loans already paid off thanks to a couple scholarships and a rather hefty graduation gift from his parents, Pigleon married the beautiful young medical student after knowing her for 15 months. Once college was finished, and a healthy baby boy was on its way, Pigleon Claimston searched for a career with just the right combination of excitement and stability. After a couple weeks of job-searching and job-switching, he finally found a nice, comfortable career with decent benefits in a high-income area working for Corneria Mutual Insurance. His (self-proclaimed) "charm" and "skill set" allowed him to join the claims investigation team after only a few short months in the mail room. Nowadays, his professional life and career mostly consists of dull, uninteresting cases of insurance fraud slopped on his desk, usually involving desperate, sue-happy soccer moms and 2-bit con artists that believe themselves to be criminal masterminds.
      Strengths: -Competent Gunman
      As someone who recognizes and prepares for the dangerous situations that Corneria City frequently faces, Pigleon Claimston keeps a small assortment of guns in his bedroom. While he has all the permits required to carry a pistol in public, he rarely touches them when he's not going to the range.
      -Keen Investigator
      Simply because his line of work requires it, Pigleon Claimston knows a great deal about insurance, fraud, and insurance fraud. In addition to this, he has (self-proclaimed) finely tuned investigative skills and may notice minor details or make logical leaps that some may find difficult.
      -Coffee Snob
      Pigleon Claimston loves a good cup 'a joe. He frequents local coffee stands and can usually be found near them immediately before, or immediately after work. Thanks to this, he has developed the incredibly useful ability to appreciate and recognize numerous brews of coffee.
      Weaknesses: Inexperienced Combatant: Despite being a decent shot, Pigleon Claimston has never been in a single real gunfight in his life... and would prefer to stay that way.
      Frail and Weak Physique: Pigleon Claimston is a rather lanky man. He eats just as well as anyone else in the neighborhood, and gets plenty of exercise by occasionally choosing the stairs over an elevator, but still remains just a bit lighter and weaker than he'd like.
      Pack-a-day Smoker: Due to an unfortunate habit picked up during a "business trip" on his thirtieth birthday, Pigleon Claimston is addicted to nicotine and has been for nine years. While the effects on his physical self have been relatively minor, he still finds it difficult to get through the day without having at least one pack of smokes.