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Spyro: Legacy of Dragon Force - Book IV


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Just when you thought the Legacy of Dragon Force was done, another chapter in the series appears! But, I expect you saw this coming - Book III ended in a cliffhanger, after all. Now comes Book IV: Revelation...


Legacy of Dragon Force

Book IV: Revelation


“Dragon’s Rage to boarding parties – that did it! The dampening field is down!†Ember exclaimed over the radio. “More good news; we’re not alone. I have six UNSC Cruisers and four Sangheili Warships nearby – all of them untouched. Get to the extraction point and I can get you all outta there!â€

“Acknowledged,†Kell responded, “Are there any more survivors?â€

“Affirmative,†Sheila affirmed, “we’re picking them up. We have... hang on... we have a lot of survivors, plus several ships that managed to avoid detection from the Vhorson, apart from the UNSC and Sangheili ships – reading two Klingon K’vort-class Birds-of-Prey, two Romulan D'deridex Warbirds, four Klingon Negh’Var Battlecruisers, three Romulan Birds-of-Prey, one Venator-class Star Destroyer, three Providence Destroyers and two Lucrehulk Battleships. They all stand ready to support us.â€

“Good – have them make best speed to out location, and once we’re all off, we blast this damned station out of the stars!†Kell growled with glee. The trip back to the FCP was more eventful than the task of finding the dampening field generator. With their station falling apart, the Vhorsulans did everything in their power to stop the boarding parties. But the boarding parties, having completed what they boarded the Vhorson to do, were leaving – all they had to do was follow the trail of dead bodies out. Kell and his team made it out, with Zuka and Soha leaving with the boarding parties to their ship and Kell, Spyro, Cynder and Nine translocating back to the Dragon’s Rage.

“The Eisenhower and the Warrior’s Hammer both report their parties are off the station,†Ember reported as she surrendered the Captain’s chair to her husband.

“Detonate the explosives,†Kell ordered, “And ready on the guns. Battle alert.â€

Several explosions ripped holes in the Vhorson, and the UNSC and Sangheili ships, working in conjunction with the Dragon’s Rage, fired MAC guns and Mass Drivers at the station. The Klingon and Romulan warships fired next, discharging disruptors and photon torpedoes at the station that blew divots out of the hull. The Providence Destroyers, Lucrehulk Battleships, and the Venator Star Destroyers fired a volley of lasers at the station, tearing more out of it. Sangheili ships discharged plasma torpedoes, UNSC vessels fired Archer missiles, and the Dragon’s Rage launched Kadgeron Torpedoes as the other ships present fired a volley of laser cannons. The resulting light show was both spectacular and awe-inspiring. The station, incapable of fighting back and unable to withstand this assault, fell apart. The main reactor ruptured, and as the mixed fleet pulled back, the station exploded...

... And so ended the threat of the Vhorsulan invasion. But there was no time to celebrate now. Even with Flame marrying Amber in the aftermath, there was still much to be done. Avalar was under fire, and Spyro moved quickly to save his home. After visiting several parallel dimensions, Dragon Force had amassed a massive fleet – code-named the Marauder Corp – and set their sights on Avalar...

* * *

The long-range sensor post near Avalar detected it, and Dragonarian military intelligence confirmed it. The Rhinoharadan had amassed a colossal fleet, and were headed straight for Avalar. Dragonarian and Kemorainian fleets were sent to Avalar, but the enemy fleet was simply too large. They needed more time and more ships, and they were short on both.

The Commander of the fleet over Avalar – Vice Admiral Doth’lee – was nervous. Though a seasoned veteran, he knew that there would be heavy losses in this battle. He just didn’t have enough ships. Whoever the Rhinoharadan were, they had spent years building their fleet. How they kept such a fleet a secret remained unknown, but what was certain was their leader – Lord Malkorr – had intentions of galactic domination.

“Sir,†Admiral Doth’lee’s Ops officer chimed, “I have incoming translight sigs – but they’re not those of the Rhinoharadan!â€

Doth’lee’s heart stopped cold. “They’re headed here?†he asked.

“Aye, sir,†the ops officer replied.

“Prophets of Dragonaria protect us,†he mumbled.

But the fleet that appeared wasn’t what he expected. There were ships from factions he couldn’t even begin to imagine. And at the head of that fleet...

“Sir,†Comms proclaimed, “We’re being hailed... by the Dragonarian warship Dragon’s Rage!â€

Doth’lee frowned. The Dragon’s Rage went missing in the Doltec system – no one had heard anything from them in days!

“Kell, old friend,†Doth’lee asked, “What are you doing here? Everyone thinks you’re dead! We saw the report of how you went missing!â€

“We’re hard to kill, Admiral,†Kell responded. “With us are factions willing to aid us against the Rhinoharadan – because they, themselves, have been attacked by them.â€

“If Lord Malkorr and the Rhinoharadan want a fight,†Spyro added, “Then we’ll give ‘em a war.â€

... So began the Marauder War...

Chapter One

The fleet orbiting Avalar anxiously awaited the arrival of the Rhinoharadan enemy fleet. Though the appearance of Trade Federation, Galactic Republic, Klingon, Romulan, Reman, UNSC and Sangheili ships was unexpected, it was welcomed by the once-heavily outnumbered Dragonarian-Kemorainian Allied Fleet over Avalar.

Still, it was going to be a tough slog – the Rhinoharadan fleet still outnumbered them by a two-to-one margin. The battle could go either way without much warning. The surrounding space was constantly scanned for the Rhinoharadan fleet – so far, there had been no indication of the imminent attack. The arrival of Kell and his fleet had surprised the Rhinoharadan, perhaps – but they gave no indication that they were shifting course.

The Dragon’s Rage sat amidst the fleet, weapons ready, shields up, and – to the surprise of Dragon Force – the new mixed crew of Klingons, Romulans, Remans and Battle Droids effecting repairs and upgrading systems. The command of a crew was new for Dragon Force – but it was a welcome change. Truth was, they needed every hand available for this. Everywhere on the Dragon’s Rage, there was activity; no one crewman was inactive. Even on the bridge, everyone was active – Sheila monitored and analyzed incoming comm traffic, Ember worked with the techs and familiarized herself with the new upgrades, Nine, Bianca, Hunter, Amber, Flame, and Byrd likewise familiarizing themselves with the new upgrades, and Kell and Spyro discussed tactical options.

“When the Rhinoharadan jump in,†Spyro explained, “They’re going to have weapons ready to fire. They’ll likely fire the first shot.â€

“That, and they’ll outnumber us two-to-one,†Kell added. He turned to the Romulan chief engineer present. “Where do we stand on all systems?â€

“The Disruptor banks are at ninety-eight percent complete, working well with the Kadgeron Radiation. The Remans are also working on installing their disruptor banks wherever possible,†the engineer responded.

“What about shields?†Spyro asked. “We’ll need some heavy defenses.â€

“Primary shields are finished upgrading,†the Romulan stated, “secondary shield systems are online, and the Emergency MASRA Armor is rigged to deploy in the event that both shields go down.â€

“Winning this battle won’t mean a thing if we don’t turn up some intelligence,†Kell said. “We’ll need to figure out where the enemy is striking from.â€

“The Klingon and Reman Marines have expressed their desire to board the enemy ships, and the Trade Federation Battle Droids we have here are programmed for such things,†the engineer reported.

“Good,†Kell responded. “Tell the Klingon and Reman marines to be ready to transport aboard enemy ships in a moment’s notice.â€

The Romulan engineer nodded and left, leaving Kell and Spyro alone.

“We’re gonna need to act fast if we’re to take an enemy ship,†Kell said. “And those boarding parties are going to need a senior officer to lead them.â€

Spyro grinned. “Thought you’d never ask.â€

“All hands, battle alert!†Nine said over the intercom. “All hands to battlestations!â€

Kell and Spyro marched onto the bridge and Nine reported, “The long-range sensor post monitored the Rhinoharadan fleet headed here.â€

“How many ships?†Kell asked.

“Unknown – we lost contact shortly afterward,†Nine responded. “But I’d say it’s the size we were expecting.â€

“Raise the alarm,†Spyro commanded. “All ships, go shields up and weapons hot.â€

“Fleet’s responding,†Sheila announced. “They’re raising shields and going weapons-hot.â€

And just in time, it seemed – as soon as word went out, the Rhinoharadan fleet dropped out of light speed. Contrary to expectations, the Rhinoharadan fleet was made up primarily of Mandalorian Warships, Sith Empire vessels and Galactic Empire starships, with other starships from other ‘verses thrown into the mix – namely, Kedalbe Battleships, Krayt Destroyers, Crusader Gunships, Kandosii Battleships, Vengeance Frigates, Imperator-II Star Destroyers, Titan Heavy Battlecruisers, Immobilizer 418 Interdictor Cruisers, Sith Interdictors, Sith Centurion Battlecruisers, Predator-class Star Destroyers, Jem’Hadar Dreadnoughts, Jem’Hadar Battlecruisers, Cardassian Galor and Keldon Battleships, Jem’Hadar Attack Frigates, Eradicator-class Star Destroyers, Specter-class Star Destroyers, Nebulon-B and Nebulon-B2 Frigates, and Carrack-class Gunships, all emblazoned with a red, spike-knuckled fist with a dagger in hand – the symbol of the Rhinoharadan.

The allied fleet – consisting of Lucrehulk Battleships, Providence Carrier/Destroyers, Munificent Frigates, Negh’Var Battlecruisers, K’vort Birds-of-Prey, B’rel Birds-of-Prey, K’T’Inga Battlecruisers, Venator-class Star Destroyers, Acclamator Assault Cruisers, Liberator-class Star Destroyers, Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruisers, Romulan and Reman Birds-of-Prey, Romulan Noxerian and D’Deridex Warbirds, a Reman Scimitar-class Warbird, Reman Scythe-class Battlecruisers, Reman Saif-class Battleships, UNSC Amaterasu-class Cruiser/Carriers, Zeus-class Super Carriers, Ares-class Battlecruisers, Victoria-class Heavy Cruisers, Osiris-class Battleships, a Ragnarok-class Dreadnought, Sangheili Marauder and CCS-class Battlecruisers, Sangheili Assault Carriers and Gunship Refits, Templar Destroyers, a Sangheilios Dreadnought, Sangheili Aggressor Battleships, Dragonarian Dragon-class Battleships, Wyvern Battlecruisers, Creed’err Attack Cruisers, Kemorainian Kuudaako-class Flagships, Cobra-Shark Battleships, Crusader Battlecruisers and Viper Frigates, all emblazoned with a spire pointing to a star, with Dragon wings extending from a star below the spire on either side and all within a green circle, the symbol of the Marauder Corp – faced the Rhinoharadan fleet defiantly.

“This is where the fun begins,†Spyro said to himself.

“All ships,†Kell ordered, “Select your targets and prepare to fire. Kadgeron Mass Drivers and Magnetic Accelerator Cannons, charge your capacitors, fire on my command. Archer, Kadgeron, Concussion, and Diamond-Boron Missiles, take safeties off. Photon, Poleron, Proton, Quantum, Kadgeron and Plasma Torpedoes, make ready to fire. Disruptors, plasma pulse lasers, Turbolasers and Ion Cannons, stand by.†Kell nodded to Spyro, who then began to give orders to the crew on the bridge.

“Hunter, charge all weapons, starting with the Kadgeron Mass Drivers and Torpedoes,†he said. “Ember, ready on the engines. Cynder, ready the boarding parties – I’ll join you shortly.â€

“Alert,†Bianca announced from the Ops station, “Enemy weapons powering and they are engaging engines. Estimated time to maximum enemy weapons range... three minutes.â€

“Kell,†Sheila stated, “The fleet signals ready to fire.â€

“All ships,†Kell commanded, “Select your target, all MAC guns, Mass Drivers, and Archer and Kadgeron Missiles, open fire!â€

Dozens of flashes across the allied lines marked the MAC guns and Kadgeron Mass Drivers firing, followed by puffs of exhaust as a swarm of Kadgeron Missiles and Archer Missiles left their launchers. The shields of the Rhinoharadan fleet lit up as the MAC slugs hit, followed by hull detonations as the Kadgeron Mass Driver slugs phased through shields and tore through hulls. Then came the Kadgeron and Archer missiles, lighting up shields and hulls alike.

“Concussion Missiles and Diamond-Boron Missiles, open fire!†Kell exclaimed. Both aforementioned missiles launched, streaking toward the enemy fleet and exploding on and around the hulls of the enemy. One Jem’Hadar Dreadnought, two Nebulon-B2 Frigates, three Nebulon-B Frigates, and four Sith Interdictors went up in flames as they exploded.

“Alert,†Bianca proclaimed, “Enemy ordinance discharging!â€

The Rhinoharadan fleet fired a volley of red turbolasers at the allied fleet. The shields lit up and flared, but none failed. Several bolts impacted on the shields of the Dragon’s Rage.

“Light damage to shields – shield status stands at nine-nine-point-nine-five percent,†Bianca reported.

“If that’s the best they can do, then this will be a short war,†Spyro commented.

“Don’t get cocky, Spyro,†Kell warned. “There’s more than this waiting for us.†He turned his attention to the fleet. “All torpedoes, open fire!â€

The many types of torpedoes in the allied fleet – Kadgeron, Plasma, Proton, Photon, Quantum and Poleron – all discharged. Some impacted on the shields of the Rhinoharadan fleet, others detonated under the shield screens, and two more ships went up – an Eradicator Star Destroyer and a Cardassian Keldon.

“The enemy is in range of our turbolasers and disruptors,†Hunter stated.

“Ember, engage engines,†Kell commanded, “Bring us to broadside of that Titan Heavy Battlecruiser, then hand the Helm to Amber. Spyro, you and Cynder be ready to board the ship. I’ll drop his shields and take out the bridge – If I remember that ship correctly, they have a battle bridge in the center of that ship. Call for reinforcements when you reach each checkpoint – I’ll be nearby.â€

“Permission to go with the boarding parties,†Flame said. Kell looked to Spyro.

“Granted,†Spyro responded. “Suit up.â€

“We’re coming to broadside,†Ember proclaimed. “Amber, take the helm!â€

Ember headed for the XO’s chair as Amber took the helm.

“Hunter,†Kell commanded, “Target the primary bridge and shielding systems, fire when ready!â€

Hunter’s hands danced across his console as he brought the Kadgeron autocannons and disruptors to bear on the targeted Titan. First, the autocannons fired, catching both shield generator domes and rupturing them. They both exploded seconds later, and the shields were down. The disruptors fired next, and took out the bridge as the ship fired back. The green lasers dissipated across the shields of the Dragon’s Rage, but the guns fell silent after the bridge was taken out.

“Spyro to Kell,†Spyro stated over the intercom, “We’re ready down here.â€

“Nine, engage the transporters – beam them into a defensible area of the ship to launch strikes,†Kell ordered.

“Spyro, good luck – you’re gonna need it.â€

“Energizing,†Nine announced.

The battle for Avalar had begun...

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  • 3 months later...

Time to update this story!

