Portrait of a Madman


You'll never defeat Androooooooooooss

From the album:

Star Foxes by Dras

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    • MidnightMike
      By MidnightMike
      Hello everyone. ^^
      My name is MidnightMike, and I'm here to show you my tribute animation to the original Star Fox, which celebrated it's 25th anniversary this past March.
      I know it might not be as good as you were hoping, but I had fun making it. Here it is. :)
    • The VGM Lover
      By The VGM Lover
      Based on just their appearance and performance in their respective games alone, which Andross do you think is the better villian?
    • DZComposer
      By DZComposer
    • DZComposer
      By DZComposer
    • ArwingFan
      By ArwingFan
      Do you want Andross to return?  
      I'm okay with him returning, he's Star Fox's Bowser so why not.