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Announcement: Xenoblade Chronicles IS North American-bound!

Hope(N Forever)

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Nintendo of America had finally confirmed it! The game, one of the three infamous titles which Operation Rainfall had been trying to pressure the company to localise for so many months since E3 2011, is finally gonna officially grace the turfs of the North American continent for NTSC Wii owners to play! Such is an announcement that surprised us by the hundreds, if not by the hundreds of thousands! To be expected very soon too, around the Spring season of 2012!

> Nintendo's Official Press Release

Whilst The Last Story and Pandora's Tower have yet to be released in Europe, albeit are confirmed to be released there, Operation Rainfall apparently are going to continue with their on-going campaigns to make sure Nintendo of America would announce these remaining two titles as well.

Personally, I always believed Nintendo of America would finally come through with releasing the game. I always felt they needed to take certain things out of the way first, like the huge marketing campaigns they had for their GREATER anticipated games, such as Super Mario 3D Land, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Talk about a huge relief on the matter though.

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I've never played a Xeno- game before, but this looks really good! I might get it.

It's being called one of the best RPGs this gen. That's always good.

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