Chapter Two

The Translocator put the first of the boarding parties – consisting of six Klingon Marines, four Romulan Marines, four Reman Special Forces Marines, eight Commando Droids, and Spyro, Cynder and Flame – inside a multi-compartmented cargo bay. It was dark, and perfect for the currently present party, being that they fought well in the dark.

The cargo bay was not, however, empty. The team – though in a defensible position amongst some crates – were surrounded by Rhynocs in modified Imperial Stormtrooper armor.

Spyro was the first to fire. He shouldered his H40 and fired a burst into the first Rhynoc he saw. The bastard dropped like a rock, but alerted his pals when he screamed.

“Fan out!†Spyro commanded. “Take cover!â€

The party fanned out, and a Battle Droid greased another Rhynoc. One of them wandered too close and was blown out of his white boots by Cynder’s SG30. Flame brought his X15 Battle Rifle up and drilled yet another Rhynoc. The other Rhynocs present took cover where they could, but were systematically taken out. When the area was secure, Spyro radioed the Dragon’s Rage.

“Spyro to Kell,†he said, “We have secured Cargo Bay one, and are ready for reinforcements.â€

“Hold on, Spyro,†Kell responded, “If the message Sheila intercepted is accurate, the Rhynocs you greased were the last – the ship is run by Humans wanting to defect!â€

“That’s surprising,†Cynder commented.

“Can they communicate with us?†Spyro asked.

“Stand by,†Kell answered.

“Commander Darryl Harrison to Spyro Nightscales,†a human voice said.

“Nightscales here,†Spyro responded.

“The ship is yours, General,†Darryl said.

“On what grounds?†Cynder asked suspiciously.

“Simple,†Darryl responded. “You are Dragon Force, and you saved my brother from the Vhorson Graveyard. Now I intend to return the favor by helping you in your fight against the Rhinoharadan.â€

“I won’t ask how you infiltrated them, Commander,†Spyro said. “But we welcome your help. Do you have a secondary shield system?â€

“That’s another thing I wanted to tell you, Spyro,†Kell commented. “They have their own Ablative Armor generators.â€

“Hot damn,†Spyro said with a grin. “Commander, if the ship is secure, I will head to the bridge – we have a battle to win!â€

“Yes, sir!†Darryl responded. “I’ll light the path.â€

Blinking lights appeared, and Spyro followed them to the bridge at the core of the ship.

“Captain on the bridge!†Darryl announced Spyro’s presence.

“As you were,†Spyro said. “Where do we stand?â€

“We’re coming off the Starboard side of the Dragon’s Rage, all systems bypassed and ready to go,†The Engineering officer responded.

“Weapons?†Cynder asked.

“Ion Cannons and Turbolasers stand ready, concussion missiles are ready to fire, and proton torpedoes are ready to fire,†Tactical responded.

“What’s the flagship for this particular fleet?†Spyro asked.

“The Kandosii-class Battleship Merciless, off the starboard-aft,†Commander Darryl answered. “Recommend we contact the Dragon’s Rage and ask their assistance in destroying it.â€

“That’s command thinking, commander,†Spyro said. “Comms, are we still on the line with Kell?â€

“Yes, sir,†the Comm officer responded.

“Target the Merciless,†Cynder ordered, “And designate it a priority target for the Dragon’s Rage.Helm, bring us about.â€

“Spyro to Kell,†Spyro said, “We’re designating the flagship for this fleet. My recommendation: Blast it to hell.â€

“We have the target in sight,†Kell answered.

“All batteries,†Spyro commanded, “Prepare to broadside!â€

As Spyro’s new ship – The Predator – and the Dragon’s Rage came up on the port and starboard sides of the Merciless, the commander of the Merciless was the first to fire. Turbolasers lashed out and struck the Predator’s Ablative Armor, but generally did little damage. The Predator returned fire, firing Ion Cannons and Turbolasers at the bulbous head of the warship. Since Spyro didn’t know where the shield generator of the Merciless was located, he fired weapons in an effort to wear down the shields. If anything, it’d be an interesting test of the Titan-class Heavy Battlecruiser’s firepower. While Kell and the Dragon’s Rage tore into the enemy flagship with Kadgeron autocannons and disruptors, Spyro and the Predator tried to see how fast they could drop the shields of the Merciless.

It didn’t take long. In addition to taking down shields, Spyro noticed that the many Ion Cannons of the Predator did serious EMP damage when the bolts impacted on the hull. The Dragon’s Rage fired last disruptor and autocannon shots as it passed the port-side-aft of the Merciless, while the Predator was still passing the starboard side. The Turbolasers and Ion Cannons kept firing, blasting chunks of armor out into space.

“Alert,†Tactical reported, “Enemy flagship’s main reactor is rupturing!â€

“Helm,†Spyro commanded, “come about, ninety degrees to starboard. Let’s not get caught in the explosion.â€

The Predator pulled away from the Merciless, clearing minimum safe distance as the flagship exploded. The Predator came over the spine of a Predator-class Star Destroyer that had taken a MAC round to the shields. The shields shimmered and overloaded, failed, and winked out, leaving the Predator clear to fire on the ship’s bridge. The Turbolasers and Ion Cannons fired and blew off not only the bridge, but the entire structure the bridge was located in. This temporarily disabled the ship, as lower-ranking senior officers made their way to the secondary bridge, leaving the ship vulnerable to attack. The ship that fired the MAC at the Predator-class Star Destroyer – The UNSC Ragnarok-class Dreadnought Praetorian – closed in, engaging the Star Destroyer with its many Archer Missile Pods, Naval Support Guns, and the turreted Heavy MAC Turrets and Directed Ion Cannon Turrets.

The Predator came up behind a Sith Interdictor flanked by two Immobilizer 418 Interdictor Cruisers. The many turbolaser and ion cannon batteries opened up an all three. Given the size of this particular Titan-class Heavy Battlecruiser – just under 6.5 Kilometers – and the amount of firepower contained within the ablative shell, none of the Interdictors under fire could long withstand the barrage. The port-side Interdictor simply blew up, while the Sith Interdictor lurched to starboard, collided with the other Interdictor, and both blew up. The Predator dove under the floating debris, and came up on the port side of a Venator under fire from a Sith Centurion. The Turbolaser and Ion Cannon batteries opened up on the Centurion, screwing it with EMP and blasting it apart. As the Predator cleared the Venator, the Venator finished the Centurion with a blast from it’s port-side Turbolaser Turrets.

Spyro watched the deadly effect the Romulan, Reman and Klingon ships – upgraded with Kadgeron shields and weapons – had on the Rhinoharadan fleet. The smaller, faster and more maneuverable ships were notoriously hard to hit with anything short of auto-targeting guns, which the enemy did not have. A pair of K’vort Birds-of-Prey and four B’rel Birds-of-Prey tore a Kedalbe-class Battleship apart, then did the same to the last Kandosii Battleship in the enemy fleet.

Four Romulan Noxerian warbirds and three Klingon Negh’Var Battlecruisers ripped one of the three Aggressor-class Destroyers, then turned their attention to the only Titan-class Heavy Battlecruiser other than the Predator. The aforementioned Birds-of-Prey joined the attack, and supporting them was the Ragnarok-class Dreadnought Praetorian. The SMAC gun of the Praetorian fired, and took out the Titan’s shields and bridge, tearing right through it and into the last Nebulon-B2 Frigate behind. The Klingon and Romulan warships tore into the Titan like beasts, shredding it to scrap as they tried to fight back.

A pair of Lucrehulk Battleships came up on the port and starboard sides of the last Kedalbe Battleship in the enemy fleet, laying into it with turbo quad lasers. The massive, four-barreled guns blew the Kedalbe apart, and it exploded in short order.

Having lost most of their fleet, the Rhinoharadan chose that moment to retreat. What vessels could retreat to light speed did, while the others self-destructed.

“What’s the casualty report, Kell?†Spyro asked.

“Hell of a good start,†Kell responded. “Not one ship lost, and only three with minor battle damage.â€

“Wow,†Flame commented. “That is a hell of a good start.â€

“Spyro, see what you can turn up from our collaborators on the Predator,†Kell ordered. “I’ll send Amber over there shortly.â€

“Got it,†Spyro answered.

“Let’s get started,†Cynder said.

Spyro took one last look at what was left of the enemy fleet. Dozens of derelict ships floated amidst a field of debris, wreckage and globs of vaporized hull. A hard-earned victory, but Spyro had to admit, it seemed... easy. Too easy. And it made him nervous. Something was afoot, but he knew not what. Even with his powers, he couldn’t ascertain what was really going on.

Determined to find out more, if only to not jump blindly into hell, Spyro set to work finding what relevant data he could...

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lmao this one made me look for the first 3 books!! :D:cool:

Excellent work, I really like it! :yes: ;)

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Hnh - good luck finding them. You'll need to read through them one by one to understand what's going on here. Speaking of which... *adds chapter*

Chapter Three

With Avalar secure, and no new threat presenting itself on long-range scanners, Kell retreated to his quarters. He tried some relaxing games on his computer, watched a few short holovids, and read for a bit, but eventually decided to try and get some sleep. Kell was already out of his shirt and staring out the window when Ember walked into the room. She wrapped her arms around Kell, kissed the base of his neck, and asked,

“Are you alright?â€

Kell smiled. He was about to ask what Ember was doing in his room when he remembered that they had married before all this, making it as much her room as it was his.

“I’m fine,†he said softly with a smile. “Just a little tired.â€

“Mm,†Ember whispered. “And debating whether or not to sleep?â€

“Yeah,†Kell affirmed. He turned around, gently kissing Ember. “Why? Did you want to snuggle up next to me?â€

Ember chuckled. “Well,†she said, “After a battle the likes of which we just went through, I’d feel safer sleeping next to my husband.â€

Kell leaned his head on Ember, still holding her close. He’d come a long way after he met Ember. Now she was his wife, and...

“Baby,†Ember murmured to Kell, “Have you ever thought of having a family?â€

Kell chuckled. “It’s crossed my mind a few times, I’ll admit,†Kell admitted. “Why?â€

“Well, as Cynder put it,†Ember explained, “When one is faced with overwhelming evidence of their own mortality, they tend to think about their future.â€

Kell stroked Ember’s cheek gently. “Talk of having children is a bit... premature, don’t you think?†he asked. “This war has only just started – and we have a long time to live.â€

“True,†Ember said, “But it was just a thought – something past the war.â€

“You always did think ahead, didn’t you?†Kell inquired with a loving chuckle. Ember playfully shoved Kell to the bed, then crawled up next to him.

“Hold me,†She said, snuggling next to Kell as he wrapped his arms around her. He gestured, and the blankets slid over them.

Kell and Ember must’ve fallen asleep, because the next thing they knew, Sheila came over the intercom.

“Kell? Ember? Are you awake?†she asked.

“Yeah,†Kell groaned. “What’s the situation?â€

“We’ve got a signal from Spyro,†Sheila responded. “He wants to talk to you.â€

“Affirmative,†Kell stated. The intercom switched off, and Kell glanced at the clock. 0830 – exactly twelve hours since he’d fallen asleep. By the time he’d turned his head to Ember, she was already out of bed and dressed. Kell followed suit, and he and Ember then headed to the bridge of the Dragon’s Rage. Spyro was already on the screen.

“Did I wake you at a bad time?†he asked.

“No,†Kell replied. “What do you have?â€

“Cynder and I – with aid from Flame, Amber and Commander Darryl here – managed to access the enemy network,†Spyro explained. “From it, we were able to determine that the Rhinoharadan attacked Avalar from a system in a parallel ‘verse – Coruscant, Universe 02-Delta. That particular ‘verse is primarily Mandalorian-controlled, and would explain where the Rhinoharadan got their ships.â€

“So, how do we strike?†Kell asked.

“That’s a little tougher,†Spyro answered. “There’s an armada of Rhinoharadan and Mandalorian ships guarding that region, and I’ve never known you to take a target that large head-on.â€

“Can we draw some of their ships away?†Kell asked.

“Fortunately, yes,†Spyro answered. “But it’ll take a while.†Spyro transmitted a galactic map with several planets highlighted. “These systems are best-suited to surround Coruscant. Abregado-Rae, Anaxes, Fresia, Alderaan, Byss, and Courlag, all of them with a direct route to Coruscant. If we take them all one by one, the Rhinoharadan and Mandalorian fleets will send out battle fleets to reinforce their garrisons there – weakening the Coruscant defense force.â€

“Sounds good,†Kell said. “Which one do we hit first?â€

“My recommendation would be to get one, if not several, of our allies to send fleets here to protect Avalar,†Spyro explained, “while we take the Marauder Corp to strike different targets, starting with Abregado-Rae – it’s the most lightly-defended, so there shouldn’t be too much resistance. We can call in defense fleets when we take the planets.

“From there, we’ll hit – in this order – Courlag, Byss, Alderaan, Fresia, and finally Anaxes. Anaxes, however, will be the most difficult nut to crack before we hit Coruscant.â€

“Why do you say that?†Kell asked.

“Because Anaxes is home to the Anaxes Citadel,†Darryl explained, “A massive complex of military schools, research labs, troop centers, and all things military. We’re going to need some aid to take that target...â€

Kell got the implication right away. “And you know of someone who’d be willing to do this?â€

Darryl smiled. “I know several,†He affirmed. “When the Mandalorians and the Rhinoharadan invaded, the forces of the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance joined forces – after a coup that killed Emperor Palpatine and redeemed Anakin Skywalker – to combat the enemy. I know the leaders – like Mon Mothma, General Garm Bel Iblis, plus the aforementioned Jedi, and several others.â€

“Point being, Kell,†Spyro continued, “I will have to take the Predator and seek them out; you’ll have to do without me for a while. We’ll gather what aid we can, and meet you over Byss.â€

“Well,†Kell stated, “Do what you must – but try to hurry.â€

“Understood,†Spyro stated. The channel snapped off, and the Predator turned and disappeared inside an interdimensional rift.

“Best of luck, old friend,†Kell said.

“Kell,†Nine said, “We’ve received the coordinates for each target.â€

“Good,†Kell replied. “As soon as our defense fleet gets here, set course for Abregado-Rae.†As Kell looked back out at the now-disappearing rift, he got the distinct feeling that, for better or worse and despite this major intelligence coup, this war had only just begun...

* * *

The Titan-class heavy battlecruiser Predator emerged from the interdimensional rift, it’s massive, arrow shape slicing through the empty nothingness of space. Almost immediately, several more warships emerged behind it – two Dragonarian Dragon-class Battleships, two Liberator-class Star Destroyers and two Osiris-class Battleships.

“Predator to allied ships, what is your purpose here?†Spyro asked.

“General Keldon’takk sent us as your backup,†replied the voice of Captain Michael Harrigan, one of the UNSC Captains that Dragon Force saved from the graveyard of the Vhorson.

