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Lynxes RP Characters


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Note Sabre is also my fursona.

Name: Sabre Lynx

Age: 22

Species: Iberian Lynx (Probably a few of his kind.)

Home: Corneria

Gender: Male

Height: 5,9

Weight: 165 Lb

Sexuality: Bisexual

Build: Average

Eyes: Blue, Pupils turn red when infuriated

Fur: Light Brown with black spots

Family: Never meet his parents

Clothing: Black T-Shirt and BDUs, Kevlar vest, Mechanics Gloves, and Condor elbow, knee pads.

Arsenal: Noveske 10.5 inch M4, Ruger 10/22 and a Glock 19

Personality: Flirty, very self-disciplined, kind to people, makes people comfortable, slightly yiffy (Sorry just had to add that)

EDIT: Of course I'm not yiffy in reality.

Background: Sabre is a Cornerian SWAT operator, He doesn’t know where he was born, grew up in a laboratory that belongs to Cornerian government.

Skills: Carbine Master

Weaknesses: ticklish and having his heartbroken.

Theme song


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