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    Cafe get's named: WiiU.

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    So, the final name is WiiU. It will be full HD.

    The demo reel show was pretty much all hardcore games, which is a good sign, but the name is NOT indicative of a hardcore agenda. I really hope Nintendo keeps their eye on the ball, and with this name their uphill battle will be even more uphill, as core gamers associated the Wii brand with "lame."

    Screen can function as display for console while someone else watches TV: No external display required.

    Motion Control, also works with Wiimotes and other Wii peripherals.

    Video Chat via in-controller camera!

    "Flick" content from controller to TV.

    Zelda game shown on-screen, but no info given as to whether this is a new game.

    2 Circle pads, a D-Pad, 2 Z triggers, L+R, ABXY. Rumble. Touchscreen. Mic, speakers, motion sensors, camera.

    Iwata made it clear that Wii U is NOT a portable.

    EA seems to be a pretty big partner for this. EA's CEO teased us with an implication that the Battlefield series may come to WiiU.

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    To be fair, Nintendo's going to have a lot more "hardcore gamer" pleasing games right off the bat. After a couple years, the shovelware-saturated Wii will be a thing of the past. Besides, what's in a name anyways? Won't people just call WiiU a "Nintendo"? =P

    Besides, with all those ways to play around with just the controller, I can't wait to see what kind of games come out of Nintendo's new system.

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