“Typical,†Amber scoffed. “You must have won great favor with him for him to send backup like this.â€

“It’s a long story, Amber,†Spyro commented. Turning to Darryl, he asked, “Commander, where would the alliance be at this time?â€

“My guess would be at Mon Calamari,†Darryl replied. “Assuming the enemy hasn’t found them, they’ll be waiting for me to return to them.â€

“Let’s hope they’re in the mood for a few additional visitors,†Spyro commented. “Amber, set a course for Mon Calamari. Engage engines at maximum warp.â€

“Hyperspace,†Darryl corrected.

“What?†Spyro asked.

“Hyperspace,†Darryl repeated. “It’s our version of light speed.â€

“Well, whatever. As fast as we can go in Hyperspace,†Spyro ordered.

“Course plotted and sent to our allies,†Amber reported. “Engaging light speed engines.â€

Outside, the stars stretched out to infinity, and all seven ships disappeared into Hyperspace. As the fleet moved through hyperspace, Spyro turned to Darryl.

“Commander,†Spyro asked, “Is there any way we can contact the Alliance?â€

“Affirmative, sir,†Darryl answered. “We have a subspace comm array that can reach them in here.†He wandered over to a control panel, and set to work. Moments later, several faces appeared on the screen; There was a red-haired woman in white robes, a blond-haired man in black clothes, a taller man in what looked to be something like a black armored environment suit, and an older, white-haired man.

“Alliance Command, this is Commander Darryl reporting,†Darryl stated.

“Commander Darryl,†the black-armored figure said, his voice having a mechanical quality to it, “It is good to hear you are still alive.â€

“Command, here with me are four members of Dragon Force,†Darryl explained as Cynder, Flame, and Amber arrayed themselves behind Spyro. “A mercenary group that may be able to help us.â€

Spyro took that moment to introduce himself. “Alliance Command, I’m Spyro Nightscales. With me is my wife, Cynder, my old friend, Flame, and his wife, Amber.â€

“The great Spyro Nightscales,†The black-armored man stated. “I am Anakin Skywalker. With me is my son, Luke, plus the political leader of the Alliance, Mon Mothma, and the Military General, Garm Bel Iblis.â€

“Good to meet you all,†Spyro said. “We are currently inbound to your location. I assume you are still at Mon Calamari?â€

“We are,†responded the white-robed woman, Mon Mothma.

“Good,†Spyro stated. “We’ll be there shortly. We also are under escort by several ships from the Marauder Corp, the faction Dragon Force commands.†Spyro nodded to Darryl, who transmitted tech readouts and information files of the escorts.

“Very well,†Anakin said. “How soon will you be here?â€

Spyro glanced over and saw the countdown, then returned his attention to Anakin.

“We’ll be arriving in half an hour,†he stated. An Alliance soldier walked over to Garm and whispered something in his ear.

“It seems you’ll be arriving in the nick of time,†he said. “We’ll have an enemy fleet bearing down on us in forty minutes. Get here as soon as you can. Command out.†The channel snapped to black after that.

“Let’s not waste any time,†Spyro stated. “All hands, stand to battlestations. Preheat weapons, make whatever repairs we can, and keep the Ablative armor active. If we can, get whatever shields we can on-line.â€

The whole ship snapped into action. There was a battle to win...

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haha I;ve finally found them 3 books :D They're really great I liked the part of the first one where Kell and Ember talked in the medbay and declared love :)

I'm currently reading through the second book now, though, it is like a strong magnet!!!!

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Hah! The series gets better; trust me.

Chapter Four

The Predator dropped out of light speed near Mon Calamari to the sight of a large alliance fleet comprised of Chancellor-class Star Destroyers, Liberty-class Calamari Cruisers, Mk I and II Assault Frigates, Unification-class Heavy Frigates, Nebulon B-2 Frigates, Hammerhead-class Attack Cruisers, Foray-class Blockade Runners, Corellian Corvettes, Praetor-class Star Destroyers, four Inexpugnable-class Tactical Command ships and one multi-kilometer-long Mandator-class Star Dreadnought acting as the fleet command ship.

“Sir,†the communications officer announced, “The allied fleet is signaling – enemy fleet is ten minutes away. We must protect the Mandator Star Dreadnought Praetorian at all costs.â€

“Helm,†Spyro ordered, “take up a position to protect the Praetorian. Comms, signal our escorts – protect the Praetorian.â€

The Predator moved ahead and took up a position above the Praetorian’s command bridge. The escorts took up positions all around the target flagship.

“Alert,†tactical proclaimed, “Enemy vessels dropping out of light speed!â€

Consistent with the tactical officer’s announcement, the enemy fleet dropped out of light speed. Unlike the fleet that attacked Avalar, this fleet was made up primarily of Mandalorian ships, which was, to say, Kedalbe-class battleships, Kandosii-class battleships, Aggressor-class destroyers, Mandalorian Cruisers, Lictor-class Dungeon Ships, and Reciprocator-class frigates, with a few Victory star destroyer variants, Recusant light destroyers and Acclamator-II assault cruisers thrown into the mix. At the center of the enemy fleet was a massive, retrofitted and up-sized fleet command ship, a Revenge-class Heavy Carrier refit.

“This is going to be one helluva battle,†Cynder commented.

“If I may, sir,†Darryl said to Spyro, “This ship is equipped with a number of incursion drones – autonomous starfighter-sized craft that utilize an advanced polymorphic projector system to literally become different starships. We can use them to bolster the allied fleet.â€

Spyro nodded. “Do it,†he commanded, sitting back in the captain’s chair. Darryl passed on the order, and several incursion drones were deployed, which spread out and became a small fleet, bolstering the allied forces with a number of Osiris-class Battleships, Aggressor-class Battleships, Ares-class battlecruisers, Marauder-class Battlecruisers, Bishamonten-class heavy cruisers, Raijin-class heavy destroyers, Templar-class Destroyers, Sangheili frigates, CCS Battlecruisers and Assault Carriers, and at the center of this new reinforcement fleet stood one Ragnarok-class star dreadnought.

The enemy fleet lined up to challenge the allied lines, so Spyro ordered the fleet, “All long range weapons: Open fire!â€

The many MAC cannons and Archer missile pods of the allied fleet discharged with several diamond-boron missile salvos and proton torpedo volleys from the other allied ships. The result was spectacular; the MAC slugs impacted first – several of which were on the Revenge-class heavy carrier – and shattered smaller ships while damaging larger ones. The enemy flagship, however, retained most of it’s combat effectiveness, and many of the larger warships still remained battle-ready. Those enemy ships with mass drivers fired, and the allied ships took four losses – one Foray-class blockade runner and one Corellian corvette. On top of that, two of the Mark-I Assault Frigates were heavily-damaged. The allied fleet fired again, this time taking a Kedalbe and a Kandosii down.

“Alert,†Flame announced from the science station, “Enemy ships are engaging engines – it’s an attack charge!â€

“All ships,†came Garm Bel Iblis’s voice over the comm channel, “Hold position – engage with long-range weapons and missiles. Stand by to charge at my command.â€

The allied fleet did as commanded, continuing to fire long-range weapons and missiles. Three Lictor dungeon ships, four Reciprocator frigates and five Vengeance frigates went up before Garm Bel Iblis gave the order, “All ships, engage engines! Target enemy vessels and fire at will!â€

“That’s it, then,†Spyro stated. “Amber, engage engines, ahead full; bring us alongside the enemy flagship. All batteries, prepare for full-broadside attack!â€

The allied fleet fired again as engines lit up, further damaging the enemy fleet. The enemy fleet returned fire, and a Mark-II Assault frigate was destroyed.

While the others in the allied fleet went after the other enemy capital ships in packs, Spyro’s fleet sought to engage the enemy flagship. While the incursion drone UNSC warships hung back, firing MAC cannons and Archer missiles, the incursion drone Sangheili warships and the other ships escorting the Predator engaged the enemy flagship head-on. The Predator, along with the Dragonarian Dragon-class Battleships and several Sangheili CCS battlecruisers, Marauder battlecruisers and Templar Destroyers, came up along the starboard side of the enemy flagship, labeled the Emperor’s Will, while the Liberator Star Destroyers and several of the Sangheili assault carriers came up on the opposing side.

“All batteries, open fire!†Spyro commanded. The turbolaser and ion cannon batteries lit into the enemy ship, and the other warships followed suit. The Kadgeron weapons of the Dragonarian warships flew right through the enemy shields, disintegrating the hull as the Emperor’s Will fought back. Green Turbolasers flared, splashing across the allied ships’ shields. The plasma torpedoes and plasma lances of the Sangheili ships were devastating to the enemy shields, wearing them down and overwhelming them, eventually impacting under the deflector screens, boiling away layers of armor and slicing open decks like tin cans. The incursion UNSC ships discharged another volley of MAC slugs and missiles – the MAC slugs directed at the other enemy warships not surrounded by allied warships, while the missiles evaded the allied ships firing on the Emperor’s Will and detonating their explosive warheads on the weakened and slagged hull.

As the Predator emerged from the starboard side of the Emperor’s Will, it began to make it’s way across the port side of an enemy Kandosii-class Battleship already under fire from a Praetor-class Star Destroyer off it’s starboard side. The batteries of the Predator opened fire on the Kandosii, and with it’s shields already weakened from previous attacks, the ion cannons and turbolasers dropped the shields quickly, impacting on the hull and tearing off chunks of armor while damaging the ship with EMP at the same time. The incursion UNSC ships discharged another volley, this time putting MAC slugs into the Emperor’s Will and the Archer missiles into the other enemy ships. Several enemy warships went up in a series of brilliant explosions, including two Kedalbe battleships, two Kandosii battleships, four Aggressor destroyers, and the remaining three Victory cruisers. As though to prove luck sometimes comes in droves, several ships were disabled, including the last two Recusant light destroyers, one of the remaining two Acclamator-II frigates, three Vengeance frigates and three Reciprocator frigates. The Emperor’s Will still retained nearly half of it’s combat effectiveness, and it showed as it continued to pour fire from it’s remaining batteries into the allied fleet. Having taken out most of it’s escorts, however, the allied ships turned their attention to the enemy flagship. Laser cannons, turbolasers, ion cannons, everything except diamond-boron missiles and cluster warheads poured in from all sides. With it’s shields gone and hull under constant stress, the Emperor’s Will shuddered and shook under this torrential assault. The final blow came when the incursion UNSC warships – including the massive Ragnarok dreadnought – charged into the fray, lighting into the enemy warships with their anti-ship lasers, close-in weapons and naval support guns. The Emperor’s Will suffered a reactor breach, and was engulfed in a massive, brilliant explosion. With the destruction of their capital ship, the enemy fleet’s attack stalled, stopped, and finally, they retreated.

When the last enemy retreated into light speed, dozens of warships were scattered about the battlefield.

“Spyro,†Cynder announced, “The alliance delegation is signaling – they wish to meet with us to discuss how to proceed from here.â€

“Shall I prepare a shuttle, sir?†Commander Darryl asked.

“Go ahead,†Spyro responded. “We’ll head down to the hangar and meet with the alliance leaders. You have command until our return, commander.â€

Spyro, Cynder, Flame and Amber marched off the bridge, heading down to the hangar bay and boarding the Lambda shuttle. The shuttle, piloted by the crew of the Predator, exited the hangar bay and headed for the Praetorian. As the shuttle landed in the Hangar, an alliance guard comprised of Stormtroopers awaited them. The boarding ramp lowered, and the four Dragon Force heroes strode down the ramps. At the head of the alliance guard formation was Luke Skywalker.

“Spyro Nightscales,†Luke said as he shook Spyro’s hand, “Glad to finally meet you face-to-face.â€

“Likewise, Commander Skywalker,†Spyro responded. “Where are the others?â€

“They’re in the briefing room,†Luke stated. “You’ll be pleased to know your old pal, Kell, took Abregado-Rae and Courlag.â€

Cynder frowned. “You know Kell?†she asked.

“No,†Luke responded. “One of our fleets in the area sent the message at his request.â€

“Typical,†Amber scoffed. “You can always count on my brother to be too busy sifting through the rubble to send a message himself.â€

Luke led Spyro, Cynder, Flame and Amber toward the briefing room, deep inside the bowels of the Praetorian. Once there, Mon Mothma, Garm Bel Iblis, and Anakin Skywalker were already present, along with several others Spyro didn’t recognize.

“Spyro Nightscales,†Anakin stated. “We meet at last.â€

“We were wondering if you would ever find your way here,†Garm Bel Iblis added.

“Oh,†Spyro commented, “So you’ve heard of me outside of this ‘verse?â€

“Of course,†Mon Mothma responded. “We so desperately needed your aid. With the Mandalorians and the Rhinoharadan working together, we are a bit outnumbered.â€

“We appreciate your aid in the defense of Mon Calamari,†Garm stated.

“Well, we wanted your aid in dealing with the Rhinoharadan, honestly,†Cynder said.

“We don’t see why not,†Anakin stated. “We have a common enemy.â€

“What other fleets do you have?†Spyro asked.

“We have several large fleets,†Anakin answered. “One fleet I know of is defending our shipyards at Kuat.â€

“Any fleets close to Byss?†Flame inquired. “Because that’s our next--â€

“We are well aware of your battle-plan, mister Nightscales,†Garm Bel Iblis interrupted. “The closest fleets we have to Byss are over Corellia and Bothawui.â€

“If you’re aware of our strategy,†Spyro stated, “Perhaps you’ll aid us in it.â€

“Well, we can’t leave Mon Calamari undefended,†Garm explained. “We need to--â€

“With respect, General,†Anakin said, “We must aid them. We can’t just sit here and wait for another attack. At times like this, the best defense is a good offense.â€

“Vader is right,†Mon Mothma agreed. “We must take the fight to our enemy, for the sake of our troops’ morale.â€

“Vader?†Cynder repeated. “Who’s Vader?â€

“She refers to me,†Anakin responded. “Darth Vader was my Sith name. It’s a long story.â€

“Oh,†Cynder and Spyro said simultaneously.

“We will send what fleets we can to Byss,†Mon Mothma said. “You will command them, General Nightscales.â€

“We can only pray you are up to the task,†Garm Bel Iblis added.

“We are,†Spyro said. “This galaxy will be free – I can promise you that. What promises Dragon Force makes, they keep.†Spyro turned to leave, then stopped. He looked back and added, “If you need Incursion Drones, I’ll leave a few here for you to study and replicate.â€

With that said, he and his party marched off the Praetorian and back to the shuttle, where they headed back to their flagship. Once back on the Predator, Spyro, Cynder, Flame and Amber headed onto the bridge, where Spyro began passing on his orders.

“Send a few Incursion Drones, starship, and starship tech specs to the Praetorian, then make ready to jump our fleet to Byss. Tactical, keep the weapons hot – we’ll need them. Comms, get a message to Kell and the Dragon’s Rage, tell them we’re heading to Byss.â€

The bridge snapped into action, and Spyro slumped into the Captain’s chair, rubbing his temple. He closed his eyes, reaching out with his powers. Something was going on; he could sense it.

“Spyro,†Cynder asked, “Are you alright?â€

“There is a disturbance in the Magick currents,†Spyro whispered to her. “But I know not what it is.â€

“Could it be something to do with Lord Malkorr?†Cynder asked.

