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Why is the world so cruel to those who deserv more than they're getting? Well thats basically the Story of Introversion The last of the bedroom programmers.

These guys make some amazing, AMAZING games, and yet they've nearly gone under a few times.. Steam saved them the first time.. but are they going under again?..

Well honestly i have no idea, but all i know is the Humble Indie Bundle has all their games.. all four of them.

Each one is a masterpiece in their own right, my favorite two being Darwinia, and Multiwinia. the two were originally mean to be one full game but for whatever reason it wasnt. Now, darwinia is a god-esque RTS game in which you are some random computer nerd that hacked a online-system for a virtrual world called Darwinia. When you enter, supposedly the system you gained access to is under attack, and needs your help, so you work with a tard scientist dude to gain access to Darwinia's locations and kill a computer virus.. Now... the game can be quite hard at points, the final level being the biggest PAIN IN THE BUM I HAVE EVER DELT WITH. EVERY ASSAULT OF MINE WAS ASSIMILATED INTO VIRUS, AND I HAD TO WAIT ANOTHER 10 MINS FOR MY ARMY TO REGERATE.... *ahem* anyway, it has its moments, but its a fucking hidden gem of a game...

Now, Multiwinia on the other hand is entirely combat based. The objective? BLOW EVERYTHING THAT ISNT THE SAME COLOUR AS YOU TO HELL. Basically yeah, thats it. Like i said, they were meant to be one coheasive game, so there wasnt a story developed for the 2nd one. Now... the combat in this game? BRILLIANT! especially the way i play, being powerups galore, long ass game times, and high power-up respawn rates. Lonewolf and myself have been playing it recently and in his words:

"This game is a gem, its a shame more people dont play it."

So please, give these games, and the other 2 i havent played (I bought the 2 of the games when the HIB didnt exist) a shot, its with the Humble Indie Bundle, so you can pay as much as you want... just dont be a dick and pay 1 cent, the money from this stuff goes to charity peoplez....From what ive heard, the other 2 are equally as nerd-oriented (seriously, if you wouldnt willingly call yourself a nerd or geek, gtfo) masterpieces of fun. ALSO: Milky, i know your out there, and i've heard you like RTS's... So i hereby challenge you to a 1v1 battle in Multiwinia!

Links to dis shiz be here http://www.humblebundle.com/

Do it... buy them... play these hidden gems and lemmie know, cause i wanna see all of you burn beneath my digital boot of power!

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This game sure is fantastic. I'd be happy to play with any of you peeps if you buy it. It's just a riot. And it doesen't just boil down to "fire ze missiles before ze oder teem". It's actually got depth behind it's simplistic exterior.

EDIT: Somehow I've managed to log 3.5 hours in just two days.

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I remember Darwinia, I have never heard of Multiwinia though.

Think of the missions where you fight the red darwinians, then change the colours around a bit, then make it multiplayer and take away the story.. thats about it, however they did add about a million friggin powerups full of fun

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