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    Symphonic Legends

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    The WDR Radio Orchestra in Cologne, Germany did a concert in last week called "Symphonic Legends," which featured music from Nintendo games performed by a this large orchestra and full choir. Luckily, the concert was recorded!

    One of the pieces on the program, Space Suite, is based on music from Star Fox and Star Fox 64. It has a bit of a John Williams feel to it, which I like.


    Direct Link

    The encore also has some SF music in it, part of it nicely tuck into some Super Mario Galaxy music.

    Direct Link

    Other pieces on the program came from Super Mario Galaxy, the Zelda Series, Pikmin, Donkey Kong, F-Zero, Metroid, and more.

    An album is being prepared. When the album is launched, we will provide a link to purchase (We will not be hosting music from albums currently in-print). A DVD may be possible, as other clips on YouTube suggest that this concert was professionally videotaped.

    Info on the series of concerts can be found Here.

    Special thanks to Mr. Krystal for the heads-up about this

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