“I don’t know,†Spyro answered. “But I have a feeling we’ll find out soon enough.â€

Nothing more was said as the Predator jumped into light speed, surrounded by it’s fleet of Incursion Drone Warships.

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Here, for yer viewing pleasure:

Chapter Five

All was quiet in orbit of Byss. The massive blue-green world seemed so peaceful, if you didn’t count the Mandalorian/Rhinoharadan fleet sitting in high orbit. Unlike the fleets that were at Abregado-Rae and Courlag, this fleet consisted of a balance of the bulky, powerful Mandalorian ships, and the speedy, maneuverable ships the Rhinoharadan used. Mandalorians had a series of Kedalbe battleships, Venator Destroyers, Mandalorian cruisers, and three large Kandosii star dreadnoughts.

The Rhinoharadan, however, used a number of Crusader gunships, Reciprocator Frigates, Gladiator Star Destroyers, and a few designs gleaned from another ‘verse – Radiance Battleships, Halcyon Carriers, and Rapture Battlecruisers.

It was a complete surprise to the enemy fleet in orbit, then, when a mixed fleet suddenly dropped out of light speed. This fleet consisted of many UNSC, Sangheili, Rebel, Imperial, and Republic warships. The fleet was about equal in size to the Rhinoharadan/Mandalorian fleet, and was just as heavily-armed and armored. At the head of this fleet were two distinct vessels – the upgraded, repaired and rearmed Titan-class heavy battlecruiser, the Predator, and the equally massive, deadly, and effective Dragon-class Heavy Battleship commanded by the members of Dragon Force, the Dragon’s Rage.

“We are secured from light speed,†Hunter proclaimed from the helm station.

“Tactical,†Kell commanded Nine, who was at the tactical station, “Go shields up and weapons hot.â€

“We’re getting a message from the enemy fleet commander,†Sheila announced. With a pause, she added, “Apart from his fanatical threats of us burning, he is offering no quarter.â€

“That makes our job easier... and harder,†Ember said.

“Nine,†Kell queried, “Can you identify the enemy flagship?â€

“Negative,†Nine responded. “Recommend we just blast enemy ships ‘till they retreat.â€

“Kell,†Hunter said, “The enemy fleet is lining up to challenge us.â€

“Sheila, get a line to Spyro,†Kell ordered, “Tell him to deploy his Incursion drones as UNSC warships. Then, have all UNSC warships hang back, fire MAC guns and Archer Missiles to cover our advance. All other ships, follow us in.â€

As Sheila passed on Kell’s orders, Ember leaned closer to Kell.

“Is this where the fun begins?†she asked with a crooked smile.

Kell didn’t answer as Sheila announced, “Spyro is launching his Incursion Drones, Kell – and the fleet is standing by.â€

“Send to our fleet – engage engines and attack,†Kell ordered.

The engines of the allied fleet engaged, and pushed them toward the enemy fleet. The MAC guns and Archer Missiles of the UNSC and Incursion UNSC warships discharged, flying at the enemy fleet with destructive intent. The MAC slugs impacted first, hammered down the shields of a Rapture Battlecruiser, and shattered two Gladiator Star Destroyers. The Archer Missiles hit after that, taking the Rapture out of commission and mortally-wounding a Mandalorian Venator.

“Alert!†Nine exclaimed, “Enemy fleet is returning fire!â€

A volley of Mass Driver slugs, Proton Torpedoes and Concussion missiles was fired, impacting on the shields of the allied fleet and taking down a Sangheili CCS Battlecruiser, two Rebel Mk-I Assault Frigates and two Imperial Star Destroyers.

“Kell,†Sheila reported, “our fleet reports they are in firing range!â€

“About damn time,†Kell growled.

“All ships, open fire!†Ember commanded before her husband could give the order.

The UNSC warships fired another MAC slug/Archer Missile volley, while the Sangheili warships fired a storm of Plasma Torpedoes. The Rebel and Imperial ships each fired proton torpedoes and concussion missiles, the Republic warships launched a barrage of Diamond-Boron Missiles, and the Predator lit up like a Christmas tree and covered itself in ablative armor. The Dragon’s Rage added it’s contribution to the destruction by firing it’s Kadgeron Mass Drivers and Torpedoes. The MAC slugs again impacted first, tearing apart the disabled Rapture, shattering three Mandalorian cruisers and destroying two of the four Reciprocator frigates, with one of the three Kandosii dreadnoughts getting their shields dropped. While the Archer Missiles closed in on their targets, the proton torpedoes, concussion missiles and diamond-boron missiles hit the enemy fleet. The concussion missiles, having been fired in a swarm, overwhelmed the damaged shields of a third Reciprocator, took down the shields of a Radiance battleship, and damaged the shields of a Halcyon carrier. The proton torpedoes finished the damaged Reciprocator and the Radiance, damaged the Halcyon, and blew apart the mortally-wounded Mandalorian Venator whilst still damaging two others. The Diamond-Boron missiles, however, made for a disaster on the enemy fleet – the missiles detonated their explosive ordinance on and around the enemy hulls, lacerating and tearing apart the enemy ships. Fighters launched by the Halcyon Carriers were blown apart in this tempest, the damaged Halcyon was blasted apart, and by the time the Archer Missiles hit, a good portion of the enemy fleet was damaged. The archer missiles made it worse for them.

With their fleet damaged, they didn’t last long as the alliance fleet ripped right through them. Constantly being bombarded by MAC slugs and archer missile volleys, it wasn’t until the last Kandosii was destroyed that the enemy fleet decided to retreat. It was not, however, the end. Consistent with Spyro’s anticipation, Rhinoharadan and Mandalorian warships from Coruscant dropped out of light speed. The fleet assembled and launched a hastily-organized counterattack. The allied fleet charged headlong into them, while Spyro the UNSC warships – regular and Incursion alike – circled around out of the enemy weapons range toward the enemy fleet’s flank. While the enemy was tied up fighting Kell and his fleet, Spyro and the UNSC Warships assembled directly behind the enemy, targeting ships at will, and firing weapons. Enemy warships took as many as three to four MAC slugs at once, battering down their shields and getting craters blown into their hull. The Sangheili warships tore them to pieces with their shields down, and with the Marauder Corp fleet ripping them apart as they were bombarded from afar, the enemy fleet was systematically destroyed ship by ship.

When it was all over, dozens of derelict vessels, countless globs of vaporized hull and fields of charred debris littered the field. But the job was not done. They still had to destroy the enemy presence on Byss.

“Sheila,†Kell said, “Green-light Spyro to begin the invasion.â€

Best of luck, old friend, Kell thought solemnly.

* * *

“Sir,†Spyro’s chief communications officer reported, “Message from General Keldon’takk; commence the invasion.â€

“Right,†Spyro sighed. “Amber, Flame, you have the bridge. Cynder, care to tag along?â€

Cynder scoffed. “As if I’d let you go down there alone,†she commented. “Just let me grab my gear.â€

“Commander Darryl,†Spyro ordered as he left with Cynder, “Have our strike team meet us in the Transporter Room, alert me when our reinforcement ships arrive.â€

“Aye, sir,†Darryl replied.

Spyro and Cynder then headed to the armory, where Spyro grabbed his typical loadout, took his Nanosword and the Nanosword he took as a trophy from Dakkron, nabbed his powered battle armor, and ran checks on all his equipment while he waited on Cynder. Cynder, having upgraded her firepower, took her SG30, her powered battle armor, but she replaced the MP10 Sub-disruptor with an RX Kalashnikov AKS74U Model 3 and her AM67 Assault Pistol with a Model 30 Kadgeron Disruptor Pistol. She stored a few dual-magazines for her AKS as Spyro told her, “I love you, Cynder.â€

Cynder smiled and chuckled. “I love you, too, baby,†she murmured to him. “But now is not the time to get soft.â€

“I know,†Spyro admitted, “I... just want you to know in case one of us doesn’t make it out of the battle alive.â€

It was when Cynder gazed into Spyro’s eyes that she saw the fear in he harbored. He lost her once, he did not want to do so twice.

“Sweetheart,†Cynder said softly, “You won’t lose me, and I won’t lose you; we’ll make it. We both have seen and done ops like this dozens of times. This battle is no different. Remember Drakkus IV?â€

Spyro chuckled. “Yeah,†he sighed.

“We’ll get through this,†she said, placing a hand on Spyro’s cheek. “Trust me.†Spyro paused, then leaned over and kissed Cynder. The moment of pre-battle romance gone, Spyro and Cynder headed to the transporter room, Cynder’s AKS in her hands, Spyro’s H40 in his, surrounded by a team of Klingon Commandos, Reman and Romulan marines and Commando Droids, where Spyro gave the order,

“Energize.†The squad-sized force beamed down to Byss, and the invasion had begun...

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haha this just keeps getting better and better for every chapter!

You got me hooked on to the second book; I myself thought Spyro's love was dead! hehe :-P:goodjob:

Anyway excellent work as always. Keep up the good work! :D:yes:

You know, Insomniac should make a game out of this story :lol:

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haha this just keeps getting better and better for every chapter!

You got me hooked on to the second book; I myself thought Spyro's love was dead! hehe :-P:goodjob:

Anyway excellent work as always. Keep up the good work! :D:yes:

You know, Insomniac should make a game out of this story :lol:

LOL! That last comment made me laugh. If only that could happen...

Chapter Six

The transporter beam deposited Spyro’s strike team on an uninhabited landing platform. In the distance was the enemy command center; a tall building, easily twelve stories high, that resembled a talon in appearance.

However, once the transport was complete, an alarm system started to blare. The enemy knew they were here, but it didn’t matter. First order of business was to reach the enemy Command and Control center.

“I’ve got point,†Spyro said. “Let’s move!â€

The team moved off the landing pad, down a flight of stairs, and into a corridor that led toward the elevator that went to ground level. From there, they moved toward the main entrance of the enemy command center.

“They’re probably going to lock the door,†Cynder commented.

“I know,†Spyro said with a grin. He loaded an HE grenade into the launcher of his H40, and fired. The grenade flew in an arc trajectory, hit the door, and blew it apart, making a clear entrance for the strike team.

“Was that a--†Cynder started.

“--Random shot? Yes it was,†Spyro interrupted.

The team slowed down just shy of the entrance, and cautiously entered the command center, looking for any traps. A lone Reman entered the dark room, removing his daytime goggles to see inside.

“Clear,†the Reman stated. The rest of the strike team entered the room, and secured the area.

“Area scans indicate no Rhinoharadan or Mandalorian defenses detected,†a Commando droid stated.

“No Mandalorians?†a Romulan asked. “You’d think maybe nobody’s home.â€

At the time this statement was said, Spyro had been approaching a door. The door sensed his presence, sighed, and slid open to reveal a surprised Mandalorian. Jumping on the initiative, Spyro tackled the Mandalorian and slammed his head into the wall. The impact broke the hapless trooper’s neck. With any luck, he’d have finished the Mandalorian quietly enough.

This, however, was not the case. Another door opened, and Mandalorian troops flooded in. As the gunfight ensued, a Klingon turned to mock the Romulan who had just spoken.

“‘No Mandalorians.’ You had to open your mouth!â€

Cynder fired her AKS in bursts, the ultra-dense hardened bullets catching one Mandalorian on the move. Spyro moved to assist, firing his H40 and drilling a Mandalorian through his helmet. The Mandalorians, armed primarily with EE3 Blaster Carbines and the usual Mandalorian Assault Rifle, fanned out and fired. These shots were wild, and Spyro got the impression that these were generally new Mandalorian recruits, given the blue armor they wore. Spyro drilled one of them, but another one managed to land a shot on Spyro’s chest. The scarlet energy bolt glanced off Spyro’s shields and dropped the level by one-eighth. Spyro shot that one in the head, then took cover with Cynder and his team.

“Cynder,†he said over the gunfire, “be careful – their weapons will drop our armor’s energy shields quickly.â€

Cynder rose, unlimbering her SG30, and blew a Mandalorian that strayed too close into his pal. She turned, fired again, and the Sabot shell taking down another one. Spyro rose, took aim, and fired at a Mandalorian that was taking aim for Cynder. The bastard saw it coming, ducked, and Spyro missed. Spyro aimed at the crate he ducked behind, fired, and was rewarded with a howl of pain. Spyro primed a frag grenade and tossed it into the enemy formation, then shouted, “Frag out! Take cover!â€

The grenade detonated with a loud whump and half of the combatants went down riddled with shrapnel. The team rose, taking down half of the survivors, and the others retreated. Spyro looked around at his team; not one man lost. No casualties. But this was just the beginning. Spyro activated a secure line to the Predator and spoke,

“Spyro to Flame.â€

“Flame here,†came Flame’s response.

“We have secured the first reinforcement point and are ready for reinforcements,†Spyro said. “Have our support ships arrived?â€

“Negative,†Flame answered. “They’re still ten minutes out. We’re sending down Storm Commandos. Stand by.â€

A transporter energized, and deposited eight black-armored Storm Commandos armed with Model 76 Kadgeron Disruptor Rifles in the room Spyro’s team was in. The lead NCO of the group approached Spyro and saluted him. “Sergeant Mallory, requesting permission to tag along.â€

Spyro returned the salute. “Permission granted, sergeant,†he said. “Did the Predator get an orbital scan of all good reinforcement points?â€

“Yes, sir,†Mallory responded. “The closest one is two floors up.â€

Spyro reloaded his H40 and looked to Cynder and the others on his team. “Everybody, check weapons, reload as needed; we’re moving on!†He commanded. The team then thundered through the door the Mandalorian counterattack team came from, and up into a corridor. They went, room to room, clearing out all threats. Most were simply groups of one to three Mandalorians or Rhynocs. It wasn’t until the group reached the third floor – the floor that contained the next reinforcement point – that the teams ran into significant opposition. This group consisted of blue-armored Mandalorian troops and white-armored Rhynocs. The enemy was congregated in the reinforcement point – a secondary Combat Information Center.

The Rhynoc NCO in charge of the group spotted the team as soon as they entered the CIC and shouted the alarm. Whether he did or not wouldn’t have mattered; the strike team’s presence would be announced when they started shooting. One of the Storm Commandos fired his disruptor and took down the NCO that raised the alarm. In less than five seconds, the room became a mad melee of crisscrossing lasers and flying bullets. Cynder took cover with Spyro, firing her AKS and killing a Rhynoc. A Mandalorian fired his rifle at her as she dove, but missed, and she came up hunched over next to Spyro. She removed the dual-magazine, flipped it over to the opposite mag, and loaded that end into the receiver before she pulled the bolt back and let it slide forward with a metallic click-click. Spyro fired his H40, drilled a Mandalorian and a Rhynoc, and ducked back down to reload.

“Secondary CIC is breached!†a Mandalorian shouted. “Fall back to Primary CIC!†As the Mandalorians retreated, they fired their weapons to cover each other. One of them got a Klingon in the throat and silenced him, while another took out a Reman. The rest of the team spread out, secured the area, and Spyro called it in.

