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Fun game. If not for the many ways you can screw your opponent over but for fun moments like those:

Sorcerer JYAP had a drink with the ship's captain!

Sorcerer JYAP drank piss.

Assassin RocketTK says: what kind of a song name is ngh tiss

Piss Sorcerer JYAP says: welp.

Assassin RocketTK ate her banana and ran 2 spaces forward.

Piss Sorcerer JYAP says: This will be obnoxious.

Piss Sorcerer JYAP says: And I will never live it down.

Assassin RocketTK won the lottery!

Piss Sorcerer JYAP says: WHAT THE F-

Necromancer #Xidphel hypnotized Assassin RocketTK!

Assassin RocketTK says: thats not what i expected to happen

Assassin RocketTK made the right decision and went 5 spaces forward.

Piss Sorcerer JYAP says: ...

Assassin RocketTK says: Thanks rag

Necromancer #Xidphel says: ...

Piss Sorcerer JYAP says: Rag I hate you.

Necromancer #Xidphel says: The game hates me too.

Saboteur #Xidphel ran into a bear...

...shot some bullets in the air...

Barbarian RocketTK says: haha rag

Paladin JYAP says: It's fine. I'll just blow everyone up.

...and scared the bear backward!


Sorceress #Rooster entered the saloon.

Sorceress #Rooster had sex with Daniel Craig in the Dark Room. Such a Seductress!

Saboteur #Xidphel says: Picked at random.

Paladin JYAP says: uh

Paladin JYAP says: ._.

Barbarian RocketTK says: uh

Saboteur #Xidphel says: ...

Paladin JYAP says: I'll never let her live it down.

Assassin [sFO] #Xidphel entered the indian village.

Assassin [sFO] #Xidphel jumped right into the ritual fire!

Paladin [Pix] JYAP says: smooth

(2 teams. I don't remember what SFO stood for but it wasn't Star Fox Online.)

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