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The TF2 update and speculation thread

Guest Mr. N

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I decided to make this thread whenever TF2 gets an update, whether it be a useful, useless or a confusing update.

Here is the update for 11/10/11:

Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM)

- Added rate limiting for connections and added the following ConVars to support that:

- sv_max_connects_sec

- sv_max_connects_window

- sv_max_connects_sec_global

Team Fortress 2

- Added a full moon background for the main menu

- Added new promo items (Look below)

- Fixed a Linux dedicated server crash when using +randommap on the command line

- Fixed some bugs with the way items appear in the Steam Community and Steam Trading

- Optimized several materials to improvement performance

- Updated the localization files

The Cold War Luchador (Heavy luchador mask)

Mark of the Saint (all-class misc)

Apoco-Fists (attribute: On Crit - Gib)

and "Mysterious Promo"

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Yestarday's update:

- Fixed a problem with precaching pumpkin_bomb entities

Most important update to date IMO.

Anyways, I like this thread. :)

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- Added new promo items

- Fixed a bug preventing some server-side quickplay filtering from working, causing clients to ping too many servers

- Fixed a bug where an item with an empty craft_class (e.g. the Apoco-Fists) could be obtained via crafting

- Fixed an exploit that allowed untradable items to be traded with Steam trading

Web API changes:

- Added flag_cannot_craft to GetPlayerItems web API output

- Added description_string and description_format for some hidden attributes in the GetSchema output

- Updated Pl_Upward

-Fixed a teleporter griefing position near control point B

- Updated Pl_Barnblitz

- Fixed a bug that allowed players to get into the opposing team's respawn room

- Updated the localization files (They seem to be doing this alot for some reason...)

The promo items are for Trine 2:



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Team Fortress 2:

- Added the Dr. Whoa bowtie

- Added a new taunt for the Heavy when he's wearing the FrankenHeavy set (Why would they do this? We can't even wear them until Full Moon/Halloween)

- WebAPI changes:

- Fixed contained_item not always displaying in the web api results

- Added a new API (IEconAssets_440/GetAssetPrices/v0001) for getting item prices

- Fixed set bonuses activating outside of the proper holiday for holiday restricted items

- Fixed the Loch-n-Load death notice icon not being displayed correctly

Here is the Dr. Whoa bowtie: (A misc. item that all classes can wear)


And this is the new taunt:


...How lame.

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Added new promo items

Fixed some visual conflicts with the Dr. Whoa bowtie and other items

Updated the Cold War Luchador, the Mark of the Saint, and the Apoco-Fists so they can be crafted and traded

Updated the localization files

New promo items:

Top Notch hat (It's named after the Minecraft creator and the hat is only for him...what the fuck?)


Some AC stuff:



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Source Engine changes:

- Dramatically improved the dynamic model loading system's memory usage, performance, and stability

- Reduced memory usage on systems running Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7

- Improved alt-tab handling under Windows Vista and Windows 7

Undocumented changes

- Updated the Capo's Capper backpack icon

- Extended the deadline for Christmas items by one day

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- Added the Itsy Bitsy Spyer


- Added a "Buy Now" feature that allows item purchases on the web

- WebAPI changes:

- Moved IEconAssets/GetAssetPrices to ISteamEconomy/GetAssetPrices

- Added new web API ISteamEconomy/GetAssetClassInfo for getting descriptions of items

Also, new crates with new stranges:

Strange Your eternal reward

Strange Reserved shooter

Strange Soda Popper

Strange Atomizer

Strange Scottish Ressistance

Strange Family Business

Strange Southern Hospitality

And Strange Amputator

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Team Fortress 2

- Fixed "Checkout Unavailable" error preventing certain accounts from purchasing items

- Improved the framerate stuttering issues some clients were experiencing

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Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM)

- Added video options UI for Windows Vista / Windows 7 DirectX extensions. Disabling the extensions will increase memory usage, but can improve compatibility with video drivers.

Team Fortress 2

- Fixed wearable gibs spawning outside of the map

- Fixed some missing strings for the Backwards Ballcap

- Updated these items so they can be crafted and traded

- The Dr. Whoa

- The Dashin' Hashshashin

- The Sharp Dresser

- The Point and Shoot

- The War Head

- Updated the localization files

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Not like that spoiler is a spoiler. The return of the grockets in the previous update should have made it clear.

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Here are some weapons and hats for the Australian Christmas 2011 update (According to the TF2 group, there is 4 parts of the update...expect more to come soon)








Enjoy these weapons before they got nerfed...that is IF they get nerfed later.

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seriously, that wrench is a ninjaneer's dream come true, and the laser gives engineer more defensive options other than "run the fuck away".

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I wonder if the Pomson can be used against Ãœbers and make them run-out quicker.

The wrench is interesting, though I'd have to see it in action to form an opinion. I mean, you should put your tele entrance at spawn before leaving it anyway and being able to move buildings is nice, but not really needed and was impossible prior to the engie update and that pesky scout that gets back there and kills your entrance isn't as big of a worry anymore.

The Manmelter is a straight-up PyBro weapon. Nice to be able to put people out without sacrificing ammo. Base damage will determine if it is better than the shotty. Paired with the Backburner, this thing will be mean. Good Pyros won't benefit too much, as good pyros don't rely on burn damage to do their work, but rather the Puff-N-Sting. Like the Frontier Justice, it needs a crit cap, though.

The Phlogistinator is interesting, though I fear it will be the new Soda Popper, especially when paired with the Flare Gun. It's a W+M1's wet-dream. No airblast means I will likely leave it alone.

The Third Degree is useless. You can probably remove overheal with it, but is it worth losing the Puff-N-Sting? No.

These new Pyro weapons actually make the pyro something to be more watchful for. They will likely be nerfed, which is sad. Since the Pyro's distance abilities and survivability are low, I've always felt that anyone who lets a Pyro get close should lose 90+% of the time. These weapons allow that.

Also, New PyBro loadout: Stock Flamethrower, Manmelter, Homewrecker

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