“Spyro to Flame,†he radioed, “We have secured the Secondary CIC.â€

“Copy,†Flame answered. “First good news: Our support ships have arrived in-system, they’ll send down reinforcements soon as I radio them.â€

“What’s the second good news?†Spyro asked.

“You’re about to get some unexpected help; several of the UNSC warships are sending down contingents of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers via orbital drop ships,†Flame said. “On top of that, the Sangheili are sending some of their troops.â€

It was then that Kell cut into the conversation. “Spyro,†he said, “I just got the message. Let the ODST and Sangheili troops focus on taking the other reinforcement points; I want you to push for the Primary Command and Control Center – it’s on the top floor. If you need reinforcements, radio in and I’ll have support send them down to you. Watch your back down there, old friend.â€

“Got it,†Spyro said. “Can you get me a line to the support ships?â€

“Stand by,†Flame stated.

After a moment, a Klingon voice came over the channel. “... to Spyro Nightscales, repeat, Fleet Captain Jureth to Spyro Nightscales.â€

“Captain Jureth, this is Spyro Nightscales, I read you,†Spyro answered.

“We stand ready to support, milord. Just give the word,†Jureth said.

“I need two full squads of Klingon Commandos and Reman Marines, on the double!†Spyro ordered. “We’re taking the enemy Command and Control Center.â€

“As you command,†Jureth said. He began shouting orders in his native tongue as the channel snapped off, and moments later, Klingon commandos and Reman marines were beamed into the Secondary CIC.

Spyro spotted an ammunition replicator, and he and Cynder replenished their ammo before Spyro shouted, “Okay, people, let’s move out!†The strike team, now transformed into a strike force, thundered down the corridors of the enemy command center, killing anything that shot at them. With ODST and Sangheili troops taking strategic locations one after the other, the enemy began a full retreat to the Primary CAC center. Spyro and his force moved out of the corridor going to the twelfth floor and onto the twelfth floor itself, his troops spreading out like a flood. The staccato of automatic weapons could be heard through the walls with the whine of blasters and plasma rifles. With the elite Mandalorian troops tied up fighting the Sangheili and ODST, Spyro’s strike force was left to deal with the Rhynocs.

A fire team of Rhynocs came running out of a corridor, and ran headlong into Spyro’s strike force. They were cut down in a hail of weapon fire, but more came running to the sounds of battle.

“Fan out!†Spyro commanded. The strike force spread out all over the area they were in, taking cover where they could. The Rhynocs on this floor must have been elite troops, as well, as they were able to land direct hits on the troops in Spyro’s strike force. One of the casualties took several blaster shots to his chest and was dead before he hit the ground; another got hit in the leg, then the face. Cynder rose from cover long enough to ice a Rhynoc that rose from cover, then ducked back down. Spyro, who was right next to her, rose and drilled a Rhynoc NCO in the head, before his gun made a loud clack and the bolt locked open – the gun was empty. Spyro ducked back down to reload as Cynder said over the gunfire, “These guys just don’t give up!â€

“They’ll fight to the last man, if they have to,†Spyro stated. He rammed a fresh mag into the receiver and racked a round into the chamber.

“And you’re just loving it, aren’t you?†Cynder asked. They both rose simultaneously, killed separate Rhynocs, and ducked back down.

“I don’t enjoy doing this, for the record,†Spyro stated. “But the less troops the Rhinoharadan have to work with, the better.â€

Cynder scoffed. “You don’t need to tell me that,†she said. She iced a Rhynoc as Spyro drilled another NCO, then they both ducked behind cover as Cynder reloaded.

“We have the enemy on the run!†Sergeant Mallory shouted.

“Let’s take it to ‘em!†Spyro shouted to his force. They rose from cover, chasing the Rhynocs down the corridors, taking down enemies as they saw them. They chased the Rhynocs to the Primary CAC Center, where they were met with an already-raging gunfight between the remaining Mandalorian Elite troops and several squads of ODST and Sangheili troops. When they saw Spyro and his strike force, the allied troops launched a hastily-organized attack, and washed away the remaining defenders of the enemy’s presence on Byss like a flood. When it was all over, the halls of the enemy command center were littered with bodies.

Spyro came to Byss an invader, and he left a conqueror. Three worlds taken, three left to take before striking Coruscant itself...

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lmao Book III was full of couples - Spyro & Cynder, Kell & Ember, Flame & Amber, and Bianca & Hunter.

who's next? Sheila and Nine? :lol:

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Bah, need to update this story... *updates*

Chapter Seven

Yellow, malevolent eyes stared from an expressionless face at the latest report. Byss had fallen, in addition to Courlag and Abregado-Rae. Spyro and his... faction, his “Marauder Corp†or whatever he was calling it, was taking planets one by one, surrounding Coruscant. If they succeed in taking Coruscant and Mandalore – a world now under attack by upgraded Rebel forces – they would break the back of Mandalorian control in this ‘verse. But the cyborg dragon was not concerned with this. His focus, for the moment, was on Spyro. He had met him before, but Spyro did not see him for who he was. Spyro’s power grew by the day, but the cyborg dragon knew it could not surpass him.

He was convinced that should it come to a showdown, he, Lord Malkorr, would be victorious over Spyro. For now, he was content to watch Spyro’s campaign. If Malkorr’s forces succeeded in killing Spyro, good. One less thorn in his side. If Spyro succeeded in surrounding Coruscant, good. Malkorr will have the pleasure of seeing Spyro break before him. Hell, he had a special surprise for Spyro if he ran into him on Coruscant...

Just a little bit closer, Spyro...

* * *

Though Alderaan still retained some of it’s natural beauty, the Mandalorian/Rhinoharadan fleet in orbit told a tale of ruthless exploitation. Though removed from Byss, the fleet was not unaware of what happened there. As a result, the fleet in orbit and the garrison down planetside was put on high alert. It was no surprise, then, when the Marauder Corp fleet suddenly dropped out of translight speed. There was a mix of UNSC, Sangheili and Imperial warships, headed by Spyro’s Flagship, the Predator. The Dragon’s Rage, however, was not present. Still, the fleet arrayed against the enemy was formidable, lining up to challenge the Mandalorians in an act of defiance.

“We are secured from Hyperspace,†Flame announced from the Helm station.

“Good,†Spyro said. “Comms, send to our fleet – Target the enemy, fire at my command.â€

“Message away,†the communications officer stated. After a moment, she added, “Sir, I am getting a message from the enemy fleet. They demand we power down and surrender.â€

“Our fleet is responding,†Amber proclaimed from the tactical station. “They have weapons locked and are standing by.â€

“If Kell’s plan works,†Cynder commented, “This’ll be a short fight.â€

“Tell me about it,†Spyro chuckled. “Let’s deliver our rebuttal – All ships, open fire!â€

Dozens of flashes marked MAC guns discharging, followed by a flurry of Archer Missiles, a swarm of concussion missiles, and a storm of Plasma Torpedoes. The MAC slugs impacted first, lighting up shields and shattering smaller ships. The Archer and Concussion missiles hit next, hammering down the shields of larger vessels and ripping apart smaller ones. Then the plasma torpedoes impacted, disintegrating smaller ships that were lucky enough to survive the first volleys, boiling layers of armor off cruisers and battlecruisers and hammering the shields off of the battleships present. The enemy fleet remained still, however.

“They must really want to die if they’re just going to sit there like that,†Cynder commented.

“Maybe not,†Amber said. “The enemy is engaging engines and closing to attack distance.â€

“Just as Kell had predicted,†Spyro said with a wry smile. “Get a message to Kell – Spring the trap.â€

“It’ll take him a while to get here,†Cynder said.

“That’s why I’m sending it now,†Spyro replied.

“Message away,†Comms proclaimed.

“Have our fleet keep hammering the enemy – but do not move,†Spyro ordered.

Another volley discharged. A Mandalorian Kandosii took multiple MAC hits and blew up, and a Kedalbe battleship’s shields were hammered down, after which a combination of missiles and plasma torpedoes did it in. Two battlecruisers went up after multiple torpedo hits, and the last three Mandalorian Venators were annihilated by missiles.

“The enemy fleet is firing weapons,†Amber announced. Consistent with her prediction, the enemy fleet started shooting what weapons they could – pulse lasers, plasma cannons, and their mass drivers. One UNSC Frigate took several mass driver slugs and went up in pieces. Another Imperial Nebulon-B Frigate got tagged by multiple lasers and plasma pulses and blew up.

The allied fleet discharged another volley, and at that range, it was deadly. The MAC slugs blew right through shields, going through as many as two ships in one go. Missiles ripped apart corvette, frigate and capital ship alike, and plasma torpedoes melted hulls and slagged decks.

It was then that Kell’s fleet dropped out of warp – surrounding the battle fleet of Dragonarian warships were many Federation, Klingon, Romulan and Reman warships, all equipped with Kadgeron weapons and defenses. All of them engaged engines and charged for the enemy’s unguarded flank. By the time the Mandalorian/Rhinoharadan fleet realized they’d been outmaneuvered, Kell’s allies were already bearing down on them. Kadgeron phasers sliced hulls open like tin cans, disruptors made craters, and torpedoes blew apart the hulls of the enemy, already weakened from previous attacks. This time, however, the enemy fleet refused to retreat. There was no reinforcement fleet, either because they had been sent ahead of time before Spyro got there, or because the enemy sought to spare no more ships from Coruscant. Either way, the fleet over Alderaan was screwed. They fought to the last ship, and when it went up, the allied fleet cheered.

“Kell, old friend,†Spyro said over an open channel, “Do you want to lead the strike force down planetside?â€

“You know it, Spyro,†Kell affirmed. “You got the last op – besides, it’s been a while since I dealt with Urban Combat.â€

“Then don’t waste any time talking to me, pal,†Spyro stated. “Good luck.â€

“You sure Kell can handle this?†Cynder asked.

“Of course,†Spyro answered, “Remember: Kell is ex-military. He has seen and done ops like this many times – this is no different.â€

“I hope you’re right,†Cynder commented.

“Trust me, Cynder,†Amber said, “If there’s anything that big brother excels at, it’s staying alive in combat.â€

Nothing more was said as the fleet sent it’s forces down planetside...

* * *

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At last! lol for a moment I thought the next post here would be a dredge, but fortunately, not :):yes:

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Chapter Eight


A transporter beam energized, and a squad of fifteen figures were deposited on the surface of Alderaan. One of them was Ryukaissen Dragonarian, armed with an advanced, multi-purpose assault rifle that had an advanced bullpup layout, telescopic scope, and a detachable sabot shotgun attachment – an X700 MPAR. This was Kell. The next clearly-visible figure was a pink-scaled dragon, armed with Kell’s old MP340A2 – Kell’s wife, Ember. The third figure was a monkey – armed with a new Disruptor sidearm and a new bullpup assault rifle with an integrated sound suppressor. This was Agent Nine, armed with his brand-new RX Phantom P4A1. The other twelve figures varied in race – four Romulans, four Klingons, and four Humans wearing UNSC-issue combat armor.


Surrounding the squad was a vast expanse of forest. As soon as Kell was sure everyone was present, he opened a secure line to the Dragon’s Rage. “Kell to Hunter,†he said.


“Go ahead, Kell,†came Hunter’s response.


“Why am I in a forest?†Kell asked.


“That was my idea,†Bianca stated. “Near you should be an old tunnel system that should take you into the heart of the city – and directly under the enemy compound.â€


“Yeah, veer to the... hang on... to the north,†Hunter added. “The tunnel should be straight ahead.â€


“I see it,†Nine said. He pointed in one direction. “Over there, the passageway surrounded by shrubbery.â€


Kell looked where Nine pointed and saw it. “Is there anything I need to know about those tunnels?†he asked. “Traps? Troops?â€


“None that we can detect,†Bianca responded. “I don’t need to tell you to watch your back down there, pal.â€


Kell smiled, and replied with a chuckle, “Hardly.†He cut the channel off, and headed for the passageway. The team stopped just shy of the entrance.


“Tell me I’m not the only one getting a bad feeling about this,†Ember commented.


“You’re not the only one,†Kell and Nine said simultaneously.


“Engage Personal Cloaking Devices, people,†Kell ordered, “Let’s not give the enemy a clear target.â€


The squad members all nearly simultaneously disappeared in the cloaking fields of their PCDs. They moved into the dark tunnel, weapons ready, and vanished into the abyss. For what seemed to be hours, the squad wound their way through the tunnel, looking for any sign of enemy...


The team scattered and took cover when a Mandalorian radio was heard. “Bralor to Squad one; have you found the intruders?â€


A squad of blue-armored Mandalorians, led by one in red armor, came around one corner. The red one spoke into his radio.


“Negative, Bralor – they may be lost further in.â€


“Keep searching, engage when you find them – and do not return until it is done!†Commanded this “Bralor.â€


The Mandalorian squad continued on, walking right past Kell and his squad. Once Kell was sure they were out of earshot, he and his team rose from cover and headed down the tunnel the Mandalorian squad came from. It wasn’t long after that that the team found the way into the enemy compound. Before they opened the hatch, Kell said,


“Let’s see what’s waiting for us up there.â€


One of the UNSC troops snaked a fiber-optic probe through a ventilation hole in the hatch while Kell held the display. Above them was the innards of a military compound, in direct contrast with the typical buildings of Alderaan. As with Byss, no one was inside.


The marine retracted the probe, and Kell popped the hatch. The team flooded in, then sealed the hatch. As soon as they did, however, an alarm went active. Two red-armored Mandalorians came running around the corner, weapons in hand, and started shooting. Needless to say, both of them were shot repeatedly by multiple weapons. Kell’s squad took cover, waiting for the enemy counterattack that would undoubtedly come.


But nothing happened. Taking advantage of the respite, Kell opened a communication link with his ship. “Kell to Dragon’s Rage, we have secured the first reinforcement point! We require immediate reinforcements!â€


The reply that came was garbled and marred by static. “Dragon’s Ra... Kell... again! You’re... up! Kell! Come in!â€


“Dammit!†Kell cursed. “They’re jamming our communications!â€


“Yeah, and I think I know where,†Nine said. “Come on!â€


The team disengaged PCDs and thundered down that halls to a communications center, where a surprised group of Rhynocs awaited them. The team fired first, drilling the Rhynocs and inadvertently taking out the jamming array.


“Dragon’s Rage to Kell!†came Bianca’s concerned voice, unmarred by static. “Come in, over!â€


“Dragon’s Rage, this is Kell – I read you, over,†Kell responded.


“Kell! At last! Are you alright?†Bianca asked. “We lost your signal for a while. What happened?â€


“The enemy was jamming our communications,†Kell stated. “Send down reinforcements before they do it again.â€


“Roger that,†came the gung-ho response of Hunter. Moments later, a transporter beam went active, and a full squad of fifteen troops appeared, all varying in race – Klingons, Remans, Humans and Romulans. As the transport completed, a team of Mandalorians came around the corner, and were subsequently iced before they could react.


