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SF Assault Voice Clip-Extracting


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Well, I've lately been trying to find a way to extract the voice clips of Fox from Assault's .iso file (or at least record the video footage without the music/sound effects). I recall people being able to extract many voice files of Krystal, but not of the other characters. Here's what I know so far:

* CHD/C3D/CBD: Parts for a sound file. There are usually 3 of these. CHD (sound quality), C3D (for stereo sound) and CBD (the sound file itself).

* Chr1: Fox

Chr2: Falco

Chr3: Slippy

Chr4: Krystal

Chr5: Peppy

* Files are accessible & extractable via Dolphin.

Is there any way to convert these files to audio files or (if possible) disable the music and sound effects with the Dolphin emulator (or any other GCN emulator if necessary)?

Sorry if this topic was possibly already discussed, but from my perspective, there didn't seem to be any thread that touched this topic and succeeded.

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Closed the duplicate of this thread.

I don't think anyone ever succeeded filtering out the music and bakcground noise to get just the voice-clips. It was a long time since it was brought up last time though, maybe someone have new answers.

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Star Fox 64's voice clips are easy to get, all you do is turn down the music volume, and turn down the SFX volume, and leave the voice volume up. Not sure if Assault has this option. If it doesn't have you tried a Toolkit? There's one for N64 ROMs I have, and used it to extract the music from SM64. Not sure if there's something similar for Gamecube.

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I remember hearing about this on the Krystal Archive and there was someone who was able to extract the voice clips. Some user named Hakuhn.

They're basically all just Krystal.


The lengths people will go to for that blue vixen.

Anyway, it's a shame he didn't get the clips for the rest of the characters.

BTW, I noticed we used to have the voice clips from Adventures on the main site page, but the link doesn't exist anymore, anyone know what happened to them?

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You won't get the cutscene audio without the SFX. Trust me, I have extracted the cutscene audio long ago when creating the music rip.

It was unknown how to get voice clips and SFX out of the game at that time. If that has changed, I do not know.

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I am waiting to put the voice clips back up. The way they were done was terrible, and I don't want to re-invent the wheel. There are hundreds of them, and I want to do it in a manageable way rather than a page full of static links.

The reason I put a directory link to the SF64 ones is that I kept getting asked for them, and the filenames make it easy to determine which is which. The SFAd ones are not named like that, so putting them back up will be an enormous task.

I am going to buy a license for IP.Downloads in January. That way I have a manageable way to handle files without having to write code and then do data entry on top of it.

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