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Limidium: Requiem's Outcast

Harmony Descent

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System and planetary layout:

Planet Vidoir (pronounced "Vid-wor") - seventh planet from the Galacian System's star, Hri, a Red Supergiant star, out of nine planets. Summers are so arid that it is hard to find food or water readily available; winters reach highs of 1/2 Celsius and lows as cold as -20 Celsius. With resources extremely low, inhabitants have at times resorted to canibalism, thus exiled from any humane-minded beings. These "Psyches," as referred to as by the locals, prefer the nocturnal approach and attack when the area is deadened by sleep. Humane-mindeds say that if you are kidnapped that night, you are on your own. But, if you are living with the H-Ms, you will obide by their laws and travel in groups of more than two if you go out to retrieve supplies outside civilization boundaries.


"Psyches" - Outcasts from civilization and have become so unstable they are hostile to their own at times. Although their minds have deteriorated over time, they still retain the knowledge to use firearms and modify their own. They use a range of different close-ranged firearms, but modified to meet their needs -- basically with jagged bayonets tapped thoroughly on each firearm and such. Also, they carry melee weapons built from limited resources from small axes with the blade part made of scrap metal, their commonly used one, or oddly designed scimitars with the blade bent to match a crescent moon and made from the same material as the axes. They generally attack in packs of four or more, and rarely go anywhere without a companion. Among the communities, there are no leaders -- anyone brave enough to rise to power has met a timely demise the following night, generally being cooked the next day for the community. Several variants of 'Psyches' have been classified, so stay alert.

Humane-minded/Vidoirdians - Common citizens with law-abiding enforcers. The highest power is only a mayor and there are only ten Vidiordian civilizations spanning a distance of thirty miles from each other. Air-travel is restricted to a minimum; ground-travel is most common, but 1/3 of resource transports return either unscathed, or captured. There is no military form of any kind other than the citizens and the law-enforcers. Everyone is given a firearm for protection, mainly a standard rechargable energy-cell pistol. They will be able to purchase other weapons, such as SMG's with a clip capacity of 30 proto-cells per clip and/or a pump shotgun with clip capacities of 10 proto-shells per clip. Citizens and LE are required to only use them for whenever a 'Psyche' raid occurs. LE are on a 24/7 guard schedule.


Players are on an Exploration Vessel exploring numerous systems unvisited or visited very little. Before the vessel is leaving the system, a passing comet on a direct path to Vidior strikes the control tower and redirects the comet to Vidoir's third moon, Golea. The vessel crash lands with majority of the people on board perishing, but the player and a handful of others. A passing 'Psyche' truck that had been captured and modified for a battering ram approaches the vessel and takes everyone hostage -- believing them to be apart of the HM's (Humane-minded) resource team on a recovery ship.

Will the players and the rest die under suspicion, escape with their dignity and minds still attached, or become a 'Psyche?' Will there be help on the way? Are they going to survive Vidoir's hostile environment?

The choices are yours; the outcome are theirs!

Character spots:

Fan Characters:

Zero-One/Zerone (Harmony Descent)

The Vidoirdians and "Psyches" (Harmony Descent)

*As a side note, I DO NOT want any Star Fox cast in this since this is in a different universe. So, try to refrain from using any of them*

**Another thing, this is no limit to the Fan Character slots.**

***Open for ideas and constructive criticism***

****If you have anymore questions, let me know here or via PM****

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Lock this please. I'm getting more attention with the same RP on another site.

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