“Gentlemen,†Kell commanded, “Let’s move out!â€


The squad thundered down the halls, stealth abandoned, killing as though on autopilot. It wasn’t until five minutes of corridor-to-corridor combat had passed that the squad had secured the next reinforcement point.


“Kell to the Dragon’s Rage,†Kell radioed, “We have secured the next reinforcement point and are ready for reinforcements.â€


“Roger that,†Hunter answered.


“Some news, sir,†said Byrd, “Our UNSC friends are sending down dropships – they should be touching down now.â€


The sound of UNSC dropships roaring overhead came, and moments later, gunfire could be heard. After that, the transporters energized, and deposited Sangheili warriors amongst them.

“Everyone,†Kell said, “Let’s move out!â€


The squads moved out in a flood through the halls of the Mandalorian complex, washing away the Rhynocs in a flood of gunfire. Within ten minutes, the allied forces had the complex secure, and the remaining enemies retreated to escape drop ships, where they left Alderaan only to get captured by the orbiting allied fleet. With Alderaan secured, the fleet dug in and waited for reinforcements before they moved on Fresia...

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Finally! :lol:

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Anxious to see the next chapters, are we?


Chapter Nine


Fresia – the least-populated planet of the core worlds. At least, it was until the Mandalorians and the Rhinoharadan arrived. Now, since Abregado-Rae, Courlag, Byss, and Alderaan had all been captured, it was the next planet to defy the onslaught of the Marauder Corps. It seemed nothing could stop them, as recent events would seem to say; they were better-armed, better-equipped, and more ferocious than the Mandalorians over Fresia had anticipated. Regardless, when the Marauder Corps arrived at Fresia, the enemy fleet lined up to challenge them. The enemy fleet here had recently been reinforced – the Mandalorians had anticipated the attack. No doubt they had other surprises waiting down planetside.


It would do them no good, for the Marauder Corps had a few surprises of their own; some new friends that took an interest in the Corps’ struggle.


“We are secured from light speed,†Ember announced from the helm station.


“Sheila,†Kell asked, “Anything on the enemy comms?â€


“Nothing beyond the usual threats and comm chatter,†Sheila answered. “The Predator is signaling – they stand ready.â€


“Dragon’s Rage to all allied warships,†Kell announced over the allied channel, “Engage engines, follow us in. Sheila, send to Spyro: Spring the trap.â€


The engines of the allied fleet – comprised of regular and incursion UNSC, Sangheili, Rebel and Imperial warships – lit up, and began to close the distance between them and the enemy fleet. The Mandalorians and Rhinoharadan warships fired a volley of missiles, but the missiles themselves fell short when the Sangheili and UNSC warships activated their point-defense systems and vaporized the missiles as they were incoming. The UNSC Warships fired their Kadgeron MAC guns, and the Sangheili fired their plasma torpedoes, and the Rebel and Imperial warships fired their concussion missiles. The Mandalorians had their own point-defense system active, and vaporized half of the incoming missiles, but it seemed ineffective in taking out the Plasma torpedoes. The Kadgeron MAC slugs impacted first, but no enemy vessels were put out of the fight. What missiles hadn’t vaporized hit next, and further weakened shields. The plasma torpedoes, however, were devastating; they overwhelmed the shields of a Kedalbe Battleship and left three massive craters in its hull. Another Mandalorian warship – a Kandosii – wasn’t so lucky. It took multiple plasma torpedoes that overloaded shields, melted holes in the hull, and blew up. The Dragon’s Rage added its own contribution to the destruction, firing Kadgeron torpedoes and mass drivers. The already-damaged Kedalbe suffered a reactor containment breach and exploded, taking a corvette with it.


It was then that Spyro’s fleet – comprised entirely of Incursion drones in the various shapes of new Marauder Corps warships from the dragon-shifters of Dragon’taan – dropped out of translight speed behind the enemy fleet. Shields went up immediately, and Kadgeron siege mass drivers were fired from Spyro’s fleet, along with a diverse assortment of Kadgeron missiles – High-Explosive Anti-Ship (HEAS), Cluster Sonic, High-Explosive Cluster, and Antimatter missiles. The varied missiles struck the enemy fleet and caused all kinds of hell in their comm channels – so much that Sheila had to stop monitoring them to protect her hearing. Spyro’s fleet engaged engines, and closed the distance quickly; the Mandalorian/Rhinoharadan fleet now found themselves in the closing jaws of a trap.


But they refused to retreat. They fought savagely, to the last ship. But with Spyro and the new Marauder Corps Warships from Dragon’taan, they didn’t last long.


But it wasn’t the end; a reinforcement fleet – obviously from an outlying system that was rerouted here to keep from further weakening the Coruscant defense fleet – dropped out of translight speed.


“Alert,†Nine announced from Tactical, “Enemy reinforcements!â€


“All ships – light ‘em up!†Kell barked. Immediately, the DMC and UNSC warships opened fire in the reinforcement fleet. Shields flickered, some munitions passed through the shields and impacted on the hulls beneath, and two cruisers were blown away. The enemy began to close the distance, firing what weapons they could. The allied fleet’s shields flickered and shimmered, but otherwise held.


“This could be a golden opportunity to see how well these Dragon’taan warships fare in close quarters battle,†Ember commented.


“It should be interesting,†Kell admitted, “Considering the Dragon’taan warships have a lot of their weapons concentrated on the port and starboard sides.†Kell paused, then ordered, “Sheila, send to Spyro – order the Dragon’taan warships to engage.â€


Sheila worked with her console, the reported, “Message away.â€


Shortly afterward, the Dragon’taan warships engaged engines and began to close the distance. The Enemy fleet fired weapons, but the Dragon’taan warships activated a missile defense system, which detonated the missiles before they could reach the ships. The Dragon’taan fleet fired their diverse missiles, and three more enemy ships were blown apart. The Mandalorian and Rhinoharadan fleet continued to charge for the allied fleet, and ran right into the Dragon’taan warships. The DMC warships opened up with all manner of diverse Kadgeron weaponry; plasma siege cannons, siege disruptors, gauss cannons, plasma cannons, autocannons, plasma beams, gauss plasma beams, and gauss plasma pulse cannons. The Mandalorians and Rhinoharadan were torn apart one after the other. When it was all over, dozens of derelict and disabled hulls, accompanied by hundreds of globs of melted armor and thousands of pieces of hull and severed starship parts floated all over the space orbiting Fresia.


“So,†Ember asked, “Who gets this op?â€


“Ember, Nine, meet me in the Translocator room. Sheila, get a message to Spyro – he and Cynder are to meet us down planetside. Hunter, you have the bridge,†Kell said.


“Here we go again,†Ember chuckled.


The team left to gear up, ready to take Fresia away from the enemy…


(More to follow, I'll stay in touch)

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Good to see others taking an interest in this series.


Chapter Ten


Translocator beams energized, and five armor-clad warriors were deposited on the surface of Fresia. Shortly afterward, a team of Romulan and Klingon marines appeared as well. They spread out, securing a drop zone, while Kell, Spyro, Ember, Cynder and Nine crept up a hill overlooking the enemy base. Nine grabbed a pair of binoculars and looked at the enemy base.


“What do you see?†Cynder asked.


“Basically… the Mandalorians are going haywire,†Nine answered.


“Any sign of the Rhinoharadan?†Kell asked.


“Negative,†Nine replied. “If they are here, they’ll likely be inside that command building.â€


“What else do you see?†Spyro inquired. “Turrets, shield generators, or anything that might complicate this op?â€


“A lot of defensive barricades,†Nine said, “Plus a number of turrets and… you called it, Spyro: a shield generator.â€


“If memory serves,†Spyro stated, “the power generator for those turrets and the shield generator should be somewhere nearby.â€


“I see it,†Nine said, pointing to an odd structure outside the shield. “Seems the Mandalorians didn’t have room to place their power generator inside the shield; it’s the most vulnerable spot in this base.â€


“More than likely, the Mandalorians know this, and have that generator heavily-guarded,†Kell said.


“Affirmative,†Nine affirmed, “They have two tanks, four anti-personnel turrets and two platoons of troops standing guard.â€


“So how do we bring down the shield?†Cynder asked. “That generator is in the open; there’s almost no cover there.â€


“We want to take this base intact,†Kell explained, “So we need to find a way to disable the power long enough to drive out the enemy.â€


“What if we could reprogram the base’s defenses to fight for us?†Nine queried.


“Can you do that?†Ember asked.


“If I could get to the computer controlling the base’s defenses, yeah,†Nine answered. “They’d never expect an attack from their own defenses.â€


“And we can bring our forces in to prevent any escape,†Kell concluded. “When would we execute this plan?â€


“It’d be better if we did this at night,†Nine answered. “Our personal cloaking devices would work better under darkness.â€


With nothing left to do but wait, the team headed back to the allied encampment, aiding them in whatever way possible to set up their camp and fortify it against attacks…


* * *


Nightfall on Fresia came quickly; Spyro, Kell, Cynder, Ember and Nine headed for the enemy base, cloaked in the stealth fields of their PCDs. It was a silent trip to the enemy base. Nine had point, with Spyro and Kell supporting him and Cynder and Ember bringing up the rear. They kept to the shadows, avoiding lights and patrol squads. When they arrived at the command center, however, a snag developed: The entrance to the command center was sealed by an access code. Rather than try and hack the code, the team scaled the walls of the command center and entered through a skylight on the roof. The skylight was just above an empty catwalk, and no one was looking up to see five barely-visible ghostly shimmers drop in one after the other. The team then quietly crept through the base, searching for the master computer that controlled the base’s defenses. It didn’t take long to find it; it was lightly-guarded in an area of the base that was underground. They quietly neutralized the guards, and then Nine and his AI – Wes – accessed the computer.


“We’re in luck,†Wes told the team on a coded channel. “The defenses are ours. I can turn them on the Mandalorians, but I need someone to head out and disable the override system.â€


“Where is it?†Spyro asked.


“Other side of this complex,†Wes answered. “Shut it down or destroy it, I don’t care; just make sure it can’t override me.â€


“I’ll take care of it,†Spyro responded.


“Spyro—†Cynder started.


“Cynder, stay here and protect Nine,†Spyro interrupted her. “I’ll be fine.†He walked out of the room and vanished as Cynder commented,


“That’s what I was afraid you’d say.â€


Spyro moved through the complex, avoiding patrols where he could, silently neutralizing others when the situation called for it. When he reached the override station, he almost immediately came under attack from a golden-armored Mandalorian, who hacked his H40 in two. Spyro leapt back in surprise, unclipping his Nanoswords from his belt. No words were said between them as they fought. Spyro had the advantage of dual blades, but the Mandalorian had the advantage of powerful armor. The tide turned when Spyro landed a hit on the Mandalorian’s leg. The Mandalorian staggered, and Spyro seized the initiative, landing multiple hits that put the Mandalorian down for good. Spyro then took one of the rifles on the wall and shot the override system.


“Bingo!†Wes said over the channel. “Initializing defense systems!â€


There were screams of surprise all over as the Mandalorian’s own defenses attacked them; the allied assault force that followed only made their situation worse. Spyro headed back through the complex, stealth abandoned, shooting any Mandalorian he came across until he got back to the defense control room.


“You lose your rifle?†Cynder asked.


“No,†Spyro admitted, “It was destroyed when I got ambushed.â€


“Well, the battle up topside is going well; once we have this world secured, we will push on Anaxes, and finally… Coruscant,†Kell stated.


“Malkorr will be waiting for us on Coruscant,†Spyro said.


“I’m counting on it,†Kell chuckled.


“Do you not sense it, old friend?†Spyro asked. “Something’s not right.â€


“I know,†Kell said. “But we’ll get through this; we always do.â€


Spyro nodded. That we do, he thought.


With Fresia secured, the only planet left to secure was Anaxes – easier said than done…


(Things are getting hotter... more surprises in store. Neoware, I'd advise you read up on the other books in this series in order to understand what's going on.)

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This is getting REALLY interesting! Keep it up, man!

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You want more? You shall get more:


Chapter Eleven


Anaxes – Defender of the Core, and home to the Anaxes Citadel. The fleet here was a massive one, already prepared for the coming battle. As the last planet with a direct lane to Coruscant, it was the last defender to defy the Marauder Corps’ advance on Coruscant. As it was such an important target, the Marauder Corps had committed a massive fleet to take it, comprised of every ally the Corps could find or already had – Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Reman, UNSC, Sangheili, Rebel, Imperial, Republic, Trade Federation, Dragon’taan, Dragonarian, Kemorainian, and Terran. Not a single allied race was missing from this fleet.


So when the allied fleet dropped out of translight speed, the Rhinoharadan and Mandalorian fleet was ready to fight. Shields flickered on, and weapons charged. The allied fleet did the same, and then, the galaxy held its breath, waiting to see which side would make the first move.


Such as it was, the allies made the first move.


“All ships,†Spyro ordered, “Lock weapons and prepare to fire.â€


Computers locked targets, while the enemy prepared for the inevitable volley. Amber, who had been monitoring the allies’ comm chatter, flipped Spyro a thumbs-up. It was time.


“Open fire,†Spyro said.


The allied fleet fired every long-range Kadgeron weapon it had: MAC cannons, mass drivers, missiles of varying type, plasma torpedoes, and photon and quantum torpedoes. The result was, more or less, what was expected. MAC and mass driver slugs impacted on the enemy’s shields, making them flicker and shimmer; Missiles impacted next, with concussion missiles and archer missiles further weakening shields and overwhelming those of smaller corvettes and frigates, diamond-boron missiles causing absolute havoc on enemy shields, with triple the shield stress with the Dragon’taan warships’ missiles – HEAS, HE Cluster, Cluster Sonic, and Antimatter – when they impacted; Photon and Quantum torpedoes hit next, and with their small size and Kadgeron enhancements, phased through the enemy’s shields and detonated beneath the shield screens, on the enemy hulls; finally, the Kadgeron plasma torpedoes impacted, and battleships were weakened, battlecruisers were damaged, cruisers and frigates were overwhelmed, and destroyers and corvettes simply disintegrated.


The enemy fired a volley of their own, a mix of missiles and torpedoes, with mass driver slugs fired by a number of Kedalbe battleships and Vengeance frigates. The allied shields held, and only a few of the corvettes and frigates were disabled, with even fewer destroyers and cruisers damaged.


“All ships,†Spyro commanded, “Engage engines; prepare to break formation and engage all hostiles.â€


The engines of the allied fleet lit up, and the assorted warships pushed forward. The Mandalorian and Rhinoharadan warships did the same, and the two fleets charged for each other. The allied fleet fired another volley, taking out a further three Mandalorian warships. The enemy again fired, and managed to take down a Nebulon-B Frigate and an Acclamator Attack Cruiser. When the enemy was close enough, Spyro commanded, “All ships, break formation and engage all hostiles!â€


Immediately, the allied formation scattered, spreading out and forming a ring around the enemy fleet. With the enemy on the port or starboard side of the allied ships, they fired their weapons full broadside as they encircled the enemy. The Dragon’taan warships were especially effective in this, given that many of their weapons were concentrated on the port or starboard sides. The Dragon’taan warships’ size also played a major role; they were easily several times larger than the enemy ships. While the enemy was surrounded and pounded on all sides, a major reinforcement fleet arrived.


