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Well, we're nearing the end of November, and Christmas is right around the corner. And with Christmas comes… Steam's Christmas sales. Best ones of the year IMO. Almost everything is on sale in some way.

So… in this topic, you will list your top 5/top 10 (whatever) games you want on Steam. (Or perhaps other game distribution services) Or just link your Steam wishlist.

I mean, we're all awesome people and want to buy you something off your wishlist, right?!


…… at least I do.

My Steam wishlist can be found here. I would love anything on there even if it's #20.

I'll be spending some money during the sales for my great friends/fellow SFOers and I need to know what they really want. ;)

So go ahead and post.

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Odds of getting a gift on Steam? 1 in 10000.

Anyhoo, here's mah list although I won't expect any gifts: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Episode3willnevercome/wishlist

And...I just might give one of you SF-O members a gift later this season...although I ain't makin any promises on what games you want.

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The only game on my wish list is the one game that I am not in a position to get anytime soon. Left 4 Dead 2 has been constantly eluding me for awhile now and I've been too busy with other titles to bother with it.

In case any of you don't understand what I mean.

Left 4 Dead 2 is the only game on my wishlist because it's the only game I can't get a hold of right now, and I don't see being able to get it in the future.

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Peh, I don't keep a wishlist, though I do poke around my friends' wishlists and decide to surprise them once in a while.

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That's my steam wishlist, if you don't wanna get me anything though, that's fine.

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