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Great Fox MK3's rp character.

Great Fox MK3

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Name: Damon 'Ragnarok' Ballard.

Age: 53

Race: Cerinian Fox

Origin: Cerinia.

Home: Corneria City

Sex: Male

Height: 6'3

Weight: 237 lbs

Build: Muscular, not ripped, just buff.

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Originally blue, like Krystal, but stress took it's roll and left his fur a dark black color, including a gray line of fur along the center of his head from the back to his ears.

Family: Fox Mccloud - Son in law. Melissa Ballard - Wife. Krystal McCloud - daughter. Marcus McCloud - Grandson

Alignment: Good, Omega Colonel in Cornerian Air Force

Personality: Stoic, fatherly, militaristic

Background: Originally from Cerinia, survived destruction of Cerinia and reunited with Krystal, his daughter during the second Lylat Wars.

Abilities: Ace pilot, born leader, crack shot.

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You've got the basics here, now I suggest you add more background and personality traits. How he got where he was, what he is doing now, and maybe add more to show his personality.

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