“Alert!†Flame exclaimed, “Enemy reinforcements!â€


“Just as Kell and General Indari had predicted,†Spyro chuckled. “Kell, old friend – are you ready?â€


“Ready and waiting,†Kell affirmed. “And about time, too.â€


“General Indari to all cloaked Dragon’taan and Dragonarian warships,†said the voice of General Kyle Indari, “De-cloak and engage.â€


As soon as the order went out, a fleet of Dragon’taan and Dragonarian warships de-cloaked before the enemy reinforcement fleet.


“The game’s afoot,†Spyro said to himself, “Flame, status on the enemy fleet?â€


“They’re going down one after the other,†Flame reported. “The Kadgeron enhancements to our weapons really are effective.â€


“Keep blasting any enemy warship we can,†Cynder ordered. “Leave no survivors.â€


Spyro elbowed Cynder gently and asked, “Kinda going overboard there, aren’t you?â€


“No more than you, love,†Cynder answered.


The Predator continued to fire its starboard turbolasers and ion cannons, blasting Mandalorian and Rhinoharadan ships apart one after the other. The real twist came when a fleet of alien warships dropped out of translight speed.


“Alert,†Amber announced, “Another enemy reinforcement fleet; Dragon’taan allies identify them as Necromyan Remnant forces.â€


“Reform the fleet,†Spyro commanded. “Let’s give the bastards a warm reception.â€


As the last of the Mandalorian warships fell in the ring of fire formed by the Marauder Corps fleet, the allies reformed the fleet and readied long-range weapons.


“Spyro,†Amber reported, “The fleet signals ready to fire.â€


Spyro paused fractionally, and then nodded to Amber. “All ships: Open fire.â€


The fleet fired, sending all manner of munitions downrange at the Necromyan warships. The Necromyans took the brunt of the blows, but remained in the fight.


“Seems their shields are stronger than those of the Mandalorians and Rhinoharadan,†Cynder commented.


“No kidding,†Spyro responded. “Hit them again!â€


The fleet’s weapons discharged again, and this time, but again, didn’t get through the Necromyans’ shields.


“This doesn’t look good,†Cynder said.


“General Indari to all allied warships: Adjust your Kadgeron capacitors to the following frequency,†Indari said over the channel.


Flame frowned as he saw a new line of text roll across his screen, and acted on it, resetting the Kadgeron capacitors to the provided frequency. “Ready to fire,†he said.


“Fire,†Spyro commanded.


The fleet again opened fire, but this time, penetrated the shields of the Necromyan warships. Two of them went up in flames.


Having finished the Mandalorian reinforcement fleet, Kell and his fleet joined Spyro’s and fired their weapons at the Necromyan fleet. The result was devastating, as the Necromyans were blasted apart. When the final enemy was decimated, the allies cheered over an open channel. The day was theirs once more. Still, the victory here seemed too easy; the enemy fleet over Anaxes was decimated, and hardly any casualties on the allied side. Spyro was convinced – Malkorr wanted them to reach Coruscant, but why?


Spyro banished the question to another corner of his mind; he had to focus. There was still the Anaxes Citadel to wrest from enemy hands. “Cynder, Amber, Flame, meet me in the Translocator room,†Spyro said, “We’re going down planetside.â€


“You’re going to need a new rifle,†Cynder said. Spyro paused, remembering that his H40 was destroyed at Fresia. Spyro looked back at Amber. “Any suggestions?â€


“I, personally, would recommend you use one of the RX Kalashnikov weapons,†Amber said.


“RX Kalashnikov?†Spyro repeated.


“The RX Kalashnikov series is a line of rifles based off of the archaic Terran AK47,†Amber explained as the team headed to the armory. “I use one of the AK50 models.†Amber grabbed one of the guns – an AK50M7 – and tossed it to Spyro as she said, “The AK50M7 fires 7.62x45mm hardened titanium-tungsten armor-piercing rounds,†Amber explained. “Reloading, repairing and maintaining it is simple.â€


Spyro grabbed a few dual magazines for his new rifle and loaded one into the receiver. “What’s this?†he asked, indicating a secondary weapon integrated into the rifle’s handguard.


Amber took a cylindrical power cell and loaded it into the empty space of the integrated weapon, then attached the power slider. The device powered up as she explained, “That is the integrated Kadgeron disruptor. Be careful with that.â€


Amber and Flame grabbed their usual loadout, but Cynder grabbed a new weapon in addition to her SG30 and other weapons – an HK G41M1. They then headed to the Translocator room, ready to head down to the surface.


The battle for the Anaxes Citadel was about to begin…

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Oh, this is getting very tense indeed. Keep going.

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Ah, the chapter that gives Book IV it's name, Revelation...


Chapter Twelve


Translocator beams energized, and deposited the strike force led by Spyro, Cynder, Flame and Amber on the surface of Anaxes. The team spread out, securing their area. Curiously, there was no enemy presence in the area.


“Talk to me, Darryl,†Spyro requested, “Where are we?â€


“You’re in an area just outside the Anaxes Citadel,†Darryl replied. “There’s a transporter inhibitor field around the citadel’s reinforcement points; drop them as you find them, and we’ll send down reinforcements.â€


“Which way?†Cynder asked.


“Veer to the north,†Darryl said. “There should be a cargo lift that should take you to a vehicle garage. Orbital scans show that the garage is empty.â€


“Copy,†Spyro said. “Marines, let’s move!â€


Spyro’s marine force – comprised of Romulans, UNSC Marines, Sangheili, and Commando Droids – moved out. They took the cargo elevator to the vehicle garage; it was not, however, empty. At least a dozen Rhynocs and Mandalorians were in the garage. One of the Klingons fired first, and a Mandalorian took a disruptor blast to the face and was disintegrated from head to toe. Spyro and the Marines fanned out, taking cover as the gunfight ensued. One of the UNSC marines ducked too late, and was hit in the thigh by a Mandalorian Assault Rifle shot. The marine screamed, and as one of his comrades dragged him into cover, Spyro rose and took aim with his new rifle. The Mandalorian rose to fire again, and Spyro fired a burst into the bastard’s head. The titanium-tungsten AP rounds burst through the soldier’s helmet and dropped him like a rock. Spyro ducked behind cover to avoid a Rhynoc’s potshots, then rose and iced the trigger-happy moron. He ducked again behind cover and told Cynder, “I’m starting to like this rifle.â€


“Just don’t let it get destroyed,†Cynder replied. She primed a grenade and threw it out into the enemy. “Frag out!†she exclaimed. Spyro saw the grenade bounce once, then twice, and land next to a few red barrels near a tank.


Not good, he thought. “EVERYBODY DOWN!!!†he shouted. Everyone ducked down, and the grenade detonated with a loud bang! The explosion ignited whatever was in the barrels, and blew the enemy in every imaginable direction. The vehicles also were blown apart, and by the time the team rose from cover to move on, the vehicle garage was in shambles. It was amazing the garage itself was still standing.


“Kell to Spyro, are you alright?†Kell asked. “We just picked up a large explosion down there.â€


“What was my fault,†Cynder said. “We’re fine, though.â€


“Where’s the reinforcement point from here?†Spyro asked.


“Exit the garage through the eastern exit,†Darryl responded, “Then head south; that should take you to the closest reinforcement point.â€


“Anyone guarding it?†Spyro inquired.


“We read at least a platoon of troops there,†Bianca said. “Watch your back.â€


“Let’s go!†Spyro shouted. The marines – including the wounded one, whose wound was now bandaged – followed Spyro, Cynder, Amber and Flame to the first reinforcement point. They wound their way through the wide streets and narrow alleyways and finally came to the first reinforcement point – a parking lot turned into a staging area. The Mandalorians hadn’t noticed them; a fact that Spyro intended to exploit. He subtly gave hand signals to his team, and they spread out, silently taking out one Mandalorian after the other. When they realized they were under attack, they were about to sound the alarm when Spyro cut their lines of communication. With no way to contact other parts of the citadel, they were easy prey.


“How ironic,†Cynder chuckled. “Mandalorian hunters becoming the hunted.â€


Spyro’s attention was elsewhere. “Spyro to allied fleet,†he said, “I have secured the first reinforcement point and am ready for reinforcements.â€


“Roger that,†Kell responded. “Stand by.â€


Immediately afterward, a strike force of Klingon and Dragonarian marines were translocated to the outpost Spyro had taken.


“Marines, move out!†Cynder shouted. The marines moved in different directions, headed for different objectives. Spyro and his team moved out toward the next reinforcement point.


“Commander Darryl,†he asked, “Where’s the next reinforcement point?â€


“It’s an intersection north-west of your current position,†Darryl answered. “The Citadel has gone to full alert; expect heavy fighting.â€


“Understood, Commander,†Spyro stated. “We’ll radio in once we have taken the next reinforcement point.â€


Spyro and his team, with their strike force in tow, headed toward the next reinforcement point. In the distance, fighting could be heard; the whine of energy rifles, the staccato of assault rifles, and the shrieks of disruptor rifles, coupled with dying screams and officers shouting orders, all told of multiple running gun battles.


Spyro came to a road blocked off by rubble, and stopped. The reinforcement point lay beyond the blocked off road, and the rubble was too steep to climb. To the right was an office building.


“We’re gonna have to cut through there,†Amber said. “There’s no other way.â€


“We could go around,†Flame suggested.


“That would take too long,†Cynder stated.


“Amber’s right,†Spyro said. “We have no other option. We cut through the office complex. Come on!â€


The team moved through the doors to the office complex, and immediately came under fire. Spyro, Cynder, Flame and Amber, along with their strike force, scattered, taking cover behind whatever they could. The Mandalorians and Rhynocs were on the second level, firing down on the allied troops. A pair of UNSC Marines were caught in the open and drilled by multiple weapons. Spyro fired his rifle at a Rhynoc in cover and discovered that the 7.62x45mm Hardened Titanium-Tungsten AP rounds could penetrate the wall material of the office building when the Rhynoc in cover dropped dead. He shifted his aim and fired on a Mandalorian ducking behind a desk, with the same result. He repeated this on multiple targets until the enemy started to retreat, at which point Spyro and his team rose from cover and dashed through the office building and out to the street and finally to the intersection. Unlike the office building, there was no cover here – for the enemy or for Spyro’s men. But he had an idea.


“Grenades!†he shouted. Everyone primed and tossed a grenade toward the enemy positions. The result was both spectacular and gruesome; multiple types of grenades detonated and sent surprised Mandalorians flying. Most of the combatants went down when the grenades blew. Spyro and his team moved in and mopped up the stragglers, then Spyro radioed in.


“Spyro to fleet,†he radioed, “The second reinforcement point has been secured. Send down the next batch of reinforcements.â€


“Affirmative,†Darryl responded. “Stand by.â€


Shortly afterward, a force made up of Sangheili, Remans and Republic Clone Troopers appeared.


“Kell to Spyro,†Kell said, “We need you to push for the enemy command center. We have Sangheili and Republic forces converging on one of the two remaining reinforcement points.â€


“Who’s hitting the other one?†Spyro asked.


“Anakin and Luke Skywalker are leading a joint Imperial-Rebel task force to the other reinforcement point,†Kell responded. “I’ll be down as soon as I can to help out. Until then, push toward the enemy command center. Keldon’takk out.â€


“You heard him, men! We push to the enemy command center! Move out!†Spyro shouted. As the troops headed out, Flame, Cynder and Amber approached Spyro at the head of the formation.


“Are you alright, Spyro?†Cynder asked.


“Remember the disturbance in the Magick currents I told you about?†Spyro inquired.


“What of them?†Cynder responded.


“They’re getting stronger,†Spyro whispered. “I think Malkorr may be here.â€


“Focus, Spyro,†Amber suggested. “Don’t divide your attention. That’ll get you killed.â€


“Good point,†Spyro said.


The assault force moved through the Anaxes Citadel, mowing through Mandalorian and Rhynoc alike. Spyro and his team split off from the main group once inside the command center, heading deep into the facility. Spyro could feel the disturbance getting stronger the deeper he went. He was certain.


Malkorr was here.


They came to one hallway when a door opened, and…


“Lord Malkorr!†Amber growled.


“Down you go!†Flame shouted, firing his weapon at Malkorr. The bullets stopped mid-trajectory, and Malkorr pushed Flame down and laughed.


“I hope you weren’t thinking of leaving so soon, Malkorr,†Spyro commented, handing his AK50M7 to Cynder and unclipping his Nanoswords from his belt.


“On the contrary,†Malkorr replied, “I was waiting for you.â€


“Your insurrection against the galaxy is done,†Spyro said. “When Anaxes is secure, Coruscant will be surrounded. You have nowhere to run.â€


“Again, the truth is quite the contrary,†Malkorr stated. “My influence is more far-reaching than you realize. It extends beyond this ‘verse – I have more allies than the Rhinoharadan and the United Mandalorian Alliance.â€


“What do you hope to accomplish with all this?†Spyro asked. “You must have a reason to take up arms against us – why?â€


“A simple question,†Malkorr answered, “To which I ask another: What do you hope to accomplish by stopping me? Do you seek answers at this reunion?â€


Spyro frowned. “Reunion? What do you mean?â€


Malkorr’s expression – though marred by his cybernetic enhancements – lit up, as though he were amused. “What?†he chuckled, “You mean you don’t know? All this time, and you still haven’t figured it out?†Malkorr laughed at the question. “I wonder how long you would have stayed blind to the truth?†he mused. “Surely something must have come along that gave you a clue as to our relationship?â€


Relationship…? Spyro was confused, but comprehension dawned. The dreams he had at Dragon Shores, prior to Kell and Ember’s wedding:


“Are you sure this is the right thing to do?†the mother asked.


“We don’t have a choice,†the father replied. “If what I saw is true, then keeping them together would bring a greater darkness.â€


“But what if you’re wrong?†the mother queried. “What if it was nothing more than a nightmare?â€


“It wasn’t,†the father answered. “I know what I saw. If we kept them together, and one of them fell, as I had foreseen, then the other would fall with him.â€


“Then we should tell them the truth,†the mother protested. “Our children deserve to know.â€


The father shook his head. “No good would have come from it,†he said, “Even if what you believed was true. There is still the matter of Qel-Katarr, and such truths could leave us dragons vulnerable on two fronts.â€


“But they may never discover the truth,†The mother stated, “And they will never know why we split them up.â€


“Then that is what we must accept,†the father stated. He looked affectionately, yet solemnly, to the two sleeping baby dragons. “Good luck, Mal and Spyro Nightscales,†he whispered.


