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  • Club Nintendo to be Deprecated

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    Nintendo has announced that worldwide, the Club Nintendo loyalty program, which allowed members to earn "coins" by buying Nintendo products and filling out surveys and use said coins to buy games and trinkets, will be deprecated this year.

    Nintendo has said that a new loyalty program will be set up, but did not go into detail.

    SRC: http://club2.nintendo.com/program-notice/

    EDIT: For clarification, this means Club Nintendo is ending. Coins/Stars will not transfer to the new system, so spend them. I can't speak for NCL or NOE, but NOA will be adding more items next month to encourage people to spend all of their coins.

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    i dont get that nintendo deprecated wat does that mean , does that mean there shutting down or something ?

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    No it means that the value of coins you already had built up would decrease. Basically they think something about the old system didn't make sense to them economically, so they decided to revamp it.

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    Deprecated, in this context, means being phased out in favor of something new.

    Spend your coins as they said they will not be transferring them to the new system.

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    that sucks

    Actually, not exactly, bro. These last few years, prizes are digital games, being that most people that are members already played those games and want physical prizes instead. That means the "new 'Club Nintendo'" may have better prizes then this one. :)

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    We don't know what the new system is.

    One plausible theory I've seen floating around is that it would be like the Wii U Digital Deluxe promotion: Register your games, get discounts on eShop purchases.

    Honestly, this is more believable to me than a re-launch of the old program with a new name.

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