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    Fan Feature #1

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    Hey there Star Fox fans, today marks the first of many installations that will involve featuring a specific individual for their outstanding artistic contribution to the fandom. This will include drawing, crafting, cosplaying, music, so on and so forth.

    Today, I'd like to feature an artist from the drawing end of things.

    This here lady is known as Audrey Morris. I stumbled upon her work shortly after starting a Star Fox Tumblr (seriously folks check it out, submit, etc /shamelessplug) and was blown away. Now, this isn't just your regular ol' fanart.

    Audrey here has re-envisioned Star Fox as mech anime straight out of the 70's/80's:


    Titled Galaxy Fighter Star Fox, she's produced several pieces of concept art, including the Star Fox and Star Wolf teams, James McCloud, several enemies (including Caiman!), and Andross himself. Of course, being a mech anime re-envisioning, there are mechs to be found...and they look dang awesome.


    Now folks, I'm not much for anime-izing everything when it comes to fanart. But Audrey is a significant exception in her ability to capture the look and feel of the classic style, making Galaxy Fighter Star Fox a double package of nostalgia.

    Please check out her Tumblr and her website and give her your support!

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    Aside from the occasion video game, the most you see out of StarFox these days is the fanart... :1

    Glad to see you've started up a "Fan Feature" :D

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    Star Fox crossed with Gundum.....Just thinking of it makes me wonder if this was could have been a good idea for the games. Screw anthros in space crafts, WE NEED ANTHROS IN GIANT MECHS! :D

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