“You… you’re Mal!†Spyro surmised. “You’re… my…â€


“You cannot hide from what we are, Spyro,†Malkorr said. “Recognize that we are twin brothers, and know that I will destroy you!â€


“But why?†Spyro asked, “Why do you wish me dead?â€


“Because you are a threat to me,†Malkorr explained. “Ever since I could walk, I knew I was your brother – our parents separated us because they knew how powerful I would become! Yet all my life, all I had heard was how great you were, how powerful you were. If I was to show the galaxy that they were wrong, then I would have to destroy you! I am the more powerful warrior, and I shall not live in your shadow!â€


Malkorr gestured, and an energy field appeared between Spyro and his companions. “We shall settle this in the ancient dragon tradition, warrior against warrior, and the galaxy shall see who is truly powerful!â€


The two combatants lunged, and the battle was joined…


(Part II of this chapter to follow.)

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*Reads Chapter 12*

*Goes WTF*

*Reads the last couple of lines of Chapter 12 again*


So, Lord Malkorr is actually Mal, who is actually Malefor? Interesting, seeing how Spyro and Cynder defeated him at the end of The Legend Of Spyro: Dawn Of The Dragon.

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Not Malefor, Malkorr. Different villain. Nowhere in the entire series is Malefor ever mentioned. Malkorr is Spyro's twin brother, separated from him at birth because of a vision their father had. You really need to read the preceding stories to understand what's going on.




Chapter Thirteen


Kell, Ember and Hunter were translocated to the surface of Anaxes just seconds before Kell got a radio transmission from Cynder.


“Cynder to Kell,†she exclaimed, “Get down here! Malkorr is here, and he’s fighting Spyro! We can’t reach them!â€


“Where are you?†Kell asked.


“We’re in Command Center sublevel four!†Cynder answered. “Get over here!â€


“We’re on our way,†Kell said. “Hold your position.â€


“Don’t take too long,†Cynder said.


Kell moved with Ember and Hunter, Kell armed with his new RX Hybrid H3M1, while Ember and Hunter had their usual loadout. The Command center was a distance away from where Kell, Ember and Hunter were, and they still had to go through a considerable gauntlet of Mandalorian and Rhinoharadan forces between them and the Command Center’s sublevel. Damn. Kell and his team moved out, hoping they’d reach Spyro before it was too late. They came to a courtyard, where a pitched battle was already in full swing; a group of deeply-entrenched Mandalorians were fighting a mixed bag of allied troops – Imperial Stormtroopers, Rebel SpecForce Commandos, and Dragonarian assault troops. The courtyard was also a junction point for roads going to and from the CC.


“Shall we?†Kell asked Ember.


“After you,†Ember responded.


Kell primed a pair of high-yield plasma grenades and lobbed them into the Mandalorian lines. One of the Mandalorians exclaimed in surprise, and the twin grenades detonated with a resonating boom! Several were blown off their feet, and Kell, Ember and Hunter emerged from their cover and gunned down the stragglers. What few survivors there were retreated, and the allied troops rallied to go after them. They followed them to a rally point, where a Mandalorian Canderous Assault Tank sat waiting. The allied troops scattered before the tank had a chance to fire – the Mandalorians guarding the tank fired at the allied troops, and a pair of Stormtroopers and a SpecForce Commando were caught in the open and gunned down.


“Kell, we’ve got to get through there,†Ember said. “It leads to the command center!â€


“We’ll need close air support to get through this mess,†Hunter added. “No telling what the Mandalorians have here.â€


Kell happened to glance at the allied lines and noticed that one of the allied soldiers had a radio. He kept desperately trying to call in air support – and wasn’t having any luck, either. Kell rushed over and demanded, “Private, give me that radio!â€


“General Assinara, sir!†The private responded.


“Allied fleet,†Kell commanded into the radio as he tagged the tank, “This is General Assinara! Request priority-one ordinance on my command, authorization Mike-Charlie-seven-zero-alpha-charlie! I authenticate, fleet, over!â€


“Affirmative, General,†The fleet operator responded, “Just tell us where you need us.â€


“I have your target marked!†Kell shouted over the sounds of the battle. “Burn ‘em up!â€


“General Assinara, this is Scorpion One, coming in for a strafing run,†a voice said over the radio, “Keep your heads down.â€


“Air strike incoming!†Kell shouted, “Get down!â€


A pair of Scorpion Attack Helicopters – choppers with a vague resemblance to the Russian MI24 Hinds – came flying in, firing rotary autocannons and a fusillade of rockets. The Canderous was blown apart, and what Mandalorians that weren’t shot to hell or blown up by the rockets retreated.


“We have the enemy on the run!†someone shouted.


“Company, advance!†Kell shouted. As the allied troops advanced, a platoon of Sangheili warriors appeared.


“General Assinara, sir!†the Red-armored Sangheili Major said with a sharp salute. “We heard you were in need of assistance.â€


“The more, the merrier, Major,†Kell responded. “This way!â€


As Kell and his attack force advanced, a squadron of Dragon’taan Dragon-shifters flew overhead, breathing fire and devastating enemy defenses. It was complete pandemonium in the enemy’s comm chatter; they’d never faced dragon-shifters before, and they knew not what to do.


Kell and his assault force came to another intersection, where Mandalorians and Rhynocs in an apartment building were firing on allied forces. The force scattered and took cover, and Kell tagged the building.


“General Assinara to Scorpion One,†he said into the radio, “Your target is marked. Burn ‘em!â€


“Roger that, General; we are coming in hot,†Scorpion One answered. The Scorpions returned, firing autocannons at the apartment building, slaughtering Mandalorian and Rhynoc alike. However, as soon as they finished, they came under fire from an anti-aircraft gun. One of the Scorpions was hit, and the pilot exclaimed as his chopper spun out of control,


“Quad 50! We’re hit! We’re hit! Mayday, Mayday--â€


The Scorpion crashed into the building, and Scorpion one bugged out.


“General Assinara, this is Scorpion One; taking fire from enemy triple-A,†Scorpion one radioed. “Take out the guns and we’ll return air support.â€


“Affirmative, Scorpion one!†Assinara responded. He turned to his marines and shouted, “Marines, move out!â€


“I see the triple-A gun!†Hunter proclaimed. “End of the street, second level!â€


The marines moved out into the street, firing a few anti-armor PLEX rockets at the Canderous tank sitting there. The tank was blown to smithereens, but a new problem arose; another Canderous appeared, and began firing it’s anti-infantry guns. The troops scattered, then returned fire.


“Kell, we have to find that triple-A gun – we only have so many PLEX rockets,†Ember said.


“I hear you,†Kell agreed. “Hunter! Take field command of the troops ‘till I get back! Let’s go, Ember.â€


Kell and Ember headed through buildings, up a set of stairs, and ran headlong into a pair of Mandalorian soldiers. Both of them were gunned down on sight. The Rhynocs on the other side of the window didn’t seem to notice; they were too busy shooting at the allied troops. Kell and Ember reloaded, then drilled the bastards before hopping through the now-shattered window.


It was a mistake. No sooner than when the pair were halfway through the intervening hall did the floor crumble and fall beneath their feet. Surprisingly, neither of them were hurt.


“Still in once piece, darling?†Ember asked Kell.


“Yeah, I’m good,†Kell answered. The duo moved through the damaged buildings and came out in a courtyard, where a group of Mandalorians were about to execute a group of civilians. Kell and Ember fired before they could, and as the civilians ran for safety, the Mandalorians were killed one after the other.


“Any ideas how we’re gonna get to the Quad 50 up there?†Kell asked Ember.


“Put an explosive charge on the ceiling,†Ember responded, indicating a weak spot in the ceiling. “Blow the floor beneath them.â€


Kell leapt into action instantly, planting a plastic explosive charge in the weak spot, then he and Ember ran for safety.


“I’ve got Scorpion One in my pocket, Kell – how much longer?†Hunter asked over the radio.


“About three seconds,†Kell answered. “Ready, Ember?â€


Ember nodded, and Kell detonated the charge. Consistent with Ember’s prediction, the floor was blown out beneath the quad 50, and it fell to the ground, useless. The wall beyond fell, and Kell and Ember met up with Hunter and the assault force, heading full-bore into the command center...


* * *


Spyro and Malkorr dueled each other to a standstill, at which point, Malkorr commented, “You are strong, Spyro – It seems I had underestimated you; but you still cannot stand against my power!â€


“You’re overconfident in your abilities,†Spyro said. “The dark powers you use are misleading you; if you keep on this path, it will destroy you.â€


“Spoken like a drone of weakness,†Malkorr growled. “My power will destroy you in the end – you are not my equal.â€


“Your days are numbered, Malkorr,†Spyro said. “Even if you escape Coruscant, I will find you; you will not be able to hide for long.â€


Malkorr laughed, “Still you do not see; I have nothing to hide... brother.â€


A translocator beam energized, and Malkorr disappeared.


“Commander Darryl to Spyro,†Darryl radioed, “I have a shuttle making a jump to Coruscant. Orders?â€


Spyro hesitated, then ordered, “Let him go; we’ll get another chance to take that one.â€


This battle had been a close one; Anaxes was under Marauder Corps control, but Spyro had come across a deeper revelation; that he was the twin brother of the very threat that had hounded him since he first met Kell. Now he knew why Malkorr was after him; a prideful quest to prove his superiority over his own brother, an old rivalry between two siblings. But some things still didn’t add up.


But there would be other chances, Spyro told himself. This was merely the start; The battle for Universe 02-Delta may nearly be over, but the Marauder War was only just beginning...


(Just a fair warning, Chapter Fourteen isn't finished yet. It may be a while before it is.)

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It's reeeeeeally good, but it's best if you wrap up this story soon.

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Oh, we are close to the end of this story, so don't you worry.


Chapter Fourteen


Coruscant – a world often called the center of the galaxy. The core of the United Mandalorian Alliance. The heart of the Rhinoharadan’s war effort in this ‘verse. The final planet to defy the Marauder Corps’ vicious assault. It was truly no surprise to see a massive Mandalorian/Rhinoharadan fleet in orbit. Coruscant was surrounded, and everyone knew it; its lines of retreat were cut off, and the bulk of the enemy fleet in this ‘verse was here. Like the battle of Malachor V during the Mandalorian Wars many years ago, there were no more Mandalorians left to die beyond Coruscant, and the Rhinoharadan’s last bastion of influence in this ‘verse was here.


So, not only did the Marauder Corps commit a massive fleet to this objective, but they committed one larger than the one sent to Anaxes. No quarter would be asked in this battle, and none given. The Marauder Corps would not rest until the enemy had been decimated.


So when the Marauder Corps fleet dropped out of light speed, the enemy was ready.


“Shields up!†Kell commanded, “Weapons hot!â€


Shields flickered on and weapons charged, and the enemy wasted no time firing the first shots. Missiles were vaporized, mass driver slugs impacted on shields, and one corvette was put out of the fight.


“They sure are in a hurry,†Ember commented.


“No kidding,†Kell responded, “All ships, return fire!â€


The allied fleet fired weapons of their own; the enemy’s shields lit up, glowing orange, grey, and blue, some of the ships’ shields being overwhelmed, but still staying in the fight. The enemy fleet engaged engines, firing another volley that splashed across the allied fleet’s shields.


“All ships, engage engines, prepare for full-broadside assault!†Kell commanded.


Over on the Predator, Spyro gave orders of his own.


“You heard him, men! Engage engines! Prepare for full-broadside assault!â€


The allied fleet’s engines lit up, and made for the enemy lines. They fired another volley, and this time, knocked a pair of Crusader gunships and a Vengeance frigate out of the fight. Missiles were fired at the allied fleet, most of which were vaporized by the allied fleet’s point-defense systems. The allied fleet opened fire again, and blew apart a Kedalbe battleship and disabled a Kandosii dreadnought.


By this time, the allied fleet had closed the distance between them and the enemy fleet.


“All ships,†Kell commanded, “Break formation, engage all hostiles!â€


The allied fleet obeyed, and as they engaged the enemy, the Predator came alongside a Lictor-class warship.


“Open fire!†Spyro commanded. The Predator’s starboard turbolasers and ion cannons fired on the Lictor, and the Lictor returned fire. The two warships traded fire, but the Predator had the immediate advantage of better firepower and defensive shielding; they battered down the Lictor’s shields and tore the ship apart. Something inside the Lictor exploded, and the ship lurched to starboard and collided with a Kandosii. Spyro’s ship continued to fire on the Lictor, causing it to explode while embedded in the Kandosii’s side.


By the time the two warships had exploded, Spyro and the Predator had already selected another target – a Kedalbe battleship. When Spyro gave the order, the Predator’s turbolasers and ion cannons opened up on the Kedalbe, splashing across shields and battering them down. The Kedalbe returned fire, and the two traded laser bolts until the Predator scored a direct hit on the bridge and engines. The ship went up in a fiery, eerily-silent explosion, and the Predator moved on.


“Amber,†Spyro requested, “Status on the enemy fleet?â€


“They’ve taken thirty-five percent losses,†Amber reported. “Our fleet has taken three.â€


“Not bad,†Cynder commented.


“We’re not done yet,†Spyro said. “Tactical, target the nearest enemy warship!â€


“Target acquired,†Flame responded, “Mandalorian Vengeance-class frigate!â€


“Open fire,†Spyro and Cynder commanded simultaneously.


The Predator fired on the Vengeance, and – given that the Vengeance frigates had no shields – began to blast craters in its armor. The Vengeance fired it’s own weapons, but against the superiority of the Predator, it could do very little real damage. The Vengeance was torn apart by the diverse firepower of the Predator and blew up.


But the battle was far from over. The enemy refused to retreat. Even if they didn’t, there was nowhere for them to retreat to. It was a battle to the death, and everyone knew it – the only acceptable outcome for both sides was the total elimination of the other.


So, the battle raged on, as warships traded fire, fighter craft zoomed across the field, blasting each other to bits and disintegrating into so much durasteel, and...


“Alert!†Hunter proclaimed from tactical on the Dragon’s Rage, “Enemy flagship identified! Mandalorian-controlled Mandator-class Star Dreadnought, bearing zero-nine-seven, starboard side!â€


“Route it to the fleet,†Kell commanded. “All ships, engage and destroy enemy flagship!â€


The Marauder Corps fleet all then turned their guns on the enemy flagship – emblazoned with the Rhinoharadan emblem, no less. The Mandator was battered from all sides, and after a barrage that lasted no more than a minute, the Mandator shuddered, listed to port, and exploded. With their flagship gone, the Mandalorian/Rhinoharadan defense stalled, as lower-ranking officers tried in vain to rally the defending ships. One after the other, the enemy ships went down in flames or in pieces, but not one of them made any attempt to escape. When the final enemy warship was destroyed, there was great cheer over the Marauder Corps channel.


“Kell, old friend,†Spyro asked over the channel, “Who gets the op down planetside?â€


“Both of us do,†Kell responded. “Ember, Nine, with me.â€


“Right,†Spyro said, “Cynder, Flame, gear up; we’re headed down to Coruscant. Amber, you have the Conn.â€


Cynder and Flame followed Spyro to the armory and loaded up. They all took a full combat load; rifles, grenades, pistols, and melee weapons just in case the situation called for it. The shining center of the Galaxy was about to become a full-blown war zone...

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